Free points and a new contest!

Hey Skouters, Cheri is having too much fun to blog this week, but I'm checking in from Worldwide Skout Headquarters to tell you that the Big Guy, Skout's CEO, gave you a gift you might not have noticed — 100 free Skout points, to make up for a system outage that you probably didn't notice either. I'm the chief bean counter, so I didn't think he needed to give out all those free beans, but go ahead, flirt with a Skout today. Send a gift — we have some great new ones.

thanksgiving gifts

And the new contest:

Tell us your worst flirt: what you said, what the result was. Get down — the more embarrassing, the better. We'll reward the best 3 (or more if you surprise us) with free Pro memberships.

Happy flirting, Robin