What do I do if I see someone that I like? And what would work on you?

Gabriel asks: What do I do if I see someone that I like? And what would work on you?


There's no surefire way to succeed when approaching women (unless you're just that badass and chicks are practically falling at your feet and desperate to be with you). Every girl is different and it will probably take you a bit of practice before you're comfortable enough to approach women nonchalantly.

But honestly? The easiest thing that you can do when stumbling onto someone that you are attracted to is: Approach them and say hello. From my experience, straight forward honesty goes a long way.

In fact, it almost doesn't even matter what you say to her because for the most part, it works like this: If the girl is attracted to and feels comfortable with you, she'll respond positively and act receptive to the conversation (no matter what the topic). And if she's not interested? She'll find some excuse to either politely ditch you, or to blow you off completely. Which stinks, I know. But them's the ropes, kid!

Fortunately, there are things in this world which make approaching women you are interested in that much easier. Take the Skout application, for example: It's easy to strike up a conversation when all you have to do is shoot them a quick message.

But what do you say? How do you act? What do you do?

Personally, I'm somewhat of a blunt person and am pretty fearless in the face of rejection (especially when it comes to some stranger that I just happen to find attractive). So for me, it's as easy as approaching him and saying, "You are hot. Give me your number immediately."

That seems to have worked pretty well for me in the past. ;-P

But yeah, yeah -- I understand that not everyone is going to find approaching a complete stranger and demanding that they pay attention to you an easy task. So I reached out to the community and gathered some feedback just for your question (and because I rule).

Here is what they said!

"The way I caught my bf's attn was straight up going up to him and introducing myself. No giggling or small talk. Assertiveness!" - Mylene, via Twitter

"If I see someone that I'm attracted to, I usually make small talk if the situation we're in makes sense." - Chris, via Facebook

"Go up to them and grab their balls." - Raina, via Facebook (Lol, please don't do this.)

"Depends when and where on how I would spark the conversation, but I would definitely approach them at just the right moment." - Cesar, via Facebook

"Smile...Stare...Wave.... At amusement parks i yell "OW OW!!!" xD I would want him to make me laugh somehow. Like...put oh a sweet pair of shades at the mall, give me a head nod and a little click . Id laugh and melt all at the same time! Ask me for my number and we'd text :)." - Kate, via Facebook

"Bend and snap, girl! Just kidding. I don’t get interested in complete strangers." - Annachronisms, via Tumblr

"Roll over near her, throw something on the ground and ask her to “Please help!!!” Then “How can I repay you? Dinner?” Handicapped 4 the win!" - Chuck, via Tumblr

That would totally work on me, Chuck.

Anyhoo! I hope that I've answered your question. It's better to act on your instincts than to completely dismiss the idea of approaching somebody. Girls can't read your mind! They won't know that you're into them unless you make it known. Ask and ye shall receive!

Or. Y'know. You could just watch them walk away and fantasize about the life that you two could've had together. ;-)

To our readers here on TheFlirtBlog.com, what would you do if you saw someone that you were interested in? And what would work on you? Be sure to let us know! And if you have any questions of your own or just need to get something off of your chest, get in touch!

And as always? Happy flirting, Skouts. XOXO Cheri XOXO