Teens, Welcome Back to Skout!

Today we are reopening our teen community.  Getting to this point has required a substantial amount of work and has resulted in a significant number of changes to provide our teens as safe a place as possible to interact.  I am going to detail the changes in this blog post so you know what the new safety measures are, but I hope you will also understand that some details must be held back for security purposes.

First, though, I want to remind everyone of the principles we followed in making these changes.  From the beginning, we have always wanted Skout to be the safest possible way to make new connections and friends.  We have always wanted Skout to be a place where people from around the world could meet others who share their interests in a comfortable environment.  Recent events convinced us that we needed to improve our safety measures and re-evaluate the features in our teen community to make sure that those friendships could spark and grow safely.  In order to do so, we temporarily suspended access while we worked internally and with outside experts to improve our safety and security procedures.

We are well aware that there is no such thing as “100% safe” in any aspect of life, but we believe the changes we have made to our app certainly make it safer.  We will continually monitor the community and make improvements and changes on an ongoing basis.


So, here’s a summary of the changes we’ve made:

  • Age Verification: We spent a big part of the last several weeks figuring out the best way to ensure users are the age they say they are.  There is no one perfect solution, so we are going to use several.  Users under 18 must now sign in through Facebook Connect which will allow us to do social proofing.  This gives us a good source to verify the age we are provided.

Please note that all existing teen users who log onto Skout beginning today must re-establish their contacts and favorites and sign in through Facebook Connect to activate their account again.

  • Location: To start, we will be changing the location policy for our under-18 community. In the user interface for teens, location technology no longer exists. You will not be able to search for other users by location and you will no longer see the location of the users you are chatting with.  Skout has redesigned the app to only allow teen users to communicate with other teen users who are at least 100 miles away from them.
  • Photo Sharing: We know how much you enjoy sharing photos of your experiences with your friends on Skout.  We encourage you to keep doing so but moving forward, we have decided to eliminate the private photo sharing feature. Every photo shared will meet the high standards we have for the community.
  • Teens and Adults: We are going to be more vigilant than ever in deploying our technology and our community managers to screen teenagers from the over-18 community and keep the two groups separate.  Skout’s advanced, proprietary algorithms continuously monitors activity on the network to identify users whose behavior appears unusual, inappropriate or suspicious.
  • Policy Violations: We have a very clear message to those who violate our policies: if you violate them, you will be banned.  That means if you give us a fake age and try to correct it later when you’re rejected, you will be banned.  It means if you step over the line when interacting with other users, you will be banned.  We know that there can be honest mistakes, so we will have a review process in place, but the bar to get back in will be very high.
The entire Skout team has been touched by the outpouring of support we have heard from the community.  We’re happy to bring the community back to you, and we hope you’ll continue to make connections with people around the world to share ideas, trades stories and build friendships. But we also know that today is just the beginning of a long-term commitment and focus on safety.  Please help us by taking your own steps to stay safe and visit our safety awareness center.


Thanks again for your support.


362 thoughts on “Teens, Welcome Back to Skout!

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  2. Even with the update,i still can’t log on :/ It says the same thing its been saying a couple of weeks now,”Your skout account has been temporarely suspended”. Then I used my facebook account to log in and it still says that its suspended even though I installed the update…i wish to get back onto my skout account but i cant :P

  3. Hi, I have tried reopening my account but it says that I am not registered and do not have an account. Just wondering what to do about that. Thanks.

  4. please fix this its my birthday yeah the day YOU reopen skout now i cant even get on its not letting me and its throw my facebook on my ipod

  5. I’m not a teen, I updated my app… Now It says
    “Your skout account has been temporarily suspended”. Then I used my facebook account to log in and it still says that its suspended even though I installed the update… also, it says my none of my emails are attached to an account. I tried to make a new one, half way through the process it backs out to the loging screen & displays the message about my account bein suspended.

    ????? Why did this happen w/ the updated version? & I’m not a teen, so why is it trying to log me in as one?

    • @Savs, I couldn’t find an account with the email address from which you’re posting. Please send us a private message on Facebook.com/Skout or a DM on Twitter @singles with the email address attached to your account, so we can assist you. Otherwise, you can email support@skout.com

  6. please please fix my account yes im a teen and i have fb and i tried loging in but it wont let me still please fix it and no i i just registered today and im tring to get on my ipod its not working either

  7. @Chelsea, also, what about the “Notifications?” Will that all be wiped out too? Are you saying that i will lose everyone that I was talking to all together? ;(

  8. @Scott, You must connect with Facebook to use Skout. If you are signed into Facebook on your phone and tap ‘Connect with Facebook’, it will connect the accounts automatically. You don’t need to enter your Skout login details. If you are not signed into your Facebook account, you will need to enter your Facebook details to sign into Skout.

  9. So I wanna get back into my old account (that was email login related) how do I get back into it (via Facebook verification)

    Many thanks.

    • @Amy-Lynn, Go to the Skout app and tap Sign in. You will be prompted to Connect with Facebook. If you are already signed into Facebook, it will sign you in automatically. If not, you will have to enter your Facebook login details to complete the Skout signin.

  10. Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! You jave got to be kidding me!!!! I dont have facebook, noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot skout!!!! You ruined my life

  11. If we didn’t have a Facebook before, but can’t login without it, how do we log into Skout since we can’t made a Facebook recently

  12. will things post to facebook from here? my age on facebook wont match because im 14 and it will say im older because everyone at my school got them when we were like in 5th grade. what do i do?

  13. So I used a fake e-mail adress on skout and I don’t got a facebook. This means I will never be able to login and I will lose my friends? That’s Great..

  14. So. It seems that no one is able to log in.
    Im just saying this in a way that isnt freaking out.

    Its not my birthday.

    My life isnt ruined.

    I just uh. Cant login even through facebook.


  15. So I will never see my contacts again?
    My account says i live in the universe. but i cant chaange it since i dont have a phone, can you help me change it to los angeles

  16. This is kind of annoying. There are only 8 people showing up, because you can only see within 100 miles. I came on here to talk to gay and bi people because they understand what i’m going through, when you live in Canada, there aren’t that many people. I had nice conversations with others on here. Now there isn’t even a single person on mine that I can talk too.

  17. @Chelsea Hi thank you for reopening Skout but when I go to “Meet new people” there’s only three people, if any, listed there. And I want to find someone I had been talking to who is 17 so if you could help that would be great thank you :)

  18. I just made a new facebook and linked my account but that didnt work so i linked it to my real facebook account because i could hide it from showing any posts or anything on my wall and now its not letting me sign in

  19. What if we don’t have a Facebook? The reason I got a Skout is because I didn’t have a Facebook in the first place! (My mom is skeptical)

  20. @chelsea, do you realize how unfair this is to people without Facebook it’s not my fault okay my mom wouldn’t let me have a Facebook. What other ways are there to get onto skout. You ruined my relationship with my boyfriend if you can’t let me back on here. This is ridiculous. Why can’t you make an exception to the few people that do not have Facebook this is completely unfair. Also you people lied and told us that we would have our chats and everything when we got back on. Please help me get back on.

  21. This is total crap what happened to keeping all our chats and why can we only talk to people 100+ miles away there is almost no point to this app why can’t we talk to people close to use if our location isn’t shown anyway at least give us the abllilty to filter the age group and gender we want to talk to… What happened to the cool fun app that everyone loves

  22. Umm I have a problem , 1. I hate the new layout in every way and want the old one back 2. I can’t set it to search for only girls, I dot want to see guys please change it

  23. This is a crock. I had a relationship going, and you guys wrecked that for me. And this logging in with Facebook won’t even help. Ppl can make a fake fb and get on just as easy. What are the people without fb gonna do?

  24. Um is there a way to search for a specific type of people? Because I’m gay and all I’m getting are bunch of straight guys and girls… I really want to make some gay friends so is there a way to search for guys who are interested in other guys? Thanks :)

  25. I am a fairly new user of Skout, I’ve had my account for maybe 4 or 5 months. I read on the Skout blog that teens were no longer suspended from the site. Granted, when I found out that, I decided to try and log on to see if this really was true. I tried to log on from my phone and the alert that the teen community was suspended still came up. Determined, to get back on the site that i really had enjoyed, I tried to log on from my computer. When attempting to log on from my mac, I got the alert that my username or password was invalid. I was sure that I had typed it in right but I also tried “forgot my password” and entered my email in the box. It said “we could not find an account associated with this email”. I’m confused… Does that mean my account has been deleted? I never misused my Skout account. And have been patient waiting for it to be back open to teens. Please help a girl out, what should I do?

  26. I understand h want this to be “safe” but I’m 17 and the fact of the matter is I’m at the age ware I talk to hurls who are 17,18,19, mabie even 20 years old and now im stuck talking to younger kids and to make matters worse they have to be within 100 mIles. I’m sry scout but u guys messed this app up

  27. I think it is really stupid that teens can only chat from 100 miles away. That leaves like 10 people total to talk to and like maybe 2 people that I actually want to chat to

  28. Stupidest update removing the location service…….why did you have to do that!!!!!Im in New Zealand I want to make new zealand friend and that whole safety when offline is redundant since the people here are 100miles away…….theres safe and then theres straight jacket-sponge-room safe……..just uggghh

  29. i had an fb. deactivated it bacuse it was stupid. im mos def not reactivating it or making a new one just to be on this app just letting you know that all the changes were cool till you did that. cuz people still lie about their age on fb. all the time. its soo pointless that you did that. youre actually gonna lose a lot of the people you hadn’t already lost from it being shut down so long anyways. just saying.

  30. CHELSEA it wont let me sign in?! How come?
    h e l p please. it keeps bringing up the same message “IMPORTANT…”

  31. I want to say thank you for this. While I think it really sucks that everything demands facebook to log in, I’m pleased to see that skout is doing everything possible to keep the younger kids (yes, kids. You guys are not adults) seperate.

  32. @Chelsea
    Alright, suggestions here for this horribly ruined website:
    1. Allow teen users to communicate with users nearby, not 100+ miles away. The majority of teen users communicte with people nearby, not far away. Myself being one of them.
    2. Gender selection. Theres no bigger annoyance than getting a message from a boy whom you accidentaly clicked wondering why I’m gay when I’m not.
    3. Age selection. A meter where an age range can be adjusted. I don’t want to be talking to little 13 year olds, I’m 16.
    4. More updates on security/important news. You lost countless users because of the instant shutdown of this community, if a warning was sent out say 6 hrs – a day before people would have said goodbye and asked for other means of communicating with one eachother. If this is implimented users will be able to not lose trust in the developers. The more the merrier.
    These are just some suggestions for you guys down at Skout, but I know you won’t take account of this becasue you sure avoided everyone who was sad about losing thier friends and asking countless questions about whats even happening.

  33. There should be an option where you can search for gay,straight,bi people…all I seem to get it straight people an it’s really hard to find gay people without a search option “/

  34. So wait, does this mean that we will no longer be able to talk to anyone that isn’t within 100 miles of us? So if i have a friend who lived on the east coast but i lived on the west coast does that mean we can’t chat? D:

    • @Trish, The email you used for Skout doesn’t matter. You just need to sign into Skout by tapping ‘Connect with Facebook’ and you may need to enter your Facebook login details.

  35. Hi there,
    I can open the skout now!

    But I have some problem of it, first I can’t refresh the page, and the loading page keep me wait for a long time!

    Second, when I try add my friend, the skout eject me!
    So may i ask why would this happen?!

  36. @Chelsea my age is wrong on Facebook and it won’t let me change it. I’m 17 but it says I am older. will this affect anything?

  37. Why can we only talk to people from 100 miles away? That is like maybe 10 people and like 2 that I would actually want to talk to

  38. @Chelsea, is the new Skout update buggy? Because for some reason I don’t get new updates in the Buzz, new people don’t appear in Meet People, all the pictures I uploaded, even though they were approved by you guys, won’t appear in my profile. Can you guys help me with this?

    Second, I was wondering. There is no more Backstage Pictures, right? If that isn’t available anymore, then you should remove the option to upload backstage pictures.

  39. OMG!! thanks for opening it BUT! i live in a small city and their is like no big cites for at least 200 miles and it says i can only chat with people 100 miles so that means i can chat with like no one! Pleaae chang that!

  40. Why 100 miles? I was talking to a girl on here who live like 10 miles from me when it suspended and ever since I got back on I can’t find her

  41. @chelsea I don’t have a Facebook. Because its stupid. And I wanna to use skout so bad! I’ve been on here for months and now I can’t get on for being responsible? Please help me! I do not have a Facebook and will not make one.

  42. It won’t let me sign in with facebook! Please help…. Also I suggest you make it where teens can react with people more then 100 miles bc only like 2 people within 100 miles are on here for me.

  43. Well first off I would like to say THANK YOU. It was a long horrible road for me! I only Started talking to a beautiful girl the day before you shut it down! I was heart broken. Now hopefully I can talk to her again!! Although I’m not sure if I can because she is less than 100 miles away? Did I read that blog post right that we can only chat with people over 100 miles away? Oh and I probably should make a new Facebook account since I deleted my original one. If u would answer my question I will be very happy!

  44. These changes are stupid. The whole point of skout is that we could meet new people. Now we can’t. I am just so upset. Why did u take a month to open up skout, just to make all these restrictions? Not only me, but other people have problems of logging through fb. I’m in the closet and I was meeting really cool people and was happy. I haven’t, but I thought about meeting people, in person, so I wouldn’t feel so alone, but now u have everyone I talk to 100miles away?? Now I am really alone. This is really bad service. Not only do u not warn us about the suspension. You ruin skout and what I love about it. Skout was the place I went to, to get help, to feel better, and to not feel alone. But now I can’t. I miss the old skout. You have probably lost a lot of customers, and I might be one of them. I don’t want to be because I have a love for skout, but it’s all ruined

  45. I don’t really like this :/ it sucks now. I can’t even find people how do I change the search options it just keeps saying cannot find people. Help?@Chelsea

  46. Thank you, but there are a few problems with this now. I am a gay teen and it shows all these girls and guys who are streaght and I would like o talk to the lgbt comunity on here and I would love to see a search that can find someone because I kind of lost someone who I lied talking to in this and I would love to be able to find him.

  47. Chelsea please, i need help. Savana i love you, i’ll never give up trying to find you, if not skout some other impossible way. Ill start a blog or something

  48. Im soo glad it’s up again! :) but I have a few questions.. Like there isn’t a search thing for the ages and gender you’re looking for anymore, right? And whenever a post a picture it says it was excepted but then it never shows up…

  49. ok wtf i need my fb to get on??? thts like making a new account and ontop of tht half of us had made friends and connections on our old account wtf happend to them??? this is too complicated adding fb to evrything doesnt make it bettr

  50. I don’t understand y my comments don’t get published on here. Oh well. I loved skout before the update. Now I feel extremely, emphasis on extremely, restricted in what I can do. First off I can’t log in using my phone. In fact I cant even redownload skout, or flurv to my phone. This is really inconvenient for me. Also there is absoultly no one to talk to. When I logged in I saw a handful of people, way less than 50 even. I really enjoyed skout before this teen suspension. Here is an analogy I have of the new skout. Strict catholic parents. You leave the house, and u can’t have fun, in the house you do what you are told and if not u get punished. and if u even think about taking slutty pics, u will be disowend. What I described there was this new skout. Idk if it is like this for all people now but it really isn’t a dating website anymore. Because u can’t actually contact, like give info and stuff like that, people or u will be suspended. sorry this is so long but I had to say something I couldn’t let this go, some people made relationships on here which most are probably over with by now! I almost had that but u shut it down. Now I don’t care if I ever log in again. It is worthless to me. Ok that is my rant and again sorry it had to be so long. If you want to contact me use the email I provided. Or reply to this on here!
    Thanks for your time!!

  51. Hey ive created a new account on boyahoy and im gay and only want to search for gay or bi guys to talk to but when i search people it shows everyone from girls to straight guys and this is really annoying. Is there a way to fix this im a teen btw thanx

  52. @chelsea i have a question, *and i don’t want to sound like a raving kid or something, but nonetheless

    This is way safer and it does put more of a cap on fake accounts and promiscuity , but what if my account gets hacked? The person would have my facebook and skout information right?

    And the limit of talking 100 miles away or more is really good, but im driving in a while. What if i decide to drive to my friend who is 120 miles away and who i can ask for information in a different format? Its still really safe, but no safer than the guy who is five miles away and across a river. I know this isn’t always the situation but it still isn’t good

    I’ve lost a lot of friends i made on here , but seeing as i have no way of finding them it’s a lost cause. I know people were complaining before this about how much change is needed and safety , but limiting who i can talk to isn’t really that good. If the concern is keeping us from meeting, then putting the sign that says TIPS FOR MEETING OFFLINE is unnecessary for us.

    For the kids who don’t have a facebook this app is useless.

    So there is a good chance you’ve lost alot of people who were on here before the change. Especially after the month long wait. If we had gotten some progress reports of some kind, then i would understand, but it hasn’t happened.

    I will still try to stay loyal to skout, but there will still be fake accounts, hacking, and meet ups no matter whats done. The work you guys put in shows, but it would be easier to let the people in here be testers for this skout. if enough disagree to the changes, then you guys should just repeal what was said. But, as a lot of other kids have stated, we probably wont get a say in anything thats done to skout.

    So , my question is, what do I do when i have no control of something that is completely voluntary? What do i have to show those who do have the power to change to get them to understand that the change has , and may well shrink the community down more than it was?

    its not the lost contacts
    its not the lost friends
    its the lost hope

    …… I hope to see you soon skout

  53. I hate this new setup….im gay, and got boy ahoy+ so that i could talk to other gay teens but now i hav straight girls and guys in my meet ppl window and it sucks….i feel way more sun concous about myself now and im super super pissed

  54. Chelsea, can you help me please because I could log in but now I can’t. And can you please help me find my boyfriend, his names Zeke and he doesn’t have fb and I really need to talk to him, please.

  55. Your security is so uptight you’ve stopped people that actually are between 13 and 17 years old like me. Im 14, an i cant even get on anymore because some of the security questions are completely ridiculious. I mean you need a zip code, how am i ment to know my zip code, i dont even fully know what it is

  56. @Chelsea
    Hi, you said that previous chats would still be there when reopened but they are not?

    When I go to ‘meet people’ it does not load and that is on both my phone and laptop?

    And when I turn 18 does that mean I will no longer be able to talk to the people that I am talking to at the moment because of the split groups?


  57. I understand how long it must have made to make these changes and now i understand why it took over a month to a apply these changes. I do think some of the new features were great in light of the circumstances such as to limit location to being only 100 miles away from you or less. I also like the separation of the teen and adult services and i think that the facebook identification login should eliminate most of the pedos on this app. however i think there should be a way to search people based on their sexuality as this is basically a dating app for teens. Also gender selection would be fantastic as well. Overall I think the changes were good and i thank the team at skout for trying to get this update done as soon as possible. But yeah my only complaint is the search options @chelsea will there be a way to limit searches based on sexuality and/or gender in the future? Thanks

  58. actually sorry about above comment regarding location. You should be able to talk to people that are within 100 miles not 100+ miles away. i meant to say i think you should be able to search based on location and i was wondering @chelsea will that feature ever be added back in the future?

  59. hi, im 22, and because on the site it put i was 25 i emailed you to ask to change my age, since then its been saying my account has been temporarily suspended and has kept saying that for a few days. when will i be able to log back in again.

  60. Okay ive been really loyal to Skout even through all this crap and now we get skout back (which I cant even log into because it still says its suspended and i dont have a facebook so i guess im screwed.)

    1. People that are 17 want to talk to older people not some 13 year olds.
    2. You pretty much lied to us you said our chats would be there when we got back and now you’re saying we have to find all our contacts over again? which you know is difficult!
    3. Some people have morals like age prefrences( 1 year younger 2 years older) and you guys dont seem to understand that or care about it.

    Personal opinion: I really think you guys screwed up on this one not only did you take away our freedom to talk to who we want but you got so caught with “safety” that you ignored your own customers and you still seem to be doing so. I know my opinion may not be needed but I’m still a customer and I really liked you guys up until this bull stunt you pulled.

  61. @Chelsea.. ive tried logging in with my facebook. my age is correct, ive logged in ive had my facebook for years why wont it allow me to log in?? please help??

  62. And the reason why my fb and skout ages don’t match is because I NEVER put my really birthday on any website so I made up an age and birthday and I did tell the people I spoke to my really age so it wasn’t like I was being fake or something. Please help me out.

  63. Quick question, im not sure if someone asked it already, too much to read through… But if im 17, im not allowed to chat with anyone closer than 100 miles away? That seems a bit odd, i mean i know that safety features are in place here, but if i want to build a relationship, i cant do that anymore here unless its a long distance one? Thanks

  64. I think it’s ridiculous how we can’t talk to people who actually love close to us.. There really is no point to this app anymore. Please change ittt

  65. The new policy sucks! This is a dating app, why the hell is there so many rules like a kid dating app~ I lost my hotlist and that the worst! Seperate below and above 18? Seriously? Can’t we make friend with above 18? I find it perfectly find as I can chat with people much more mature than me and find more things to chat about. The first time I use it was great but now like totally different thing. For the past I would rate 9/10 but now? 2/10.

  66. Im actually raging haha, come on skout what have you done! Now I can’t talk to the only person I want to because he is ages away!

  67. @Chelsea , I have some suggestions about technical errors that have occurred on the site. Such as the advertisements shifting behind the profiles as I’m scrolling downwards. It looks really weird and unintentional. Also, is there anyway to refine my search options. Because as it stands I’m having difficulty finding people. I don’t know why. But there are literally such a limited group of people that are showing up. And the majority of those are women or straight men. Both of which I am not interested in. I have to deal with enough of them in person. Finally, there is an error when it comes to photo uploads. I will upload a photo and it will say it’s approved, but when I check my profile I still only have my profile picture visible and the other thumbnails are empty. I hope this was helpful in letting you know what problems I’m having. And if you could let me know about some of the questions I had that would be great.

    From, Alec

  68. This is stupid…..

    - goodbye privacy > facebook required

    - No more meeting > 100 miles away chats, that means i need to chat with people in other country’s (i live in the Netherlands a very small country)

    - Newest update for Skout app for android not downloadable…

    I’m 17 now almost 18, and i will be quiting skout untill i reach 18 years…

    Thanks supporting team you ruined everything!!

  69. I made relationships with people on skout before you changed everything, and since they live in another state I can’t reconnect with them. Did you keep in mind that people had made friendships? You should have made a warning two weeks in advance of the change that way people wouldn’t lose their friends. Also, change the settings to where people can only see the gender that they are interested in. I personally enjoy the old skout better, you will lose many many users by this change.

  70. I was also wondering about the local flirt buzz. If the point of it was to see what people in our area were saying, then what is the point now that we aren’t able to contact anyone within a 100 mile radius. If someone could please explain this as well I would be very grateful.

  71. Why did the location option get removed? That makes it even easier for stalkers to get us you know.. There will be dangerous people who will eventually find a way to get on here. Not only that, many of us have lost contact with people who live miles away from us. This is ridiculous, period.

  72. where’s the old chat?you guys promise us on the blog all old chats will be there when it re open.and now,you delete all our chats.you guys such liars,we wanna log in skout again is because we wanna find our old friends again.i’m so damn disappointed,can you please give me back all my chats?please.liar,if you dun give me all my chats,so you just close it now!i dun care!because there are nothing left without him.now i’m sad,disappointed,angry and confused.confused by your promise.

  73. @chelsea,
    I can open the skout now!

    But I have some problem of it, first I can’t refresh the page, and the loading page keep me wait for a long time!

    Second, when I try add my friend, the skout eject me!
    So may i ask why would this happen?!

    Btw, why I lost all my data, friends, chats?

  74. Look guys at skout no one Is happy About this. No one I don’t want to login to facebook the majority of people don’t have Facebook

    Getting rid of private photo sharing?
    Guys we are sense able enough to know if what some one is sending us is “harmful” what would be better is us having to accept the picture or media being sent to us

  75. Change it back to the old skout. Everyone liked it better. It’s also supposed to be an app to make friends. Well that can’t work because everyone lives to far and we can’t make friends over the age of 17. Change it back to the old skout. I love and appreciate the amount of work u put in, but it was a waste of time. Change it back to the old skout

  76. @chelsea Why cant we get a blog, or some answers. This is a company right? Well you have customers, children, but customers. If we dont get changes, soon you’ll loose everyone but the few people you have. Not worth it

  77. If this keeps logging me out I’m leaving skout you changed EVERYTHING and I chose to give it a chance but if it keeps loging me out I’m going to deactivate my account. And you lied to us you said we would have our old chats and friends but you took that from us. So if this loging me out keeps happening I’m saying screw it and I’ll put a bad review up on your app.

  78. Really? Not able to talk to people within a hundred miles!? What’s the point then? I only wanted to talk to people I actually had a chance to meet one day.

  79. Does this qualify as a teen dating site anymore? Seeing as I cant really date, i shouldn’t be asked about valentine, the word flirt shouldn’t be used and you should change this into a “penpal” website .
    *le Activist

  80. omg is this what we,ve been waiting for over a month?? how this make it safer?? u cant fake a facebookaccount??,and how the hell does the distantfuture make it safer?? like all creeps life outside of the 100 milles?? and what about the pics u cant send in the chat anymore?? if i want to i get someone on skype or messenger and send them anyways:P this is all a bunch of crap,looks like u made e deal whit fb or something!! anyways skout is history so pls delete my account:)

  81. I’d been looking forward to the reopening so I coud talk to all the people I’d been talking to before but since all my messages, hotlist, and buzz are gone I can’t find anyone :(. It’s also stupid that you can only talk to people who are more than 100 miles away. I joined Skout so I could talk to and possibly meet with people near me that are around my age. I’m probably going to deactivate or delete the app now since its useless. Thanks for ruining the fun, Skout.

  82. I really disagree, you haven’t enhanced the app you’ve made it worse, local chat was amazing because people who were lonely in their own community now had people to turn to that they never knew they could, the private pic sharing was amazing because teens deserve privacy and should be able to share that privacy with others that was a choice that they had the right to make! And the new search is defective because when you change the settings to show either men or women it still shows you both and the gender that they are looking for, so basically you’ve made homosexually kids uncomfortable because all that really shows up are straight people! In a nutshell the old scout was perfect the new one sucks, so please bring the old scout back!!!!!

  83. lmao! so you got rid of the search option?! can u please tell me what harm THAT had?? so we cant choose whether to show girls or guys straight or gay? what was wrong with that?? skout is becoming pretty pathetic honestly its nothing like it use to be. use to it was a 9/10 its like a 4/10 now. so please bring back the search option or at least tell us why its so unsafe to have it?


  85. You guys lied to us by saying all chats would stay. Plus since we can’t even talk to people within 100 miles of us, what the hell is the point? I believe I’m really done with Skout. Just deactivate my account, you’ve been a huge waste of my time and have customer service even worse than the ghetto McDonald’s down the street from my house. This has been a horrible experience and it’s gone completely downhill. This is the beginning of the end for Skout.

  86. Wow this app really sucks cause none of my old chats are there plus the guy i really like doesnt have a facebook! YOU SUCK SKOUT

  87. I can’t log in :O Iv forgotten my password, and I can’t reset it because the links just lead me to the app store???? Could you please email me my password or let me reset it…

  88. Wow I hate the new skout!!!! You wasted your time.im 17, I’m not talking to little kids! Man I’ll feel like a pedifile.sigh.all my chats are gone and nothings working right. You should have just left it the way it was before.

  89. “We know how much Skout means to our teen community, and, at Skout, our community means everything to us.” your exact words there…yet all you can do at the moment is drive people off this app. How many people actually wanted the app to change? And please explain why the search setting was removed! I’m getting very frustrated about this app, which was my best a month ago.

  90. I am so sad :( before this ‘upgrade’ i had really much chats, after the closing of BoyAhoy I wanted so badly to chat once again with so much boys again, but since now this whole App is just fucked up, first of all, that logging in is getting annoying, because i need to do it over and over again, everytime and i have to do it with facebook, seconds is that there are a lot of girls and straught boys, why? This is a gay-app right? And i haven’t got that upgrade from the appstore yet on my IPad, so dear christain help us please!

  91. My chats won’t load…and most of my friends are more than a 100miles away!!! does that mean I cant meet them anymore???and the Meet people keeps saying it “cannot find any matches please adjust your search preferences” but there’s not even a search thingy Dx

  92. sorry…misread about the location thing but just wanna ask why cant i see my pics after Ive uploaded them and they’re already confirmed?

  93. Skout is no fun anymore :-/ , the ppl who come up on my meet people aren’t my type and the same 6 ppl keep popping up , the iPod app is slow , and it just isn’t the same , wats the point of the search section if u can only get ppl within 100 miles from you , there’s no diversity anymore nd it’s boring. Liked the old skout Soo much better :-(

  94. Its not letting me set my search to find people in my age range. Actually it wont let me find anybody at all. What am I supposed to do?

  95. Ok shout is seriously the nd I mean the stupidest site now? Only chatting with people a mile away? My mom even said she doesn’t want me talking to ppl that far. I was able to talk to people from different cities. I met new people I didn’t even know existed… Now I talk to people I don’t even wanna talk to… Like damn. This is soooo stupid!!!!!!!. And at that. I don’t want to talk to the people u give me. Yeah I think it’s time for me to delete my skout.. Back to tagged Facebook instagram. My goodness. Im glad u guys are trying to help but u didn’t u made things worse…..good job!

  96. @Liz D, I can’t find an account with the email address from which you’re posting. Please send us a private message on Facebook.com/Skout or a DM on Twitter @singles with the correct email address, so we can assist you. Otherwise, email support@skout.com for help.

  97. … My god… No chats from before… No favourites… No people online.. *terrible* connection… Skout team- what have you done?? I’m sorry but you’ve lost a user. This… Is not what it was before… I actually believed in you guys but now I see all those apparently ignorant people saying “oh leave skout how it is” we’re right :/ they absolutely were. The ONLY reason I am keeping this app is that I hope something will happen to rectify all this… I feel so, SO let down, personally :( you are now no better than ANY other free social platform for U17′s and people who HAVENT ALREADY will, and are, migrating to other platforms… So let down…

  98. we dont have our chats?? wtf thats not right we shuld have our old chats and our old progiles on the meet people part it only shows me like 5 people and thats it how does that get changed im trying to find someone that i tyalked to alot and had no other way to get ahold of her

  99. Nothing loads. It’s updated, connected to my Facebook, and it lets me log in but my meet people, notifications, chats, and photos won’t load. This update has caused more problems than the original skout had.

  100. I don’t have facebook I really love skout, and I have to vertify my account by facebook. But I don’t have facebook, is there any other way for me to vertify?

  101. @Chelsea, I the app is really buggy. I can’t see any of the approved pictures.
    As well, I don’t care much for the 100- miles update, but I live in the middle of no where. The closest actual city is 120 miles away. So, even if I wanted to hang out with someone there, I wouldn’t know anyone. Any chance the mileage can be increased?

  102. I hate the new update. I had some really nice guys I was talking too and most of them were 18 because well I’m 17 and I don’t like getting hit on by kids. What’s the harm in searching for people. Now I have to go threw every guys profile to see if hes str8 and that’s just annoying. Bring the old stuff back. And if kids keep getting in trouble with older members call there parents and don’t make us suffer

  103. hi, i am able to log in without using my fb account, but i cant upload pictures, change updates and view online or offline people :( please help me!

  104. Everyone wants the old skout back and I want it to and it sucks that I can’t reach my gf anymore thanks a lot to the update so please change it back and give everyone there contacts back please

  105. @chelsea, okay , thanks for the update. Now, if I may ask, can Christian post a blog answering these questions. Because every time I get on here someones upset, including me. And it would probably calm everyone down if A blog was posted with the FAQ answered.

    hmm, a penpal service. I might stay haha
    decisions decisions xD jk

  106. @chelsea no i cant view them…i can only see my profile pic and that’s it =/ i tried on the desktop version too and eventhough the pics are there on my profile page when i wanted to view/edit them they wont load~

  107. The app is not letting me post anything, it’s saying “Post Note Fail Check Internet Connection” and I’m on my iPod with wifi, so it can’t be that, also it takes sooo long for it to load up. I can’t see anything, even if I wait it still says loading, please fix the issues cause you have a bunch obviously.

  108. Ok so…
    1. When I log in and go to meet people, I get a blank white page..
    2. When I go to buzz or look at me, I get a blank white page…
    3. I log in, exit out to go do something and try to log back in… It says invalid username or password EVEN THOUGH I SIGNED IN WITH FACEBOOK and finally…
    4.Why are all my chats gone?.. I really coulda sworn y’all said they’d be there when y’all re-open the thing… :/

  109. Ok, so I’m also have trouble with this, but I didn’t connect it to my Facebook yet. But after reading a couple of the, whiny, comments and I’m probably sure that the same thing would happen, right? But hey, I’m at least glad that Skout is back up, but feel bad for the people who have to answer to these comments -_-

  110. I have a question I love skout and thanks so much for bringing it back but I do not possess a Facebook account so does that now mean that I can no longer access my skout account.?

  111. @chelsea so wait I’m 17 and seriously have never associated with anyone my exact age or younger always between 1-3 years older. I’ll be 18 in a few months so I have to talk to kids in middle school and I’m basically in college..? This really makes no sense. You say you are making it safer but honestly it’s just putting these young naive kids in a more comprising position because older kids prey on the young as well.. All I ask is that I at least get to talk to people who have like myself had more life experiences than goin to six flags and Dave and Busters.. I think if we are 17 we should be able to talk to at least 18 and 19 year olds after all we are all teenagers

  112. I think its unfair that we can only chat with people at least 100 miles away from us. I had friends on here that were like 40 miles away that i talked to all the time and was good friends with

  113. I have been uploading pictures, but only one shows up an that would be my profile picture, I really don’t understand it

  114. Almost nothing is loading! Im not sure whether its the internet or just how everything is now. Also, i hate that we can only talk to people 100 miles away from us, a lot of people probably won’t even get that many people that they can talk to now! Did ya’ll honestly think about that? I understand about all of the safety measures that ya’ll took, but i still don’t understand the 100 mile radius thing… I read the blog, but could you explain it to me plz.

  115. I did everything, and everything works… Except the “meet new people” tab… Wtf, how am I supposed to find ppl if u wiped out my chats.. An there’s no way to find them, please help

  116. I think that the new skout sucks big time it’s hard to use and I looks like a really bad copy of facebook and thats what it is its almost nothing like the old one……..it’s like I don’t want to use this anymore now

  117. So I can never chat with people from my area again? Well I don’t think you will be winning any award for costumer satisfaction, or best costumer support. If I had the means and resources I can make my own dating app 10x what this is/was. And im not kidding I can do it, if I had the time and money. And let me tell you. It does not take over month for those changes to be made. The only thing that could have taken so long was the policy’s, but I doubt they did.

  118. I think that the distance thing is a little too far, to be honest. I’m looking for a girlfriend, not a phone number 100+ miles away. I think that needs changed. Thanks, Jordan.

  119. So wait, we can only talk to other teens that are at least 100 miles away? How the hell can we have a practical relationship, then?

  120. @Chelsea please help me! Are there any search settings available in the new Skout? And whenever I want to search for people to talk to only one or two profiles appear, why is that happening?

  121. Is there anyway to search for a certain person. I had a friend on here that I was talkin to a lot before the updates and wish to get back in contact with her. Any suggestions?

  122. Why can i only veiw my profile picture when i know i added others and a few other people told me they could see them? Please help me

  123. Okay. I understand that yu want it to be safer. BUT I had many friends I met from like 600 miles away. I met my new girlfriend in this app and she’s like 500 miles away. And I yes I actually do see her. But anyway what I mean is. You should add back to specific searching. If you say you increased your surcurity then add the feature back. Because Some people don’t want boys or females showing up in their meet friends section. And some might want to look for a females exactly their age. Get what I mean? At least think about re adding it now. It was a freest feature, distance, race, age, and gender.
    I miss my friends. But now because of this update. I wont be talking to them again.

  124. Hi,

    Everytime I click on the meet people selection on the skout app menu, I don’t see anybody. Please help , thanks.

  125. Why is it I can’t chat with people within 100 miles from my location? there are some great people I can no longer get in touch with because of that… I don’t think it is an issue because no one can see locations anyway…

  126. I’m having a problem with the pictures on my account. I upload them & I get notifications saying they have been approved but they aren’t showing up on my account.

    • @armand, I couldn’t find an account with the email address from which you’re posting. Please send us a private message at Facebook.com/Skout with the email address you used to register and a short message and we’ll look into it. Thanks!

  127. I’m sorry chelsea, but this is ridiculous. Making people use facebook, limiting (getting rid of) search prefs, and restricting communication area. This is quite possibly the most atrocious, irreconcilable, lazy thing I have ever seen a company do. rather than taking steps to improve users’ awareness, you simply take all people under 18, put them in a padded room and say “no, you’re not an able minded thinking person, sit here with the other kiddies and suddenly, like magic, as soon as you’re 18, you can become a functioning member of society.” lazy, insulting work. Any adolescent with a functioning brain,as I am, are immediately leaving. Worst of all, mine and other criticisms will not be adressed. The rep for skout will say “sorry, but we’re keeping you safe!” this entire process was handled terribly, and you may well have lost many previously loyal users.

  128. Kk so honestly, adding security was a great idea. But where you went with the idea is horrible. For 1) can’t select a gender/sexual preference, that can lead to cyber bullying(homophobes) what about that kind of security??
    2) for being 100+ miles do you really think that people are going to want to use this app as a teen? I mean sure teens are stupid. We do stupid things but before getting on a DATING app they should know the precautions to protecting themselves and not putting themselves into a dangerous situation.
    3) I’d like to know, do you think this “solution” to things that went down from teens going into adult communities is the right one?
    Safety has many different variables,bad mentioned in 1, cyber bullying can become a major issue. Since kids are usually raised in a heterosexual atmosphere most don’t accept gays, and from there they may start ‘attacking’ openly gay members. And some gays are self conscious of themselves enough, do you guys think they come here to get bashed on over the Internet?? Anyway my rants done. I doubt anythinga going to be changed to the way it was before, but all of us teens can wish right?

  129. @Chelsea…I dont think this is fair to have facebook check your age or whatever on skout. My facebook age says im 18 and im really 14 and when i try to change it so i’ll be able to get on skout the fb crew has to give permission and they NEVER get back to you no matter how many times you write to them or tell them it was a mistake or anything -___- That means i wont be able to get on skout for a long time and i’ve been looking foward to getting back on and now i cant…and i KNOW im not the obly one in the prediciment…pleaseeeee activate my account because i’ve been looking very foward to being able to talk to my friends and now i cant becase of stupid facebook :’(

  130. @chelsea, I have a two problems. 1) my pictures nor my status’s will upload. 2) I have to keep signing into Facebook EVERYTIME I get on. When I close out of the app and log back on I have keep resigning in and putting in my birthday and stuff. Why is this happening?

  131. I cant change my filter im straight i really dont like bi people accidently clicking me and sending me messages thinking im bi and im not that makes me feel bad…you guys need to fix the filter -_-” plz

  132. @Chelsea. Why are there no search settings? I don’t really care to talk to people across the country from me, yet alone the globe. I joined to talk to people near me! Why can’t we change this?

  133. Look this is past a joke its just stupid, I have sent you emails about my acvount and got nothing back, if I cant accsess my acount soon then im never coming back on as its stupid, im 18 yet I was susspended and now I cant talk to my girlfriend whos in afgan at the moment and she doesnt have facebook, this was the only way for me talking to her and now im not gunna bloody know when she gets home.

    if I miss her return date im not gunna be happy and I will be sending very harsh emails untill you fix this problem. :@

  134. Chelsea could you message the creator of this app to change the category into a social networking app instead of a dating category. Because my talktalk homesafe settings block dateing apps but dont block social networking apps & VPN no longer works for me on ipod :( Please solve this problem! Thanks. My skout account is locked aswell, i dont know why… even after i try connecting through fb.

  135. How come my favorites were cleared ? All the people I talked to regularly were in them and now I cant find them to talk to them ?

  136. I have the same problem as Mc, talktalk internet provider in the UK is categorizing Skout as a dating website, so if the parental controls are set to block Dating, skout is not usable. My skout works on mobile data, and everyone elses wifi, just not my own.

  137. @Chelsea. Can you fix my account or not.? You guys made us wait a month for our friends back and then put restrictions on everything. Now the new app is so buggy, the majority can’t even get in. The incidents that occurred were tragic but not your fault. You don’t put addresses on the website. It was the people’s own faults and you sacrificed our social networking, relationships and fun for some immature people. All these comments are just proving to you that we are trying to be loyal but you are treating us like children with safety locks on the doors. Please give us the old Skout back

  138. Uhm… So why did it erase all photos, chats and favs? And the fact that I can’t lengthen the range kinda sucks. I have friends more than 100 mile radius. Ok ALL of my friends were from different states….. .-. Why…? Thank you for ruining my social life….

  139. I do not understand why we cannot search for people by names or anything…. I mean how are we supposed to find our friends on this?

  140. This is even worse than before! Now because of your stupid 100 mile system i cant talk to my girlfriend and i cant found her on fb or anything else, we just started to talk and we wanted to meet eachother! She lives just a couple miles from me, and i would of course call her before our meeting to asure she is not another person trying to fool me. I know that foolish people may meet awful people in this way without being sure if they are talking to the right person, but do you actually think that 15+ people would do that? We are not kids. Im 15 and i am old enough to handle things like this and go to another city alone! Think of the 17 year old people, do you think it would be dangerous for them to speak with a person in the same city? We are not children, and you are not our mom! Please! You have ruined my life and all hope of meeting my girlfriend or even talk to her again is gone! Ive been crying so much i cant breathe! The system you have now may be good for 13 year old guys, but there is a big difference between beeing 13 to 15, and when you are 17 you are pretty much an adult and will probably move from your parents soon.
    Sorry if im angry, but i have to tell you how sad i am over this new skout system, and please try to change it somehow. You can always have limits in things like this, but this is excessive.
    // Lucas Stromberg

  141. I don’t think that us teenagers should be able to only chat w ppl 100 miles away for us , I was upset when I saw that b/c I enjoined talking and meeting new ppl from ALL OVER the world , & now we cant do that , I really like this app and Want it to stay but I feel like the new safety ” rules ” are a lot , – thanks for reading this I hope u understand and take this comment and use it to make Skout better (:

    • @Brianna, It’s not people 100 miles or less; It’s 100 miles or more. So you are still able to talk to people all over the world. Thank you for your comment and support :)

  142. @Chelsea, I have 2 major problems. 10 I can’t load my pictures on here on either the desktop computer or my android. 2) when i got to meet people on the desktop, it gives me like 10 people, no one else. And I know there are more because they load on my android.

  143. I met this girl I really like that lives near me. And now I can’t talk to her. Why can’t I do that anymore? Isn’t the whole point of skout to find a person to start a relationship with?

  144. @Chelsea this is really getting to be annoying, there are waaaay too many bugs with this update. I really want the old app back please! :(

  145. @Chelsea I do not understand. Why I can’t get in my account. I think its been deactivated. But I’m 20 can you. Please help me!!!

  146. @chelsea so we can’t talk to people within 100 miles of us? I was talking to this girl I really liked who lived near me and now I can’t talk to her. How are we supposed to meet new people in person if they live 100 miles or more from us?

  147. i am really happy to know that you have reopened the -18 community and i red all the things you’ve changed to keep it safe. but i got a problem. i can’t find the people from my country in meet new people… and also the profiles of one people comes twice in there… Please see if you can solve the problem.
    And again thank you for reopening teenagers community :)

  148. Great! Thx a lot skout! YOU RUINED IT!! :(
    finally I found a really nice girl and now I can’t chat with her anymore :(. I’m really mad at you! I just turned 18 and because of this I’m not allowed to talk to her anymore? Are you serious? I want her and my old chats back!!! Please fix this!! otherwise I don’t see a reason to keep this app any longer! :(

  149. So Chelsea, since it appears you’re the only person who answers any questions on here and the rest of the Skout is on the verge of ruining the app, you’re really the only person who can serve as a gateway for a majority of the users. The creators of the app can say they take consideration from user comments all they want but this hasn’t proved itself true at all.

    You opened the teen community again with more than limitations; they render the app useless for teenagers. The whole “100 mile rule” deteriorates the sole purpose of the app – to connect people together. If safety is your top concern then why don’t you work with the actual Skout team to make proper, NEEDED changes? Make Skout available to people who are 16 and older, people who have enough common sense to understand the right and wrongs on the app. I used this app becaused I loved meeting people near me and now I can’t do that anymore. I’m 18 years of age and I can’t even talk to people a year or two under me. That’s great. You ruined the app. Hopefully you can take some tough criticism and use it to bend Skout back on to the right track.

    Please. Please, please, please reply to me. I don’t even mean to come off so bitter but this was truthfully the only app I enjoyed using…

    - Kevin

  150. i can only see a few people that are online then if i reload the page another set of people are there in meet people anyone know what i can do

  151. Why aren’t we able to specify what sexuality we are looking for? I didn’t think it was unsafe to only want to view the sex that you are attracted to… I’m just wondering why that changed. @chelsea

  152. Oh & chelsea harry is right, it comes up as a dating website. It’s not categorised as a social networking website. Maybe you need to alter a prompt through programming. Because i have to keep using VPN, which is literally giving me a headache.

  153. I really don’t like the 100 mile part. Please take it off, I understand there are weird people out there, but I’d never give anyone my address and I promise to meet in public areas!!!! Please….

  154. What’s the point for teenagers on here then if we are talking to people we will never meet? …… I met my last 2 boyfriends on here but now I can’t find another one cuz u only let me talk to people 100 miles away!!!! :(

  155. I understand the need to improve safety.

    That being said, you have eliminated ALL of the reasons I first installed “Skout”. I’m a gay teenager living with extremely… We’ll say ‘close-minded’ parents and community. Skout offered a rather anonymous way to talk to other gay teens to alleviate the feeling of isolation. That goes away with Facebook Connect.

    Also, allowing my to post certain photos publicly and send others privately allowed me to reveal up close pictures of my face to other individuals when I felt ready. Granted, I don’t know what the new Skout looks like, since I will not sign in and risk being ostracized if being discovered by peers.

    I know I may have a unique situation, but I plead with you to continue the brainstorming process in an effort to create not only a safe environment for all users, but one that is inclusive to all Skout members and the way they utilize Skout as a social networking tool.

    Thank you.

  156. These new changes completely defeat the point of skout and I will no longer use this. I liked skout because it gave teens an opportunity to meet other kids there age who shared interests, and make friends. It is nice to be able to chat with people from other areas but the main point of this is to meet people near you. Also the facebook connect is rediculous, not everyone has Facebook, and most people wouldn’t want information from the two overlapping.

  157. Why take off location some people need friends where they just moved too and also I don’t have a city search button :(

  158. I have a few things to say about your “update.” first, you completely ruined what looked to be a very good app, and I had just started to use it. Second, why are you treating us like yu are a teacher and we are your students? When a couple students mess up in a classroom, usually the teacher will punish all the students. That is what you are doing to us right now with the stuff you did to Skout. Also, it still blocks half the people that try to log on. What you could have done instead of what you did is ban the people who broke the rules and still gotten rid of private photo sharing. That way no photos can be shared without everyone seeing it. Also, disable the location thing for teens so adults can’t find them, but teens can still se where others are, and also get rid of the thing that says teens can only chat that are one hundred or more miles away. If you do all these things, I can say your app and site will be so much better. Thank you for reading this, and I hope that you have a nice day.

  159. You guys are being over protective. And you should of left skout the way it was instead of making it more safer! It seems the same to me woth chats and stuff. But now we cant post siome pictures. That contain body shots! I honestly dont like this safety thing!

  160. Everything is ok except the location part! My friend who lives 1 mile from me is like invisible because you guys placed an idiotic 100 mile crap that isn’t nessecary! Just let us locate people who are near us and strain people over 18+ to be admitted into Boyahoy!

  161. the developers of skout have absolutely ruined the teen community, absolutely, utterly, completely, thoroughly ruined it, to the point where it isnt even skout anymore. we are now being treated as kids watched over and monitored because ADULTS screwed up, not us.

  162. @chelsea well thanks for re-opening my account but now just two questions why did you tske the gender preference? i mean now all i see are straight guys & girls. i want to meet other gay guys. please put the option where you get to see gay people too. thank you very much. i will stay loyal as long as Skout can make things better for the TEEN Community! & oh also could you please make it more like at least closer instead of 100 miles or more! Thanks♥

  163. there’s just a few people are still using this.and i think the new one is hard to use.can u show people’s email on their profile,here’s no ways to find them:^/

  164. Look, I appreciate the fact that you wanted to make this website safer, but honestly, the fact that I cant talk to people less than 100 miles away kind of defeats the purpose of why I got the app in the first place. can this please be rectified?

  165. Seems that @chelsea will only answer to these “technical” problems instead of the real issue that people do not like what they have done to the app. Seriously your taking this app like a prisoner broke out and now everything is on lockdown. Yes what has been done with the facebook is nice but maybe that should be it? It’s bad enough some people don’t even have a facebook. Seriously the app is made for DATING. How in the world are you gonna date someone that is 100 miles away from you. This is a TEEN app and as far as I know teenagers are more mature and well enough to know what they are doing. CHANGE the app back to the way it was, with a few bumps in security because the app is gonna be ruined until it’s put back to the way it was.

    • @Confused, Are you using the app? In Settings, there are two boxes. The second down is called ‘Account’. Fifth one down is ‘Deactivate Account’.

  166. hey how do you change the people preference because im bi and i wanna meet other people like me and its hard when all i can see is straight people who i cant relate too!

  167. I really dont like that skout has changed…I met this amazing guy in Australia…and im all the way in Wisconsin…he’s 21 and im 17….I love him to death and now you guys just had to change it to the 100 mile thing…I cry every night…I wish that you guys can change it so I can see him ONE LAST TIME<333 please! :'(

  168. And also just an opinion, you should take away the age limits to.who you can talk to. I had made an amazing friend who.is 17 and now that im over that “teen” line, I no longer can talk to him. And as you can see, many people are upset with this. And if you want people to continue using this site..then I suggest you take away everything you did and just ban those who had broken your rules. This new “safety” thing isn’t needed. You just needed to clear out the bad apples this whole time.

  169. i just moved back to hong kong from london, but all the people that are on the ‘nearby’ list are in london… how do i change that?!?!

  170. Some of these changes are good but I’m really disappointed with this 100 mile thing. This for me USED to be the ONLY app I could use to meet up with new people, people I trusted and now I’ve completely lost contact with them because of this.
    I agree with most of the changes but this is a shame.
    The search feature disappearing is just as dissatisfiying. I’d rather chat with people my age and a lot of people have preferences concerning their ethnicity and where they come from.
    Can someone please tell me why these features have been canceled for us, it’s despairing. This used to be my favourite app but now its gettimg boring. I and many people feel as if we don’t have much freedom as before, stop these pointless restrictions now, we have enough of them in real life already. Thank you for reading.

  171. I have one suggestion why don’t u keep every thing the same but let us talk to people near us but don’t show us the location. So we can meet the people we can actually talk to.

  172. So when will we be able to talk to teens within 100 miles like really we want to me other teens near us not across the world

  173. @chelsea, so by signing into our Facebook you guys are pretty much trying to be able to have access to our account to go through it? If we sign into Facebook once so you can varifiey our age do we have to do it again?

  174. So youre telling me that the moment i turn 18 i cant talk to my friends on here? They are 16 and 17 and i wont be able to talk to them because of these rediculous rules yea great youre improving security by taking away location (which im
    In texas talking to guys in florida thats over 100 miles thank you) and taking away private pictures but to take away talking to a 16/17 year old is bull

  175. I still can’t use the app on my phone because of the suspension apparently, can you unblock it? I don’t know why I was suspended because I’m 19 and I’ve never said/done anything against the guidelines. I haven’t been able to get on for a month now, it’s getting ridiculous. (Also, I don’t have facebook so I can’t log in with that)

    • @Jen, Your account is open and the device attached to your account is not blocked. If you could, please send us a private message on Facebook.com/Skout or a DM on Twitter @singles so we can assist you. Thanks!

  176. Chelsea, I’m in China although I’m an american. Of course the Chinese government blocks Facebook (did you think of that?). Why can’t you allow me another method to verify age?

  177. I believe that 17 yr olds should have a choice weather they can choose to appear in over 18 as well as they will be still chatting to others younger than them and ppl older still , also it should be the choice of younger ones if they want to to be able to chat to the 18 and older pp l

  178. What about in the ethnicity ? The list in where you just want to see a particular ethnicity in the meet people window? Old skout is way convenient.

    • @Leah, No, no one will see any of your Facebook information. The only information that will be pre-filled is your age and your first name, unless you choose to change your username.

  179. Skout is really fake , i have spent almost 200 and points always missing, have sent several emails to skout and no replies.

    Thanks skout

  180. I understand that safety is a major priority but I and many other teens I have talked to on this are annoyed that we are unable to know of people in our own city who we can be friends with outside if the use of a website, so would you consider taking action against the location settings to allow teens like myself to be allowed to have friends in a physical sense rather than resorting to only being able to talk to them over a website

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