Announcing the winner! ... And an extension. ;-D

Guess what, everyone?Not only have we decided on a winner for last week's Skout contest, but we've also decided to hold it open for one more week so a few of you can get in your last few entries!

Don't forget.

The rules are: Tell us your worst flirt! What you said, and what the result was. Let us know your most embarrassing moment when it came down to hitting on your main crush. Bonus points if it happened on Skout. We'll reward the best 3 with free Pro memberships! Don't forget to fill in your email accurately so that we are able to contact you when you win.

Deadline is Wednesday, November 17 at 12pm PST, when our next blog entry goes up!

As for a winner from last week … Bryan! Come on down.

Bryan said, "I once in a class I left a note on this guys desk, that I had wrote telling him how sweet everyone thinks you are and I wish I had someone that would be sweet to me. Let me know if your interested. I return a few min later to find,my note now on my desk with not only the words no but that see had spell checked it. I find that I had been spelling swetie and not sweetie. I never went back to that study hall again"

Haahhh! Hilarious. Totally sounds like something I would do (spell checking a secret admirer's note -- I'm a total grammar nazi). You'd be surprised how much spelling counts nowadays, yeah? Oftentimes, your spelling alone can make or break a relationship or even your reputation! Especially online, or when it comes to representing yourself through text.

The guy I've been dating recently sent me a letter to go along with a gift he'd made for me (hand made gifts?! Brownie points!), and he spelled candles as "candels". I couldn't get over it. I still can't. And believe me, I totally took a picture of it, sent it to his phone, and laughed my ass off when he gave me a call to "explain himself". I haven't let him live it down yet!

I hope you've learned your lesson, Bryan. Lol. But all is not lost! Your epic fail has landed you with a Skout Pro membership! :-D

We'll be in touch soon at the email that you've provided us with when entering the contest.

And to the rest of you? Don't forget to tell us your embarrassing flirt stories! We'd love to hear them, and you might even win a Skout Pro membership! Have too much to share? Feel free to enter more than once, but don't forget to use the correct email!

And as always? Happy flirting, Skouts. XOXO Cheri XOXO