To block, or to report: that is the question.

I often find myself at a crossroad - should I block or should I report? To evaluate the severity of the offense I created a cheat sheet for myself. Feel free to add to it if you like! Reporting people is vital to helping our communities stay safe and clean. Thus, I urge you to be a good samaritan and report those who YOU feel need to be reviewed. Skout has a zero tolerance policy for users who don’t abide by our Terms of Service, whether it’s while chatting, in the notes section, a picture comment, a status update or whatever it may be. Without further ado I give you my mini guide to categorizing offenses.

Report Categories

Sexual content – unwelcome sexual advances and pictures.

Violent content/Dangerous content – if I feel threatened or in danger.

Hateful content – users who are racist, ignorant, sexist and many more.

Copyrighted content – users who create fake profiles, uses other peoples images or illustrations.

This is spam or scam – users that want to lure you for money. Report immediately!!

Underage content - users 17 years old or younger.

And as for the Block feature? I’ll use that for users who annoy me, spam me with messages, those who are rude, people who like to flaunt, one worded people, and yada yadda. Nothing too crazy, just want to get them outta my nose hair. No shame in that, right?

Now it’s your turn! Skouts, how do you usually decide the fate of the flirt?

Good day, Sheena