Is my flirt into me?

How do you know if your flirt is into you? This is a tough question and the best answer I could come up with is…If they want to communicate outside of Skout. Consider yourself triumphant if you got the digits (phone number), a screen name ( instant messaging), an email address, a friend request on Facebook or Twitter, etc. If they wanna get to know you a bit more then they must be attracted to you, right?! Or am I wrong? I don’t know. You tell me! Personally, I wouldn’t give out my private information until I know for a fact that this person is stable in the head, rational, not a creepy creeper, so on and so forth. It may take days, it may take months but I don’t give a rat’s arse! I need to be able to sleep at night knowing that I’m not dealing with a nutcase! Can ya’ really blame me?!

One thing that boggles my mind is how some people can nonchalantly post their phone number and email in their profiles…I just don’t understand!! HELP ME UNDERSTAND!! You might as well buy a billboard and post your home address for the entire world to see. But that’s just me.

Skouts, when would you give a flirt your personal contact information?

Here are some answers I got from fellow Skouts when asked this very question. During the process of my research I learned that the ladies were quite hesitant with answering me. I wonder why? This saddens my little heart.


Sage: I guess when or if you feel 100% confident in that person? Lol

Omar: well i get to know her for a long time and then after that i will give my info etc lol

Patrick: Maybe a few days?


Marlena: definitely after I talk to them awhile, not just one or two messages. I'd prolly give my email first

Chissy: I give them a fake number first. Haha then I take it from there.

Alexia: I DON’T! I stick to Skout. If they want to get to know me like they say then get to know me on here.

Yes, we all want to build our social networking empire and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that but we live in a time where our lives are virtually accessible. One piece of info can lead to another. You give them A and they come back with B, C and maybe even D! Anywho, all I’m trying to say is try to be safe and use your best judgment. With that said, go get your flirt on!

Good day, Sheena