You know what really grinds my gears?

Sometimes I just wanna say, O.M. G. Did he really just say that? It should be a criminal offense when a guy lacks game.  It’s sad but we can (try) to help! Viva la (Skout) revolution! Pet peeves, we all got them so let’s dish it out (semi constructively). Let’s give fellow Skouts an insight to what’s annoying as BLEEEEEP so we ALL can avoid them. Deal?

Grrrrrreat. Let’s begin.

Ladies and gents, we all want the same thing. What’s that you ask? A BREATH (or even a gust) OF FRESH AIR!!!  As cliché as it sounds, its BLEEEEEPING true! Unfortunately, I can’t exactly tell you what to say to charm your flirt. Wahhhh! I wish I could. However, I can advise you on what NOT to say. To avoid sounding like a mentally bankrupt douche/douchette, refrain yourself from blurting anything sexual within the first few hummm…seconds!! This happens a whole bunch. More than you know. It’s pretty much the general rule to NOT say something you wouldn’t humanly say to another person’s face. Well, at least not someone you just met?! Remember that you’re hiding behind a screen for goodness sakes so, please please please stop acting all ballsy. It’s definitely not a cute look.

Fellers, would you just mosey on up to a women and say, “Hi. Wanna see my shaaalong?” I hope not! That’s really creepy and in the real world we would call that sexual harassment! I’d run, hide, duck and cover. How haunting would that be?

Anywho, the moral of this story is to HAVE (a tad bit) RESPECT FOR YOURSELF (AND FELLOW USERS). It’ll get you much further than being a total creeper. Self respect is pretty sexy – it demonstrates that you have principles, integrity and a buncha other good stuff. But, that’s just me.

So, Skouts, what are some of the things that grinds your gears? Whether it’s on Skout or just in general, we’d like to hear from you!

Good day, Sheena