Wanna be on TV?

San Francisco! Waddap?!

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we've been presented with an awesome opportunity to spotlight some of our favorite community members on television! So this is a call to all Skout Users within the bay area who are using or have used Skout to meet and connect with their significant others. We want to hear from you and meet you!

Have you met your special someone through Skout? We have an immediate television opportunity available for those of you who have met via the Skout App and would like to do a special Valentine's Day interview!

We are looking for people specifically within the San Francisco region, so if you are that person (or know of people from San Francisco who have met via Skout), then please let us know! We would love to get in touch.

Shoot me an email at cheri@skout.com, or just leave us a comment here on the blog! Don't forget to leave your actual email address when you fill out your contact information in the comment boxes.

Oh! And for those of you not located in the San Francisco area, have no fear! We have loads of opportunities available for you as well, so just shoot me an email with your own stories of success and who knows? It's very possible that we will reach out to you in the future for your own chance to shine!

And as always? Happy flirting, Skouts. XOXO Cheri XOXO