Tell us what you think!

Phew! Judging from the recent swarm of comments here on the blog, it looks like you guys have a ton of suggestions for Skout! The feedback has been almost overwhelming! … Almost. ;-)

But y'know what? We just can't get enough of your feedback! Every comment and every voice that speaks up about the app is really pushing us to move the Skout App in the right direction. We want nothing more than to deliver you a luxurious experience in the mobile flirting genre, and we are definitely striving to iron out those bumps in the road that many of you have pointed out to us. Many of the glitches would never have even been caught if not for your help!

So with that said, let me ask you this …

1.) What do you guys think about the blog? 2.) And what would you like to see here? 3.) Are you interested in seeing what goes on in the Skout Office behind the scenes? 4.) Would you like to get to know any of our staff? 5.) Do you want to see more pictures of what we do all day here in the city?

Let us know! We want every part of your Skout experience to be awesome and interesting. So get back to us! We're listening.

And as always? Happy flirting, Skouts. XOXO Cheri XOXO