Introducing Search By Username!


You asked, and we listened! You tweeted, and we listened. You emailed, and yes, we listened. Our #1 requested feature, a way to search Skout for your friends is available on Skout with the latest update!

That’s right, you can now search for your friends by using their Skout User ID, find them on Skout and chat away. But first, you have to create your own, unique, Skout ID.

So how do you set your Skout ID you ask? Don’t worry we’ve got the 4-1-1 on setting your Skout ID and finding your friends with theirs.

To set your Skout ID go to the chat window and tap Find Users, Tap Set my Skout ID and type in Skout ID you would like. Keep in mind; they are unique, that means there can only be one JoeSF so choose quick before someone else does.

If you are looking for someone, tap Find Users and type their Skout ID into the search box. It’s that easy!

But wait, you’ve forgotten what your Skout ID is. Never fear we’ve got you covered. In your profile tap Edit and then Info – voila, your Skout ID!

So what are you waiting for? Download the latest Skout Update today, set your unique Skout ID and don’t forget to let your friends know how to find you by sharing your Skout ID on Facebook and Twitter with our handy Promote My Skout feature!


636 thoughts on “Introducing Search By Username!

  1. Dnt see how im suppose to setup my skout id..couldn’t there been a link to setup one after reading the blog?? I have a galaxy s3 &I tried following ur steps. Why couldn’t my skout name b my id?

  2. Skout I got the update but how do I delete old messaged I dontvwnat anymore? Thats really bothering me cause there’s a really long list of messages I would like to get rid of but I have no idea how they are just gonna keep piling up if I don’t find out soon

  3. I got really excited about this new feature because I thought finally I’d be able to find all the people I lost on skout. Then it occurred to me that if I lost them before this feature was made idk their ID. Therefore this is pointless….what if someones messages get deleted the day I talk to them & idk their ID. Now what? Help!

  4. On a completely different topic, which I dont know how to contact you about.. I have bought 4, 000 points, yet every time I try to open the ‘who viewed me’ I get a notification that I dont have anough points. Can you help?

  5. Great add to the search but how do we deleted all the old messages now. Cause I f ind that I have to block them to remove the people I do not want to chat with.

  6. Hello gentlemen, I mean just that. gentle man. I hav we been there done that with all over turned up kind of life now I m in a whole new book not saying I dont like to gave real good fun but not at the piont I gotta watch my back and my man or vis versa I have my own I exspect u to have a stabble situations goibg on ass well no game playing tell me if u feel the need for sonething different u dont have ti lie where grown.let me choose if I want to stay or leave #just keep it 100% please!!!!!

    • Hi Jeff,
      Since iOS 7 is not officially out yet we do not support it. We are working to support it when it is released.

  7. Hey , i love to have good times with happy positive people , I have no time for negative people around me .

    I’m far from perfect but I live a happy life with ups and downs with definitely no regrets ,I have made many bad choices, but instead of excuses or blaming others I used them into learning kerbs , that nearly alone has shaped me into the positive and happy person I am today …

    Love to chat or just listen to others ..

    Feel free to have a chat with me .

  8. I like this skout, I have met many friends here? But most of them as they chat they just ignore without any reason, if people don’t like to chat or continue further, there is a decent way to end the chat by saying Bye…

  9. Hello Skout Admin..
    I think I am having problem login to my account..i am using same email id but since 2 weeks back i am getting invalid id or password. This is so weird. Can you please help?

  10. Hi skout team!

    It’s really nice that eventually skout can give another option for searching by ID. That’s kind of good progress I guess, however sometimes if I saw someone’s profile. There’s padlock in their chat option and someone’s not. What does it mean?
    If you put security system to filter the conversation, how can I make it for my account?
    Suggestion please..

    Thanks a bunch!

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