Wanna trade pics?

Sheena ...dun dun dun!!! What to do?! What to do?! We've all been there (admit it!).

If you're anything like me, you'll be thrown off your game, fast! Various thoughts will run up and down the aisles of your mind causing confusion and chaos.

Thoughts such as: What does he want exactly? Do I ask him? Do I send pics of me taking pics of myself? Do I send them pics of my dog & me? That's cute, right? Or how about my mum and me? A sexy pic? Uhh, Would he think I'm easy? Ahh, What if he doesn't like it? Bleh, What angle would be most flattering? Natural lighting? Hmm...ponder ponder...

It always starts with a nice casual chat (nice weather, eh?) that would later turn into an exchange of a few sexually frustrated but flirty words (wanna see what I'm wearing or lack of?). It's usually followed by smilies, winks or the occassional virtual flowers and hearts. It's fun, it's sweet, so how can one resist? You wouldn't want him to lose interest in you but at the same time you want to leave your goodies to the imagination. It could be awkward, it could be exciting, but this is what happens when you flirt...virtually.

So tell me, what do you usually do when your flirt wants to exchange pixies? ;)