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When the average user pulls up our App in their smartphone, do they really stop to think, "Hey! I wonder how this was made?"

Probably not. More than likely, our Community just wants to get straight into the chatting, the flirting, networking, connecting, hooking up -- whatever! They tap our App into existence, load up their online notifications, check out their chat updates, browse through the Flirt Buzz, and they're off in their own little world, happily forming new mobile relationships with other Skouts nearby.

Most of you, in fact, remain blissfully unaware of what actually goes on behind the scenes here at Skout HQ.

Here in our office, our engineers are working around the clock to deliver you the next best thing in mobile flirting. We're developing new features, coding our website, perfecting features that we already have available, having business meetings, brainstorming, throwing ideas back and forth between each other -- and all the while continuing to take new suggestions for more exciting elements to add to this amazing concept that we have in our heads of the "Perfect Mobile Flirting App".

We even have an entire support team who works to really dive into each and every one of your user reports and sniff out those "douchebags" and "losers" who are polluting the mobile & online flirting space!

Trust me. We are so dedicated to ensuring that Skout remains "THE" Mobile Flirting App, and we're doing what we can to make sure that you see just how much we're really here for you!

But did you know that the new updates you see coming in now are things that actually take hundreds of engineering hours to complete? Did you know that our Community Managers really do investigate each and every report that our Skouts send in, and that we really do take the time to make sure your user experience is as blissful as possible?

We're swamped over here, Skouts!

… And we love it.

We love our jobs, we love working to really "WOW" you, and we love hearing about how much you've enjoyed our App. In fact? We even love hearing about what you don't like about it (because duh, we actually like to fix those things instead of just leaving those complaints to rot and fester and ruin your user experience).

You really have no idea how on the ball we are here in the office!

So if you love Skout just as much as we do (and trust me, we love Skout a lot) and really want to help, one of the easiest things that you can do is leave us a review on the App Store or Android Market and show your support for our dedicated and hard working team (we prefer 5/5 stars, in case you're curious).

This is a full time job, Skouts, and we truly do hope you understand how committed we are to bringing you an extraordinary experience in mobile flirting.

So keep those suggestions coming in, leave us your comments and ideas for the future of our App (I promise you, we are listening), shoot us those ratings (for both Android and the iPhone) (trust me, they help so much more than you know), and of course, HAVE FUN!

And as always? Happy flirting, Skouts. XOXO Cheri XOXO