How To Make A Skout Blog

First and foremost, writing this article was actually incredibly difficult for me because every time I popped open the application to reference it, I would get distracted by all of the hot guys in my area. Heheh! To give you some background, at the time of writing this I'm on a business trip for one of my companies, crafting this blog post from a hotel room in Southern California -- land of beautiful beaches, gorgeous people, amazing weather, and epic sunburns (you should see my shoulders right now, holy crap!).

You think I'd be out and about running around soaking in the sun or off at this huge, exclusive beach party with my boss that has an open bar, tons of free food, and a crapload of activities, right? But instead I'm here in my room, curtains swung shut, typing up this dang piece because I'm on a tight deadline! No distractions!

Such is the life of your favorite blogger, Cheri. :P

Typically, I'll miss my deadlines by a day or two and get shot an angry email by Robin Wolaner (one of my bosses here at Skout) saying something like, "Cheri! You need to be on a more regular posting schedule! I'm really annoyed right now!" LOL! Sorry to be such a headache, Robin! But she's just doing her job, of course, and I do realize that I can be a huge pain in the ass. Especially since all of my articles are supposed to be in by Wednesday!

I bet none of you really knew that, huh? Well now you do! I'm on a constant time crunch! And with everything that I do for a living, it's some pretty stressful stuff!

But it's difficult to consistently dish out articles when the ideas I have left are lackluster as hell! For instance, when coming up with ideas for The Flirt Blog, I usually ask myself the following questions, "What do people want to read about? What's the latest in hook up gossip? What are people gabbing about on Skout?"

Y'know. Typical brainstorming stuff. ;)

Every once in a while I'll get thrown a bone. Like some cool press release about how Skout is the bomb dot com will be thrown out on the web and I'll get to brag about how we're the sh*t. Sometimes I'll just brainstorm with my team about what we want to get out there, and they'll shoot some cool ideas at me. Or I'll even reach out to my own fanbase (not that I'm famous or anything, eheheh) and ask what everyone wants to hear!

But of course it's not always guaranteed that I'll land a good topic. Especially something that's worth writing about that I feel you'll all actually want to read (and after being a blogger for 8 or 9 years, I'm pretty sure I have a good grasp on what people enjoy reading)!

Fortunately, we usually end up with something passable. At which point I'll type up the article, grammar-nazi the crap out of it to make sure everything flows and sounds absolutely perfect, write and rewrite the various paragraphs, then shoot it over to Tobias who manages the "picture inserting" portion of the blog!

Hey, Tobias. XD

For example. You see all these nifty pictures here on the post? It's all thanks to Tobias (who is actually working from overseas and is nowhere near me here in California)! Amazing how we pull together like that, isn't it? So thanks, buddy. I'm way too swamped to run those photos myself, and these articles wouldn't exist without you! Haha. I can't take all the credit, right?

After he shoots the pictures over to me, it's my job to insert them into the article, save the draft onto the Flirt Blog, then send over that same draft to Robin who will then read over my piece and let me know what she hates or loves about it, what I need to change about the article, or if it's good to go!

And then I can finally post this thing. Phew! And even then, what's the guarantee that anyone will even read it, right?! For a process as long as this and for something that involves so many people, we sure don't put a lot of time into getting the word out about this blog (which defeats the purpose, I think).

But no worries. Word on the street is that we've got something good cooking up that immediately lets you know when a new article is posted. And if not, I will make it my duty to push the idea on our team. Eheheheheh.

But okay! My tip for this week is -- are you traveling? Going on a road trip? In a new area of some sort? Pop open the Skout app and check out all of the hotties in your area. You'll be pleasantly surprised! For me, constantly checking Skout in Stockton is like, "Yawn! Gimme something fresh!" So it was way exciting to see a ton of gorgeous people in SoCal on Skout when I traveled down there over the weekend!

So as always? Happy flirting, Skouts. XOXO Cheri XOXO