Inside the mind of the opposite sex

Ever wonder what that guy was thinking when you…? Well, wonder no more! Consider this a special blog because I’m letting a man share his opinions! Gasp! Hahah! I thought it would be interesting to co-write this with a friend and self proclaimed pro flirter, Philippe aka anonimus to give Skouts an insight to how women and men differ in their thought process. This could be quite useful for you hopeless flirts out there! He graciously agreed to let me pick his brain sooooo here we go! Feel free to comment with your thoughts & stuff. Let the deliberation begin…


Sheena: I loathe winks! PERIOD! Call me a hater, call me what you will but I just think it’s effortless. Girls, are you with me?! If someone winked at me in public I’d mistake it for a twitch and laugh hysterically. Hahahah!

Philippe: We don't mind winks at all in all reality it's a show of interest for us... For women a wink is lazy and not thought out... For men it's a show of interest and allows us to know that if we hit u up we're likely to actually get a response haha most women are bad about responding back they think ignoring someone is the way to go. IT’S NOT!

Playing hard-to-get

Sheena: You wanna play games? Sure, bring out cards and have your money ready because that’s the only game I’ll play. I say ON TO THE NEXT. Who needs to be kept in the dark these days when there’s sooooo many other guys in this world. You snooze you lose, buddaaaay!

Philippe: It’s not so much playing hard to get that bothers us. It’s getting no response at all that pisses me off... women assume if they ignore a man it’s going to get their point across but it’s obvious it doesn’t... you have to be direct with us... kinda like a child... if you don’t tell us your not interested then men will continue until we have an answer..Blocking or reporting us is NOT the answer. Hahah.

Pick-up lines

Sheena: Here’s some of the pick-up lines I received today: Do you mind if I save your picture? I need to show Santa what I want for Christmas. I may not be a genie, but I can make your dreams come true.  Do you have a band aid? I scraped my knee falling for you. Yeah...pretty corny stuff. Haha. I’m not gonna lie…it made me chuckle a little but how do I respond to that? No, I don’t mind you saving my picture? PSH, HELL YEAH I DO MIND! I don’t know what despicable things you’ll do with it or to it. Hahaha! But, that’s beside the point – just try introducing yourself like a gentleman because that’s what gentlemen do!

Philippe: 90% of men use cheesy pick up lines to get their foot in the door. The smart guys know that if they get a response out of you then they can make idle conversation and move on from there. the other 10% (like myself included) don’t use pick up lines but rather give social commentary.... this one’s for all the guys... guys instead of saying something stupid and potentially messing up our chances at talking to a girl... why don’t you take a look at her current status? Or look at her pictures first... then say something in regards to that without being perverted... or even on her “about me”.  Honestly women are only likely to respond if they see you’re paying attention to small details... they write those for a reason so read it!!!! I guarantee you'll talk to more girls that way.

“Gift” giving

Sheena: Hmm, this one is tricky because I’m most definitely not materialistic but those little monster gifts are so friggen adorable! So yeah, gifts…it’s a good gesture and definitely a conversation starter (because we have to at least say thank you) but just make sure it’s the cutesy ones and not hearts and stuff because that’s just creepy. Hearts represents being lovey dovey so stay clear of those until you both see eye to eye.

Philippe: Men honestly don’t care about getting gifts to be honest lol like I mentioned before men are looking for signs of interest where as women are looking for men to pay attention... of course in all cases attraction is key and not everyone is going to be attracted to the same things.... a lot of women like the bulging muscles but if you’re a perverted idiot than it’s not going to get you far unless that girl is looking for the same thing...which I’ve learned in a lot of cases they aren't. Women like men who are thoughtful and pay attention to minute details. This stems from my extensive research taken place in my flirt laboratory.

Users with provocative profile pictures

Sheena: Hmm…I think people (this applies to both sexes) with risqué pictures are attention whores – they want attention and lots of it! The profile picture is the first thing we actually see so I understand if they wanna catch someone’s attention BUT often times it’ll be the wrong kind of attention. I’m aware that some people just want to showcase a body created from hard work and dedication but there’s a time and place for that. Understand that people will judge you by the pictures you post. Too many sexy pictures = easy. Too many miscellaneous pictures (blurred face, pets, cars, logos, etc.) = private and probably not a looker. Meet somewhere in the middle and all will be well. Hmm…I don’t know about you but I prefer modesty. Please and thanks!

Philippe: Girls with slutty pics are misleading... A lot say they aren't looking for anything sexual yet they post pics with themselves half naked or propping up their breasts in a way to entice the perverts.... If you’re not trying to attract Johnny longshlong and his army of provocative pics then you should post decent pics of yourself and not anything suggesting you’re looking for anything of that nature. If not then you’re begging for guys to be perverted freaks.... I say again that men take everything at face value and will interpret such types of pictures as invites even though you say you’re not looking for that post pics according to what you’re looking for.

FINALLY, we agree on something! A lot can be said from the type of pictures you display, the gifts you give, the words you say, etc. Haha practically everythang is up for judgment these days so choose wisely, folks! Anywho, we hope you thoroughly enjoyed Skout 101. Hopefully you guys and gals learned a little somethin’ to take with you forever and always. Comment with your thoughts and tell us what you make of all this madness.

Good day, Sheena & Philippe

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