Community Spotlight! You guys rule!

Guess what happened to me, Skouts?!Amidst saying my goodbyes to friends today, packing for my move to the big city (where I'll be working with Skout full time! YES!!), and watching cheesy TV show reruns online (… Okay, that last one's not very productive at all), I almost forgot to write this week's Skout Article!

I know. Slap on the wrist -- I totally deserve it.

Thankfully, my Blog team is pretty bomb. Tobias (awesome dude who hands over the stock imagery for the blog) has this weekly email reminder thing he sends out to remind me to get my butt in gear and give you guys an update. Ha!

So okay. Here's your update before I get fired.

You guys have been doing such an amazing job leaving us feedback on the blog posts, sending in your suggestions for how you'd like to see the App grow and change, and I just knew that I had to reward you in some way.

So I thought to myself, "I know! Why don't I just spotlight some of my favorite comments on!"

I know, I know. I'm a genius. And I'm a pretty rockin' Community Manager too, if I do say so myself. So without further ado … I will now point out my favorite comments over the past month or so.

"I had a guy who got a tad compulsive with messaging me. He said hello one day but I withheld a response because he just didn’t spark my interest. (him being in his late 30′s, and me being 20). Contrary to my subtleness, he took it upon himself to be, let’s say persistent. I started getting several messages from him a day. “hi….hi….hi….hey….what’s up…hi..hi..hey…” you get the picture. He did shake things up one day by saying ” do you not wanna talk? Perceptive fellow isn’t he? Well, with his in-depth perceptiveness, he apparently figured that I obviously did but was just being too shy and it would just take a little more work to reel me in. So the “hi”s and “hey”s continued. (side note to gentlemen, talking to us is not like a raffle where the more times you put your name in, the more likely you are to get drawn. If we don’t respond to you after the 1st… Or 45th…time, we aren’t more likely to talk just because you message again. It’s actually more of a turn off. It comes off as too strong, and slightly obsessive. In my opinion anyway)"

- Angie, in reply to Cheri's Adventures on Skout

Angie, I could not have said it better myself. If I could find a way to just drill this into everyone's head who deals in online or mobile flirting? I think the world would be a better place.

Messaging someone once or twice? Yeah, no big deal. You can get away with that. Maybe I just skipped over you the first time? Maybe I accidentally deleted you the second?

But 3x? Let alone 45x, as this comment on our previous entry extends to?

Jeez, buddy. Girls don't work that way.

Take a tip from me and Angie -- we're not interested.

"Have her feel your arm and say 'Feel that? That’s boyfriend material'"

- HARD2H8, in reply to Send Us Pick Up Lines


Call me easily amused, but that is seriously the best pick up line I have ever heard. I'm not even kidding -- if someone had used that on me prior to reading it here, I would have thought the guy was incredibly hilarious & witty.

But I'm a sucker for wordplay and write mildly humorous crap for a living, so I might just be a little biased.

… Just a little.

"I think there should be an option where u can send messages to people and then they can read it when they r next online and then they can reply back."

James Rolfe, in reply to Tell Us What You Think!

I liked this one because after reading it, I literally had to stop, take a deep breath, and refrain from slamming my head into my keyboard. It taught me discipline! Really, guys!

Because believe it or not, James Rolfe? That is exactly what you can do on Skout! It's not even a feature we have to throw in because, GREAT SCOTT -- IT'S ALREADY THERE! Yaaaaay!

But in all seriousness, there are a lot of times where this blog just gets the most ridiculous comments. This one is pretty tame compared to the few that I've sent to the spam folder along with enlarging my penis and all that. And there are so many times where I'm reading replies and thinking, "Are you serious?"

Like, someone will post a 10 page long comment, and then at the very bottom, they'll write, "But please don't unscreen this."

WHAT?! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! You made me read all that for nothing?! Why would you take the time to write all of that?! What if I hadn't read your comment thoroughly and unscreened it by skipping that last line?! How horrible would that have been!

… Not so horrible, actually. As it's not my job to monitor your private life for you, and if you're going to be posting here on the blog, your comments are actually property of the internet, and not of me. Which means, if you volunteer hilarious but potentially harmful information about yourself to me on the blog that I think our community will enjoy? I'm probably going to put it to use.

Which means: Guys, stop sending me your private memoirs and then getting pissed when I set them live. If you wanna make your secrets public somewhere, go write a blog. But if you'd like to leave a relevant comment that contributes to the overall community experience here on Skout? Then by all means, leave a comment!

And speaking of comments, do you guys have any for me? Have you all been having fun commenting on the blog, reading about Skout, and playing with our app? Also, what more would you like to see here on the blog?

Let us know! We love hearing what you have to say.

And as always? Happy flirting, Skouts. XOXO Cheri XOXO