Cheri's Adventures on Skout.

Holy moly?! You guys are really on the ball! When I say, "Skout Community, we need help gathering Pick Up lines for our app! Help!" -- you all really know how to pitch in and contribute!

The feedback was massive for our last blog post, and we simply can't thank you guys enough. It's pretty obvious that we have the best mobile flirting community, and our app would definitely not be where it was if it weren't for your suggestions and help.

So again, thank you! But now down to the good stuff.


Part of my job as Skout's Community Manager & Blogger is to actually use the app. I don't just sit here blabbing about something I know nothing about! In fact, I actually spend a lot of my free time getting to know the community on here, and even doing a little flirting myself!

And let me tell you -- there are some crazy people out there. Haha!

The risk you take with every dating-based application or website is that you're probably going to stumble onto some major d-bags, or just people who have no "game", really. It's unavoidable! Not everyone comes in this picture-perfect package like I do. Bahaha!

For example, sometimes when someone sends you a message on Skout, you go to check out their profile, look them over, and just see that you're not interested at all. That can't be helped! And it's totally not your job to be attracted to everyone on the planet.

But the lame thing is that regardless of whether or not you are into this person, sometimes they Just. Won't. Quit.


GROSS!! Okay, so I ignore you for three days in a row, thinking you might get the hint and see that I'm just not interested. This is a chatting application, after all. We're given the luxury of just "pretending not to see a chat invite", since it's almost completely anonymous.

But what makes you think that after 3 days with zero correspondence, a picture of your PENIS is going to make me want to talk to you?! EWWWW!

Oh, and by the way? An unsolicited dick picture is most definitely enough to get us to throw you out. If you notice from the above photo, I already blocked him by the time I took the screenshot. But blocking isn't enough! Blocking someone only stops them from messaging you. We want you to report people who send you unsolicited dick shots.

Skout -- cleaning up the mobile flirting space one pervert at a time. ;-)

Other times, you feel like the conversation is coming along just fine! No penis pictures, he's kinda interesting-looking, you're talking about relatable things, yadda-yadda-yadda.

But then he/she says something that kind of just turns you off. Maybe he comes off a little strong? Maybe he just doesn't know how to smoothly transition into taking your chat to the next level? Either way, it's easy to turn a picky girl like me off. And at this point, all I can really do is politely let them down.

Personally, I like to take the humorous approach. For example:

I am attracted to intelligent and charming men with good taste & conversational skills. And just the way he blurted out, "I'm 21, do you have a man?" was like … "Uh, what?"

It came from out of nowhere. I was like, jeez, at least put some effort into getting to know me better. It completely turned me off to the idea of even chatting with this kid, and at that point, I had to let him down politely.

But of course, not everyone you meet on Skout is going to charm your pants off. In fact, I'm sure most of you aren't even as ridiculously selective as I am! I'm kind of a stickler when it comes to who I let into my life. That's just how I roll.

But thankfully, every once in a while a cool guy will come along who knows just what to say.

He came at me with a creative introduction that tailored to the information I'd put up on my Skout profile, made me laugh because it made no sense at all, and followed up pretty smooth!

Job well done, KP, and way to stand out. Your profile, chatting skills, and overall flirting expertise were pretty badass. Enough to get me chatting with you!

But enough about my adventures, Skouts. I want to hear about yours! Do you have screenshots to share with me from your own dating adventures on Skout? Do you have any hilarious or cool stories to share related to our app?

Leave a comment and let us know!

And as always? Happy flirting, Skouts. XOXO Cheri XOXO