Take This Fun Skout Questionnaire!

Skouts!While we adore our community so far and love all of the feedback that's been coming in (many of you have helped steer the direction in which Skout has been growing, and we really appreciate your input!) -- we'd love to know a little more!

Below is a short, fun, and easy questionnaire for you to fill out and send back to us. Your voice counts! We want to know:

1. What do you like about Skout so far? 2. What are some things that you don't like about Skout? 3. Do you have any suggestions for fun features that you'd like us to implement on the app or on our website? 4. Have you met anyone through our app? And if so, tell us how it went!

We'll be taking the time to read each of your comments and discussing amongst ourselves which ideas we might decide to implement, and brainstorming for some new, fun features for you guys to use on the App.

And as always? Happy flirting, Skouts. XOXO Cheri XOXO