When and where do you Skout?

I Skout whenever I feel like it, damnit! Haha. You can Skout whenever and wherever your little heart desires, that’s totally up to you. But seriously, folks these days are attached to their phones so I wouldn’t be surprised with answers such as: in the restroom, on the bus, under the blanket, at the restaurant, while waiting in line, etc. No answer is too weird. I think? As for me? I usually catch up on my Skouting in the mornings as I’m checking my emails, or towards the end of the night when I’m laying down all comfy in bed. Sometimes even mid day when I find myself with some free time. I admit I’m generally really bad at responding to my personal messages but I DO try my best to at least say HELLO! Anything after that initial hello is not guaranteed. Hey, I’m just being honest! Hahah.

Howevvver, I’m attempting to improve my response time so I decided to turn on my notifications! So now Skout will alert my phone if someone sends me a message. This will help decrease my lagggg in responding for sure. Woot woot! If you’re wondering how do I go about turning on the magical feature Sheena is talking about? Wonder no more, I’ve provided some illustrations below. I’m a visual learner and proud of it!

How to get Notifications on Skout for Iphone:

1. Go to Settings 2. Under Options press Notifications 3. Check whichever mode of Notifications you want: Email notifications or Push notifications (Instant alerts) or Both 4. Press Save Preferences

How to get Notifications on www.Skout.com:

1. Go to Settings 2. Check the box that reads Send notifications 3. Click Update notifications

Now, your notifications should be updated and all will be well. I hope this helps you as much as it helped me! You can thank me later. I insist.

Skouts, when and where do you usually Skout?

Good day, Sheena