Mutual Match Coming Soon!

Yet another week with Skout, and I have some amazing news for you flirts! There's a new feature coming to Skout that is guaranteed to make your hottie-surfing experience even better than before, and it's called "Mutual Match".

With Mutual Match, we take your personal preferences for a mate and apply them to our service, making it easier for you to locate other Skouts who fit into your ideal search criteria!

One example is that we can now match you with another user by age (which means that if you don't have your age in your profile, you won't pop up in those search results! So don't forget to update your stats). We can also match people up according to vicinity so that only people within a certain distance will be allowed to see you (and vice versa). Ethnicity, by popular demand, is also an option.

By increasing the quality of the people that you interact with, you are now more likely to find someone on Skout that you find interesting. And the best part is that it will be completely mutual, as you will only appear to them if you fit their search criteria as well!

This is an opportunity for you to narrow down your search through Skout and filter out all the unwanted interaction, helping you focus on what really matters: what you actually want.

Quality over quantity, right? ;)

Mutual Match will be launching soon, so don't forget to update your profile and make sure everything accurately represents you! You definitely do not want to be left out of someone else's search results.

And as always? Happy flirting, Skouts. XOXO Cheri XOXO