Body shots & faceless pictures!

Skout has guidelines and rules. Big whoop. This shouldn’t be news to you. However, we’re looking to give our guidelines a face lift. We’re looking to make our system more…uhmm…welcoming. One thing that sparked our interest was body shots. Noooo. Not that kind of body shots, silly. I’m talking about the profile pictures of JUST certain body parts (abs, butts, chest, legs & blah blahhh).

Currently, our system accepts pictures of headless body parts. Hahaha. Doesn’t that just sound S C A R Y? I guess it would be less scary if it was accompanied by many other ordinary pictures (with a face, perhaps). We’re not looking to completely prohibit it, just trying to revamp what’s deemed acceptable for future Skout users.

Now, to the users who love and adore their body so much that it’s all you want to showcase – please, take a minute to include your face!

As users of a social networking/flirting app we’re just wired to show the best parts of our body, I totally get it. But, where do YOU want us to draw the line? What pictures should we consider acceptable or not acceptable?

Ladies, are you comfortable with guys just having body shots in their profile? I would rather much see a charming smile versus your flat washboard stomach. But that’s just me. Plus, I like to know who I’m talking to!

Men, what do you make of all this hoopla? Do you think it’s a big deal if you don’t want to show your face?

What I’m trying to say is would you miss pictures like these?!

Tell me what you think!

Good day, Sheena

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