Announcing the Winners!

Congratulations to the following three entrants for their terrific entries into the Win a Free Pro Account contest! We selected these entries as a team and will be emailing each of you individually to remind you that you've won! Hoorahhh!

Nice But Not Good Looking: Well, this is a proven fact, You just need to have a good look on yourself, then anything works!!! I mean I have tried literally everything “ALL OF THE ABOVE” to start a conversation… Cut to the chase, Be myself, Nice comments and compliments, good nature human conversations, phycological tactics, find their interests through girls profile and talk about them, telling my good stories, Being a comic, Long and near distant, just start with Hi, how are you? to build up a relationship… but nothing has worked, but if you are a good looking then, Boom, anything works if a girl likes what she sees.

So I am begging you, give me the free account so I can up my game more and try more to see if a not good looking guy still have a chance!!!

Dustin: Start off by saying something unusual so you stand out. I like to say, “Aloha, how art thou?” Tell them something like “Fat penguin. [What?] I just wanted to say something to break the ice.” Introduce yourself. “My name is [your name]. What’s yours?” Compliment on a great asset of theirs, such as their smile. Start a conversation. Try to be genuine, flirtatious, and funny. Tell that person that it would be great if you had a chance to get to know them better. Try to be yourself instead of coming across as trying too hard.

Michael: The #1 rule to getting a date is to put yourself out there!!! It’s as simple as just saying hi to someone and if they want to respond I’m sure you will get a hello back. With the thousands of people on this site I’m sure someone will respond to you so just have paticence. Once you’ve established a good base of comunication with someone don’t be scared to ask them out to dinner or some sort of activity that will give you some one on one face time. Always be yourself and always be confident in yourself!! And if their not the person your looking for then on to the next one!!! Never give up on the search for happiness!!!!!!!

What's this?! A fourth winner?! Oh yes we did! Jill: Easy. Be a reasonably attractive girl and the men on here will come to you. As long as you know that most of them are saying the exact same thing to any other women within their search results, just go with it. A little conversation can’t hurt…unless they’re super blunt. Ignoring those messages is totally acceptable.

Again, congratulations! Thanks to this awesome turn out, you better believe we'll be hosting more contests in the future.

But for now, stay tuned and come visit us here at the Flirt Blog to check out more awesome news about an upcoming feature with Skout that is sure to make your hottie-hunting experience even better!

And as always? Happy flirting, Skouts. XOXO Cheri XOXO