The Infamous Bathroom Picture

...You know what I'm talking about! Sooo, raise your hand if you ever had a photo session in your bathroom? **Raises hand** I admit it and I have NO shame in doing so! Hmmph! Hahah. Don’t be embarrassed because everyone who is anyone has done it – from the stars in Hollywood to the girls next door and the boys across the street. Bathroom pixs are a pretty much a necessity in your profile; it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll find at least 1 shot. AT LEAST 1! It’s like a rite of passage into the social networking world.

The greatest thing about taking bathroom pixs is that it doesn’t even matter where the bathroom is OR who it belongs to! I’ve seen it happen before my very eyes. Hrmmm…drunken people at the club, out-of-towners at a restaurant, fans at a sporting event, girlies getting dolled up in a hotel, etc. The list can go on for days and that’s totally fine. The bathroom is just an attractive place to take pixs because it’s convenient. I mean the mirror is just right there...Regardless of the reason, I encourage it!

So, after numerous hours of research (not really) I was able to compile a list of quick tips to achieve the perfect bathroom pix.

IF your pictures are anything like the examples below, please keep reading...HAHAHAH!

You want to keep these factors in mind:

Clean your bathroom. You’ll look like a slob with your makeup, clothes and hair supplies on the sink, shelves and floor.

Wipe down your mirror. A blurred picture may mean you’re trying to hide your mug? Or that you’re uberly lazy?

Keep the makeup at a minimal. This applies to both sexes: Guys, the guyliner thing is a big NO NO. This sends a message to us – are we gonna end up sharing makeup? Ladies, NO clown makeup. Keep it simple and cute. You don’t want guys to think you’re high maintenance…yet.

Lighting Keep in mind how bright/dark the bathroom AND phone lighting is. Why you may ask? The lighting could unpleasantly modify your picture to make you look horribly pale and ghostly or orange-y like an umpa lumpa. Hahah! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

Have (some) self respect. NO NUDITY. Not even a little. This means no crotch shots with clearly visible private parts. Yuck! Have some clothes on, please. It doesn’t have to be your Sunday’s best but certainly not underwear or skimpy lingerie. This will leave absolutely nadaaa to the imagination so keep those X-rated images for when you actually start chatting with someone you like. Deal?

TMI & Stuff. Absolutely NO on-the-toilet seat pixs. Gagggg. Do we really wanna see how you look when you’re using the toilet? It’s gross, useless and quite unattractive!

Show your face. Doesn’t this sound familiar? This lets us know that it’s actually YOU! There are way too many Body shots & faceless pictures out there, how can we not assume it’s NOT a fake? Proclaim that supernatural body (arms, abs, legs, hips, butt & so on) of yours by including that head of yours.

Ohhh yeahhh. Actually LOOK INTO THE MIRROR & NOT INTO YOUR PHONE. Youuuu-whoo! Your phone is obstructing our view of your gracious face. Also, remember to disconnect your phone from the charger before you take the picture – it’s distracting and unsafe? Hah.

Note: Before you post your picture for the world to see, ask yourself: How will the pix portray me? Would momma approve of this shot? Will I be embarrassed if this gets plastered all over the web?

Skouts, do you agree with my factors or am I missing some? What elements do we need to concoct the perfect bathroom pix? Be a sport and help out fellow users by adding your input.

Good day, Sheena

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