Our Report & Ban Feature.

We've been loving the positive feedback and helpful suggestions that our favorite flirts have been sending in. Our community is one of the best and fastest-growing that you can find here in the mobile dating network. And you've all definitely been on the ball with letting us know what you like and don't like about Skout. But now it's time for us to ask for a little help!

Did you know that we have a "Report" button? You can find it in your chats with other Skouts, in profiles that you surf through, as well as on the public pictures of flirts that you check out.

Basically, it helps us keep track of who the "bad guys" are. But we can't do it without your help!

If something fishy is going on (someone's harassing you, someone has inappropriate information or photos on their profile, etc), just click that report button, and our Skout team will work towards investigating your report, and quickly banning and deleting the perpetrator.

But you're a big part of making that happen! So don't be afraid to let us know when something's going down.

We want to keep our community real!

So have fun. Enjoy yourselves. And keep that little "Report" button in mind just in case. ;)

And as always? Happy flirting, Skouts. XOXO Cheri XOXO