Finally, Summer’s here!

I don’t have a crystal ball…or even an 8 ball for that matter. However, I can tell you that I see a bright future ahead of you! Stop scratching your head from confusion. Instead, lift your hands up and dance around the room because Summer is finally here! Oh, the bright future thing? Yeah…That’s just you having fun in the sun. Haha! I see a road trip in your future! Again, I'm no fortune teller: it's more than likely that most of you will take a road trip this Summer. Whether it’s around the corner or across the country, you will be taking one! Plus, what's Summer without one? A lame one! Yup…lame! You don’t wanna be lame. Soo, gather all your friends and start planning! Like…NOWWWW!

Here's where Skout can come in handy...arrrre youuuu readdddy?! Well, with the relaunch of our website, Skout you can now change your location to whatever you want. Yes, whatever location youuuu want! Fun, fun, fun

For example, let's say I’m planning to go to Las Vegas aka Sin City! I’ll type in Vegas and our GPS locator will position the exact city or one closest to it, It’ll then load a bunch of partayyy people from that part of town, In my example, Paradise, NV appeared. (This is the city closest to Las Vegas.) I then will introduce myself to a couple of interesting people, get comfy and then let them know I’ll be in town (insert date here) so maybe we can parrrtay together! Yay! Instant connection. Try this out and thank me later. They will obviously know more about all the latest and greatest hot spots therefore I’ll definitely have a great time! Go have some fun! Life is wayyy too short.

Oh yeah! We now have a report bug form located on the bottom of the website under Support. Write us if something goes haywire, to give us feedback or suggestions, or whatever your heart desires! We want to make Skout enjoyable for you and we can't do that if you’re not putting in your two cents, three if you’re rich. Haha. Don't be scurrrred. We appreciate any feedback we get – good or bad!

Skouts, are you in the middle of planning a road trip? If so, where to and whatcha’ gonna do?! Do share. If not, how will you spend your Summer?!

"Like" this status if you will indeed be on the open road this Summer!

Skout it out!

Good day, Sheena