New Features: Online Alerts & Notifications

It's a new week here at Skout (at least according to our blogging schedule, anyway), and instead of bringing you dating advice, news coverage or contests, we have something even better. Something that will improve your dating experience with us to make it even more convenient for you. I know, right? How can it get any better than this? With our Skout application, you can meet up with cuties practically all over the globe just by toting your smartphone around with you! You can target who you want to meet by setting up your Mutual Match information, and even geographically designate who you're allowing to view your profile. It's impossible to not find someone that you're interested in!

But after stumbling onto your new crush, how do you get in touch if you have no idea when they hop online?

Well, let me introduce you to our our newest features: Online Alerts & Notifications.

That's right. The new Online Alerts can be set up to alert you one or more times per day whenever your crush hops on! Now you can be perfectly in sync with your favorite hotties and set your application to alert you either by push notification or email whenever they pop online.

Pretty sick, right?

And not just that, but our new Notifications feature will keep you completely up to date when it comes to information like someone adding you to their hotlist, checking out your profile & commenting on your photos, or even with our new Online Alerts! In fact, we've even gone so far as to notify you when your Skout points have begun to run low.

It works like this: Whenever receiving new data, a discrete notification will pop up at the bottom of your screen, keeping you updated on all of the new activity related to your Skout account. And in order to access all of your notifications at once, it's as easy as heading to the menu page and clicking through!

See? We've got your back. With Skout, you can always count on us to deliver the most user friendly and inviting experience. ;-)

So keep the comments coming! Let us know what you want to see, what you enjoy reading here on the blog, and what suggestions for features, etc you might have in those creative minds of yours. Feedback is always welcome!

And as always? Happy flirting, Skouts. XOXO Cheri XOXO