Skout Teen Community Suspension

UPDATE 12pm PT 6/20:

Skout users,

As I mentioned in my last update, I’m genuinely moved by your response.  One thing is clear: you’re as passionate about the Skout community as I am.  Your safety is our #1 priority and that’s why we’re taking this time to evaluate our procedures and work with experts to strengthen the measures we already have in place.

I also wanted to let you know that we are pushing an update to our iOS and Android apps that will be live within the week. This app update has been in the works for several months – it addresses a few bugs and introduces an improved user interface.

This does not change the suspension of our teen community.  We’re still working 24/7 on our safety improvements, and I’ll give you an update on when we’ll be reopening the under-18 community as soon as possible.


UPDATE 11:10pm PT 6/13:

I am deeply touched by all the responses here, and understand the pain the temporary suspension is causing. Rest assured, we are working around the clock on this. While we are making good progress on building new features that will enhance Skout’s safety  – we are not quite there yet. Please, bear with us and hang in there!

Christian Wiklund, Founder and CEO


Today Skout has decided to temporarily suspend access to our teen community.  This is not a decision we made lightly, so let me explain in my own words why we chose this path.

The safety of our community is our #1 concern.  About a year ago, we noticed that a number of underage users were entering the 18+ community.  So, we thought long and hard about how to set up a safe network for teens and decided to broaden our reach to be more than just a dating app.  Since then, we’ve grown to become one of the largest mobile networks for meeting new people.

Our commitment to safety remains.  With more than a quarter of our staff dedicated to community management, we actively monitor and screen to ensure that the two separate communities for users 18+ and for teen users are kept distinct and that behavior is age-appropriate.  We deploy advanced, proprietary technology that continuously monitors activity on the network to identify users whose behavior appears unusual, inappropriate or suspicious.  Under our zero-tolerance policy, we immediately ban users for inappropriate or suspicious behavior.  Also, unlike many location-based apps, Skout provides general rather than specific location information, empowering each community member to decide if, when and where to meet in person.

However, it’s become clear to us that these measures aren’t enough.  In recent weeks, we’ve learned of several incidents involving a few bad actors trying to take advantage of some of our younger members.

We thought carefully about what to do.  We know how much Skout means to our teen community, and, at Skout, our community means everything to us. For now, we believe that there’s only one thing we can do: until we can design better protections, we are temporarily shutting down the under-18 community.

We are extremely sorry about this, but we don’t believe we have any other choice.  We will not compromise the safety of our community, and right now, our concerns are too significant to simply stand by and do nothing.  We are working around the clock to build better safeguards, including mechanisms for age verification, and we’re partnering with a leading risk management advisory firm to strengthen our current security measures.  We hope to have the community back online soon.

Again, I’m very, very sorry, but I hope you understand why we decided to take this step.  Skout means a lot to you — it means a lot to me, too.  We want to do what is right, and that starts by doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our community.

- Christian Wiklund, Founder and CEO


3,502 thoughts on “Skout Teen Community Suspension

  1. No, please guys. Just put it on for one day. I only have Skout for meeting my girlfriend. Just let me give her other adresses.

  2. NOOOOOOOOOO!!! This is unbelievable! I have made a lot of friends in Skout. You should just ban those people who sends innapropriate pictures to younger ones! I just can’t believe this. I will miss my friends. Through this app, I ALMOST found the one who’ll make me happy! Now You ruined it :(((

  3. Why would you make all of us suffer for what only a few people did? Some of were making friends that were becoming important to us and now we have no way of contacting them due to this unfair desicion. We may lose those friends due to this and that’s not a fair punishment. I believe that this action should be revoked and it is silly. Please take into consideration that even though this was done with good intentions you’ll be doing more harm then good.


  4. So, do you have any preliminary date when the system will be back?

    You should have got us a little warning of sorts before shutting down, I just lost contact with a few people I really liked.


  5. This is completely unfair! How long are you planning on having my account suspended for? I have friends on this and skout was the only way of communicating to them!

  6. I understand this, but skout is the only contactbi have with my boyfriend right now. This is a HUGE inconvinience to me! How am I supposed to talk to him and see when were meeting up?!?! This is not right! You should have given us a warnibg about this before you did this!!!!!!!!!

  7. thanks alot now iv just lost contact with a ton of friends, please hurry up on this and will i still have my chats that i was in when you did this because if i lose any of them you know how long it takes to refind your friends on here

  8. I think this was a stupid idea. They are the ones that are showing off their body and that attracts attention. Why does everyone else have to suffer?! I never show my body off in any of my pictures and I have NEVER gotten attention from creepers or old men. Just ban them not us.

    • @madison, the changes we are working on are in the interest of all Skout users. We do have a zero-tolerance policy for any account showing inappropriate or suspicious behavior. These changes are to make sure Skout is the safest and securest it can be, across-the-board.

  9. Is it gona be back up by you know when it will be back up. This is ridiculious. I like skout and now its temporarily suspended. When will it be back up.

  10. Sooo. When will the accounts be back? I think this is really stupid and unfair to the people that are in relationships and have no other way to contact their partner and unfair to the people who did nothing wrong. This is just going to make underage users say that they are 18

  11. Please hurry and fix the issues! I had some very close friends on my account whom I can’t get in contact with otherwise.

  12. The only concern I have with the recent safety measures taken is that it was done without prior notice. I had conversations with people that are/were engaging and fun, but now they are shut down and I have no means to contact people.

  13. Honestly thats unfair. May we at least access our accounts to get some info from it. You should let us have a week in advance, no make the decision right out of the blue.

  14. A little forewarning would have been nice. I had phone numbers in chats that I now can’t access because the service has been terminated

  15. Wow!!! a little forewarning wouldve been nice!!!! can you give us an exact date that it will be back up? i loved this app and now i have no way to contact the people i was in an engaging conversation with!! please give all of us a date!!!

  16. a warning would have been great. I loved talking to the friends I made on there and have no way to get in touch with them now. do you know how long this expected to last?

  17. so annoying. this is the only way i have to talk to this person i really care about and now its gone. k. please hurry up and let everyone use it again. btw u should have warned us

  18. Wth! I made a nice friend n now i cant talk to him! U need to hurry up n fix rhis or just unsespend this!!!! Plz fix fast!!

  19. Couldnt you have given some warning?! I have friends that i talk to daily on Skout and i’m gonna miss them. Its not fair to punish those who behaved and acted within the rules *DISLIKE*

  20. This is unfair, seriously there was no warning, right as i was excanging phone numbers with a friend and now I cannot check my inbox for the number. MANY PEOPLE WILL WRITE BAD REVIEWS AND HAVE EVERY RIGHT TOO, THIS WAS A BAD IDEA TO DO WITHOUT ANY WARNING!!!!!! How on earth could your company not think of sending a little message? For crying out loud you will send me updates about new “virtual gifts” but not a major system lockout and update!?!?!? What a clueless CEO!

  21. Will we still be able to keep the same accounts or will we all have to start over with a new one when it gets set up again??

  22. This is bull. Seriously? This is completely unfair to the people who use this app responsibly. There’s creeps on Facebook who take advantage of people but do you see mark zuckerberg shutting down FaceBook to the under 18 community?
    People should know the risks of using this app, as with any other social networking site.. It’s the users responsibility to make sure they’re safe, NOT you guys, all you’re doing is making us upset with you for your horrible excuse of dealing with an unfortunate situation.

    • @Dude, thank you for your comments. You do make some good points, but the temporary closure is so we can focus on changes and relaunch a highly improved teen site and make Skout better for everyone.

  23. How long until its back up?i was talking to a bunch of people and one was helping me with issues.HURRY UP AND FIX IT

  24. Please hurry and fix this. I really enjoyed Skout and I think it is unfair to make all of us suffer from other peoples unresponsible actions. :p I have meet some good people and without being able to access my account I have no way to contact them any more. :(

  25. I think that it was a good and a bad idea at the same time. I don’t go showing my body at all. I think you should only take down the users that do that not the ones who dont do that and stick to the rules. But it’s the teens safety.

    • @Elisia, the changes and improvements we’re making are in the interest of all Skout users. We do remove accounts which display inappropriate or suspicious behavior, but these changes will make Skout better for everyone at once. The closure is only temporary.

  26. Come on! For real?! I would have liked to have been notified at least a few days in advance. When will it be back up? I had some really good friends on there. You people need to plan better… I don’t mean to be rude but this is ridiculous.

  27. Please fix it I wannna talk to my friend’s and my boyfriend plzz fix it today!!!! I live talking to people on skout

  28. wth this is messed up!! I met my boyfriend on there.. Just get rid of the ones who are being stupid/inappropriate

  29. Like seriously I have people that I have to talk to and I don’t have there numbers it would have been nice for a little notification about this because now I may not be able to talk to them this is the worst thing skout could have done they are going to lose so many people over this because on the time that they are “Fixing” this “Problem” people are going to be looking for something new so it’s there loss

  30. This is smart, but then again dumb. I understand the whole safety issue, but can’t ya just terminate the bad users accounts and let us stay on??? Btw if ya did this, their wouldn’t be as many fakes, which would also be REALLY nice.

    • @Jace, we do close accounts which display inappropriate or suspicious behavior. While the teen Skout is temporarily closed, we will be working on improvements to safety and security so that Skout is the best it can be.

  31. Hi,
    So I don’t really thing this is a fair idea. I was in the middle of some really important and good chats. Had I known the site would be shut down, I would have gotten cell numbers so I can still communicate! Will my chats and hotlist still be there when the site is restored? Will it be restored today?

  32. So how is that fair to us teens. Oh it’s ok for the adults to stay live an do what ever they want while us teens dot get to do anything?

  33. Well when can it be back up? Can it be today? Cause i have friends on there that don’t have cell phones and thats the only way for me to talk to them

  34. Ok.. I have a wrong email going on but can I still get on? But seriously when is this goin to come back becuz I was having an important conversation with someone special -,- and I hope it’s less than a week..!!

  35. Could of at least gave us a warning and notify us when it will be back up! Will we still have all our data? Answering our questions would be nice.

  36. Omg.! I’m trippin out I was like talkin to the most wonderful person that doesn’t live far away from me.! Wtf.!! Ugh I have no way to contact him.!! A warning could’ve been nice.!!

  37. oohh pleas fix this fast pleas i am talking too a boy how lomg it is going to be off pleas be by tomorrow pleas!!!!!!!

  38. please hurry and sort it because i was talkin to the moste amazing girl ever and i did get chance to put her number on my phone coz i cant get onto my messeges and i really need to get intouch with her :(

  39. There are three things we, as a community wish to know, and these can be easily provided if only to assure us (that we can still rely on skout).
    1) Will the chats/friends/contacts be wiped clean or will they be waiting for us when it resumes?
    2) We appreciate this will be difficult but a timescale would be nice.
    3) … Why could you not just ban people talking to people +/- 5 years of their own age? We admit that this does not address the issue of fake profiles… But it is extrodinarily hard to identify and remove fake profiles. Most people do not use their real name or other details for security reasons anyway! Please take this into account. Most people will not give a real name or location… They are fake but they mean no harm… So maybe try an offensive language scan or something similar.

    I would appreciate contact on the matters above, but realise it is not your top priority, still, I would like to relay information to people who do not check this info page. I have provided my email. Many thanks, Chris.

  40. wow i was talking to people that i have no other way to get ahold of them you shoulda gave us an earlier warning so we could find other ways to contact people!!

  41. @chelsea

    Well, do you have any estimated for how long we will be Skout-less? Only like, a few days or a few weeks?

  42. Nooooooooo could you please let us know when it will be back I’ve been talking to a guy on here and really liked him we dident get a chance to swap numbers and now have no means of contacting him ! This was not dealt with in a good way :(

  43. When do you think skout 13-17 will reopen because there is a girl I know who is very sad and she needs me to keep in contact with her and without access to skout I can’t do that and I am worried about what will happen to her

  44. this really suck because i have friends and now how im i sap post to talk to them now really waoooo u guys better fix this quick plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  45. Hey I was just talking to a girl whom I like very much. I’m 17 and she has her account at the age of 18. However she did not set her account age to 18, skout did that and she was not able to change her age since it’s a one time thing. It’s not fair that I have my age set to 17 and her age is 18. I really want to talk to her. Please do something about putting Skout back on! PLEASE!!! :(

  46. This is unfair, seriously there was no warning, right as i was excanging phone numbers with a friend and now I cannot check my inbox for the number. MANY PEOPLE WILL WRITE BAD REVIEWS AND HAVE EVERY RIGHT TOO, THIS WAS A BAD IDEA TO DO WITHOUT ANY WARNING!!!!!! How on earth could your company not think of sending a little message? For crying out loud you will send me updates about new “virtual gifts” but not a major system lockout and update!?!?!?

  47. U talk about how this app is for 18+ then y would u have it to where we find people from ages 13-19. If. Wante it for 18+ then u should of said it was for 18+ only. and for it to be a teen app then y suspend everyone instead just leave it be a teen app we were doing just fine. Were teens we can handle ourselves. This suspension is really stupid. I think u guys need to rethink wat u just did. I was trying to help someone wotj depression and u go and like banish everyone under 18 from it. That was so stupid!! Wat r u gonna do when that person kills themselves cuz the person thatwas helping them with their problems couldnt talk to them because you guys stupidly decided “hey lets suspend them” itll br on ur guyss hands and if a law suit comes its ur fault! And not only that ur wanting it to be non suspicious behavior and appropriate yet ur gonna let the “adult users” still be able to be on? That makes no sense! Theyre not gonna be appropriate at all! In fact theyre probly more inappropriate than the younger teens were so suspend them not us!

  48. I’m 18 years old and you guys banned me… can you please let me use it again? it said i was 18 on my profile why would it block me?

  49. I’m one of the older teen Skout users and I talk to some recently turned “adult users”. Will I still be able to talk to them once it starts back up, or will we never be able to view accounts accounts?

  50. Long enough for these changes to come, unfortunately because the administration is slow and unprofessional, you had to close the whole website down. These problems have been happening for at least a noticeable year on this website and just now you want to crack down and make serious changes? If measures were taken slowly over the course of a few weeks or months, the website wouldn’t need to be closed down and the same results would probably occur, as when the website opens it would probably be the exactly the same as if you took measures early and slowly. But because of the problems within the staff, it had to get out of hand before a making indifferent and non-surmountable decision to shut down the entire website for a group of people. This doesn’t surprise me at all, another good job skout staff!

  51. Was it necessary to shut BoyAhoy down too?! I had MANY people (contacts) that were ONLY there!!! Seriously was it REALLY needed to shut BoyAhoy teen too?!?!? Please fix this ASAP. I’m recommending the site to use the same method as Trevor Space: They require members to throw and “ID photo” in which the user is given a unique ID number and the user writes the number on a paper and throws a picture with that paper on his hand, write the number on his skin, etc. PLEASE I REALLY REALLY REALLY NEED TO GET BACK TO BOYAHOY! And thanks for the wonderful service you’ve been giving us.

  52. When is it reopening I was talking to this nice girl I liked and then all of a sudden it logged me out and wouldn’t log me back. U could have warned us I could have gotten her # please have it back up soon.

  53. @Chelsea we get that we will have our chats when it reopens.. please answer about how much longer? a week? two weeks? ugh

  54. This is completely unfair to all the kids our age! Couldn’t u just get rid of the creepers right when someone reports them and y didn’t u give us at least a little warning maybe like a day in advance or even an hour or two would have been better than just shutting it down. Could u please give us a time fram of when it’s gonna be up again? Please and thank u

  55. Ok well I never got the Chance to give my girlfriend my number so now what we wait I totally agree with •dude•

  56. I feel that if the complete shutdown is unnesessary, as just publishing a mandatory update that would temporarily not allow users to communicate between youth and adults (i.e. Have every user under 18 have all users over 18 on their block list temporarily) and that would allow us to still use the service and talk with our friends while a permenant solution could be found.

    I agree that safety should be a number 1 priority for this application, but that is something that each and every individual user should fully understand and be aware of and be careful about. Even just having a reminder to meet in a public place instead of an advert on a page would help users keep their safety in their mind.

    Thank you,

    Tommy (17)

    • @Tommy, that is indeed how Skout is segmented: ages 13-17 is teen Skout. You make very good points about safety, and we do hope that everyone reads our Safety Tips.

  57. This is so stupid!! y’all should have gave us a warning or somethin! when will this be back up?!?!?!?! so many people pare leaving skout right now because of this? SKOUT dont be sad when you have lost thousands of people, your fault for not even sending a message out! and we ALL deserve to know when this will be back up so please tell us!

  58. Okay honestly i was talking to some really great people and i didn’t even have any warning of this. Couldn’t you guys just re-open the site for a few days so I and anyone else in the same situation can contact these people? :((( If not please re-open the site very soon I’m begging you. I really really like this guy and I feel like he won’t be there when you guys re-open :(

  59. Hmm well how long would that take because I have a couple of friends who I talk to every day and if they quit skout then I lose those friends and why not let us get a warning ahead of time because if this is what were left to expect whats the point at least give is a time estimate

  60. I kinda understand what your getting at, but honestly, there are more teen kids than there are 18 and up. So why didn’t you just delete all the 18 and up kids instead of the 17 and below.
    Another thing,
    Since I am 17 I had some friends who were 18 and 19, in fact my bestfriend is Elijah and he is 19. But I don’t have his cell phone number, so how am I supposed to tell all of my friends on skout about what happened to my skout if their accounts didn’t get deleted?
    Alanna Davis.

  61. Can you guys please leave it just for today? :/ What about all our friends and everyone we talked too? Please dont take long on this update please!!!

  62. his is so stupid!! y’all should have gave us a warning or somethin! when will this be back up?!?!?!?! so many people are leaving skout right now because of this! SKOUT dont be sad when you have lost thousands of people, your fault for not even sending a message out! and we ALL deserve to know when this will be back up so please tell us!

  63. it shows me the message that’s like “IMPORTANT/ your SKOUT account has been temporarily suspended while we enhace…”

  64. Why couldn’t this be worked on while keeping the app runnin for the teen community?
    What exactly are you doing in order to fix this?
    When will the site be running again?

    These are the questions that need be to answered. Not just reassuring people that their messages will still be there.

  65. WTF I made a really good friend he’s the guy of my dreams and can’t talk to him WTF it’s aching me I need to talk to him Finnish this up now !!!!! Why didn’t u have a warning so I can give him my number or something

  66. This is horrible I was talking to a guy I really liked and it shut down! Was just bout to ask him for his number! Why?!?!? Should have given us the minimum of 1day notice!

  67. So why not reopen it so we can give out our numbers or other ways to communicate to the important people we were talking to? I was about to join skout+ and have all my friends join and now this? Way to be dumb. And @chelsea instead of repeating yourself about the fact that everything will be here when it reopens….tell us WHEN IT WILL REOPEN??

  68. I feel that was is happening here is very unjust because, everyone else have to suffer from skouts mistakes. It is not our fault that these inapropiate behaviors are happening and we are the ones that have to deal with it, because you desided it was ok to shut skout down. Its not fair on us You could have found many alternative soloutions. May i just ask if you know around which day skout will be re-opening?
    Thank you

  69. you know this is really messed up ik diddnt even get a warning what can i do know i had great friends and know gone thanks NOT

  70. I was in the middle of talking to someone. The unannounced shut down is very unprofessional. If you’re going to run a site you need to use communication proficiently enough within the site and it’s users. The issue should’ve been addressed within the community before a complete closure. Very disappointing and unprofessional. Also a date for relaunch would be nice. I wish I could talk to Jake :/.

  71. I personally think this is a horrible marketing idea. We’re all just going to move on to another site. So, yeah. Bad idea.

  72. This really sucks I just joined yesterday, and I met this really cool girl…it kinda just ruins things knowing that now I may not ever be able to talk to her again. Bad decision making guys, we’re customers…we shouldve been informed

  73. @Chelsea, I never have really seen a big push for users to read the safety tips. Maybe once a week have it pop up for users under 18 just as the daily log in updates do to just keep it as a reminder to users.


  74. How long will this update take? I was talking to some friends and uou should have a least let us know before hand that you will be closing the app dor updates so that it we will be able to get our griends contacts and continue chatting with them. I was just meeting this very cool guy!! Okay I fully understand why tou’re doing this but please let me know how long it’s goung to take. Please.

  75. can u just put it back up till midnight then close it so we can atleast get numbers or other ways to contact the ppl we were talking to when u unexpecteadly shutdown the site.

  76. I understand why you’re doing this but how long is it going to take until we can use it again? I was just talking to a cool giy and thanks to you the conversation broke up. It was very hard for us to find a time to talk because of the 12 gour difference abd now you’re doing this??? How long is the update going to take???

  77. I was talking to this great girl and her name just slipped my mind. If you were a girl talking to a guy named Jason make a post about it

  78. This is stupid. Why weren’t we warned? And if you want to spot fakes you should use the tineye mechanism for pictures. I hope you’ll reactivate our accounts soon.

  79. U hav got to be kidding me. Y would u do this to us, teens mainly. OMG! Now how are we going to meet new people. U guys at Skout better make this update quick becuz my future girlfriend is also ticked off by this horrible decision.

  80. You think it’s better the suspend the teens umm ok I think it would be better and fair to do the same to the adults. Think about it, the adults are a lot worse then us so why don’t you suspend them then cheap there profiles huh? It makes no sense to me like really your worried about the teens why fit you focus your attention on the adults. I think you should just put it back online like honestly you should be able to moderate the applacation just as you were before and still catch the people …..

  81. this really sucks! Skout was the only way I. Could talk my boyfriend…now what?! Can you please try to get it back up and running ASAP

  82. Listen bro the web will never be 100%safe I understand your views on this but dude look at all these sad and mad teens. The world already never makes any sites for us nd we actually really loved your site dude please let us get back on we all can agree it was a bad decision

  83. really this is how i talk to my boyfriend, please can you hurry and figure this stuff out like creat a seprate site just for the teens.

  84. your losing members by the min. May people won’t stay with this site if things like this happen randomly without warning. For many of us this is our only way to communicate to our boyfriends/girlfriends. Not only will it lose member but you’re not saying when the site will be back up and running.

  85. i just met a great guy and now i cant talk to him :/ please dont wipe out all the chats, idk if ill beable to find him again if u do and thatd be pretty devestating:/

  86. they should have made it as an update not hut the whole app down thats wat all the other apps do..? suspend the creepers that are causing it not the whole teen users. if its not back in a week im deleting cuz thats rediculous

  87. Why are you not answering our comments on how lomg it’s gonna take?? You had better updte it quicky and let us know how long this is gonna be, or else we may just find a better app:(

  88. Little confused why we didnt have a warning in advance.
    **I think that risks come with ANY website regardless. We just need people with some common sense if predators are the concern. No matter what this site does, it is not..n-o-t gonna stop creeps. Just sayin. I think this websites staff is lacking some common sense. EVERY day, people fake their age to get on websites, and people pretend to be some one they are not. This isnt something new. Welcome to the world.
    If you guys are just so concerned about age, then create a sector for 18+ and 18- when people sign up, but dont make it a option, and have skout put them automatically in the group. But like I said, its not gonna stop anything…
    thanks for readin.

  89. Okayyy, this really sucks…when is it going to be put back up? just taking it down with no type of warning at all is a jerk move because now any of the users that were chatting with other people pretty much can’t contact them unless they have been given a different contact address. and i hope that when you do put this back up i will still have my account because if i have to make a new one, do you even know how hard its going to be to find the same people that i was chatting with before?

  90. I understand why you would block the website to people under the age of 18. May i suggest having a website just for teens but doing the same thing, such as talking to friends and maybe making it so you have a way of proving your age?

  91. Are u serious this is so dumb it doesnt even allow me to log in and I’m 18 like seriously y’all need to hurry my man is probably waiting on me!!

  92. What the hell, i talk to my bf through this and all of my friends that DONT have a cell phone, this is how we communicate..youre taking away our funn and this is why i hate technology, i only like it right now because i have a bf and i met him on there..what the hell is wrong with you guys, OBVIOUSLY teens are going to be on it and yeahh theres going to be imposters, but the ones that are stupid idiots are the ones that give their addresses out to strangers (those freaking posers)

  93. u HONESTLY couldn’t of given us a DAYS NOTICE BEFORE U COMPLETELY CUT US OFF ……….. REALLY I now have no way to contact some of my friends THANKS

  94. When will it be back up and running??!?!?!?!?!?!?!? i was talking to my gf and now i have no way of communicating with her.
    Thanks alot scout

  95. Some of the comments on here are borderline sad. Do you realize it hasn’t even even 3 hours the app has gone down and you guys are wanting to know how Long it will take? How about you all go outside and do something productive. In the meantime they will be fixing the app. If it takes a day then so be it. Use that day to do other stuff. Don’t make it seem like skout goin down ends your life. So you can’t talk to ur boyfriend/gf? Well that person can’t talk to u either. So it’s not a big deal. They will wait to talk to you. Let’s end this nonsense. Just wait for them to finish

  96. Nooo! No Please Put It Back, I Cant Talk To Ny Boyfriend, Please Put It Back I Need He’s Number At LEAST, Please guys Put It Back, Please! I Need To Go Back in For At Least 5mins. I Need My Bf. plzzzz :’/

  97. Everyone needs to calm down!!! It’s not the end of the world. But I do wish that Skout had a estimation on how long it is going to be shut down.

  98. It is unfair we had no warning, it is unfair to the teens that have not sent/received explicit pictures, I met someone I make plans with through Skout, we have no way to communicate, it is ridiculous. My question, of course, is when will the teen community be accessible again?

  99. Dear SKOUT,
    i have a friends lots of them n there couples wo meant alot to me n she just recovered from an attack.. n lost her memory.. by doing this without any letter or message, it sad not being to say goodbye to her… it a sudden you did this n i know you trying to do ure best from all that should not happen but aslo take in mind of ure people using it cause they have friends,, lovers, all over the countries n the only way through to talk to them. at least give us some time before doing this thing. hope you understand

    ure SKOUT User.

  100. So let me get this straight, because of a few incidents your whole community (-18) has been suspended, with NO warning and NO violation of the ToS of an application some (including me) have PAID for. I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, and if not, just a plain stupid move. Way to go guys, you screwed yourselves on this one BIG time…

  101. Everyone needs to calm down, they said the shutdown is only temporary and your messages, friends, etc. will still be there. Granted it was very unprofessional to shutdown without giving notice, but that’s no reason to start freaking out and act like your entire life is destroyed. Lastly, I understand some of you don’t care about grammar/spelling since it’s the internet, but you’re making us all look like morons and proving Skouts point that we’re easily fooled and manipulated. Just sayin’.

    -Ryan (:

  102. I don’t see why there are doing this anyway they shouldn’t be able to do this anyway we could be talk to a friend about something personal so there’s like no point to this you should be able to do this with our taking down the App/website

  103. If it was only Skout teen that was taken down, why am I not able to login successfully when im clearly of age?????

  104. @Chelsea I don’t meen to be rude, but instead of repeating ‘We’ll still have our friends back’ why not just tell us when it plans to open back.-.- yea. k thanks.

  105. This is totally unfair. It’s not like 17 is that far off from 18. WHEN WILL SKOUT BE BACK UP AGAIN!!!! That’s all we are wanting to know. Not of our chats will still be there. Yes, finding friends takes forever and I feel like that should be changed but I dont think 17 year olds should really be punished . This is just going to make kids fake their age.

  106. Thi is meased up! Dude, you guys should’ve warned us! I had amazing friends in there! Now I cant talk to none of them neither I can talk to my boyfriend! I’m so dissapointed. This app is going down thanks to this. Wow thanks guys.

  107. Okay I understand that your worried about our safety and I appreciate that. But why dont you make a solution where really old people can’t talk to younger people like you cab only be a certain number of years above or below your age (unless uour over 18) or do a reward system like if they send you a bad picture the person who received it should take a screen shot of it and send it ti you for points. Sorry these ideas are stupid. And can you please try to get the app back up soon I really miss my friends :( Can you give us a time frame? Thanks

  108. Alissa has a point, kids are going to fake their age in order to chat with others. In addition, 17 is not far from 18. I was talking to someone that was actually 17 and not 18. The age 18 was stated in her profile and that was Skout’s fault. Both of us are 17. All I want to do is talk to her and you are not letting me. Get this done for the members of Skout or your quickly going to lose customers.

  109. This is absolute BS!!! A warning would have been very appreciated!!! When will skout be working again??? Ughhhhh!!!!

  110. Dude i understand but you shudent have don it whitout saing it before to us. You could have said it a week before that you were going to shutdown to us. I have a gf and i alredy miss her. So i think this wasnt the best disison. Love the idea do, Theres 2 many despred girls sending naked pics to everyone and im not that caind of guy. Please next time say it whit time. I love skout and its the only whay that i can comunicate whit my Gf. So im pretty sad right now. Nicol if you see this i love you.

  111. @chelsea, yah it’s a inconvience to those who use it a lot but I understand why Ur doing this and I think it’s awesome to see how much u care and I would like to report a fake I meet on another site, he found me on skout he says he’s 17 when he’s rlly lyk 25 his names lyk mast sumthin I dnt rlly remember he’s in my messages though I ddnt knw how to report him though he’s a creep

  112. Uhm I just met a very nice guy. Yea hes 19 but in almost 18. We were having a very civil conversation about religious views and you took that away. Thanks for ruining a potential relationship!!!

  113. This sucks! I was gone for 4 days and I get back and find this! Wtf? Why don’t u jus ban the people and leave the people who don’t do anything (us)? This is messed… -.-’

  114. Hey, when is it gonna be back open? Cuz my boyfriend can’t text, so this is the only way I can get ahold of him. Aand, I really miss him. So…yeah..

  115. I think this a good idea. Thank you for moving to do this on your own, instead of leaving this open for people like us. I’m under 18 and frequently use Skout, but I would much rather have Skout, a private industry, over legal legislation decide what’s best for the industry’s customers. Their concern for safety and organization is a philanthropic, kindhearted move, and I appreciate it.
    On the other hand, a little more notice would’ve been greatly appreciated. I probably wasted a solid three hours trying to find out what was wrong with my browsers before stumbling across this.

  116. I can understand you are trying to protect us as young poeple, but in all my time on Skype, ive never had a run in with someone completely way too old for me. I talk to a lot of people on here, and this is a huge inconvenience to me, and the rest of us. Obviously, us teens use this to make friends… Why would you suspend teen accounts, and not just make this for teens? I obviously don’t agree, because i just started talking ro someone who was making me happy. And now I cant talk to her.

  117. 1- Why was there no warning?
    2- There is a better solution; remove option of sending pics during conversations.
    3- When will Skout Teen be reopened?

  118. no matter what they do there always gonna be those creepy old people that go after the young people it happens all the time on every site. skout already bans people they see doing this soo idk what they can possibly do to stop it completely. but this should have came as an update not shutting the whole app off thats just stupid

  119. this is ridiculous. skout should have been checking if individuals have been sending inappropriate messages. now just because of few people, we lost all contacts with our new friends. Thousands of people, including I think skout should really reconsider this and should take other measures for safety.


  120. I am 17 I use skout to meet new friends. And honestly your PR sucks. I never got any warning, not even an email. If these people want to do this don’t you think they will just make new skout profiles? I have no way of contacting the people I talk to on here, I read through the comments and a lot of other people are in the same boat as me. I understand you are trying to make your website safer, bt don’t make it at the expense of the good users.
    ~ Johnny

  121. Hey i would like to know when the teen part be back up this is my only way of being able to meet new ppl close to me. This is really messed up look at all these people complaining about shutting down the teen part. this is not right at all :( n i would like to be able to log back on and talk to my friends on here and other people i’d like to get to know.

  122. Seriously nevermind guys just shut up…. Your complaints dont change how long the process takes. So chill your tïts

  123. How long is this going to be down? I met some really cool people on here and this was our only way of communication. Please get this back up soon… like this week.

  124. Dude, how long will this take????? I hve people i wanna talk! This is totally unfair! I jst meant someone md nnow you suspend all of our account?!?! Thts so unfair! Skout, you really messed up. Now, you might prolly LOSE a whole bunch of people for your stupid decisiin! I mean, how will i stay in touch with my BEST FRIEND?!?!

  125. Ok, so… no warning? And trust people who are on here!! If they want to be hit on by older people they won’t block. People who don’t want older people looking at their profile, they WILL block them… D:

  126. Really… Combine now!!! Just ban the creeps u lazy bums! Instead of a 1/4 staff working on it why not full if it’s that much of a problem to shut down -18 users. Anyways ita the people who r 18+ that r causing the problems not the kids do the band should be on 18+ users if there was even a reason for a ban. I promise this apps ratings are about to go strait down the toilet for this because the kids r te ones who support this community.

  127. Obvoisuly many are upset about this closing, I agree with many of the people on here saying that they have done nothing wrong and shouldn’t be punished for something only some did. I believe shutdown our accounts were very sudden, we should have gotten at least some notice before they do anything. Many have important friends, boyfriends, etc. that they only talk through on here and now they can’t. The intentions of suspending our accounts should be reversed because a few people doing wrong things shouldnt affect the million others that didnt do anything wrong…. Hope you read this message!!!

  128. Why make everyone suffer? It’s their fault, not ours! They should be the ones punished, not us! They are the ones doing inappropriate pictures and thibking it’s cool to be here talking to older guys. They should be banned, not us! Unfair!

  129. Why are they doing this? ): its totally unfair! i love being on skout, and i have a ton of great friends, why cant they just do a quick sift or something, because they already found out some of the people who are doing it D:

  130. I understand that you guys have a reson to do this, and I repect your decision. I believe that you want the best for all of us, but this was too sudden. It was a good idea, but you guys did not do it the correct way. You should have at least let us know a day before, so that we can get our friend’s contacts and continue chatting with them while you guys are fixing this. Now can you at least tell us long long this is going to take? Priamo I miss you, and I love you too!! <3

  131. This is dumb. You have made an application. Maybe you should have looked around at everything before you started this application. You lose people daily now from this. You lose money you lose fans. You lose everything. But on the other hand you open it up and have people join at their own risk. People don’t have to give other people their information. Also they don’t have to put a picture of themselves up there. I’m 18, I know what dating through these things really mean. I have meet all of my girlfriends through a dating application. Nothing has happened to me except we break up. Younger kids that join this application should know that there are perverts out there, there are also people who are going to want to know where you live. Open it back up make the kids happy. If anything close the 15 and 16 year olds off. Most of them are erisponsible. They like to use these things as games. So please make the kids happy, open it back up to the mature people.

  132. I am not a teenager and have not talked with any underagers yet my account has been inaccessible for most of the day. Any suggestions? I have sent at least two emails to the different support email addresses and haven’t received a reply.

  133. Noooo please i only do this ro talk to my boyfriend please i just one more day so i can atleast i can tell him i love him if i never get to speak to him and when and how long will this take its killing me that i cant talk to him :( </3

  134. I suggest you fix this fast, because other people will start using other sites. I personally am pissed off because you had no notice and you still arent telling us how long this will be for.

  135. When It wasnt working, i then thought it was my account messed up, so i signed out and then realized i forgot my password, when i made a new one and signed in with the new password, it erased my whole account and made a new one, so i lost ALL pictures and messages with girls i have been talking to. Im pissed.

  136. I mean that was the only contact I had with my friends can you atleast put it back up so I can give them my number please!!! One of my friends is going to think I am ma at him and I can’t lose him! We are so close do you have any idea of what you are doing to us all!

  137. ummm i had numbers in the chats but i cant see them now. i was talking to some of the nicest people but i cant now. i hope it recovers soon.

  138. I understand what you guys are trying to do but it will never be 100% safe no dating site is you are ruining friendships and relationships so give us a hour to exchange addresses remember a plane is not 100% safe either but they still fly and once it takes off it can’t be stopped In midair to be fix so quite giving us teenagers a bad stigma just because of some people ban th and get on with life

  139. I don’t think you guys really thought this through very well no matter how much you say you did and that it’s for us. You probably are doing it to save your skin, and not get sued.

  140. Understand your reasoning totally. However the implementation of the new policy left a lot to be desired. There was no advance warning. There was no e-mail notification. Now you say members over 18 can still log in. That is absolute rubbish! I am 54 years old. I can not log in, either through the application or the website. When I attempt to retrieve my log in information, I’m told that it is not on file. Yet I receive emails from you at that same email address. I get notifications that my friends are trying to chat with me. Evidently they aren’t locked out. This entire thing is veryunprofessional. You profess to be looking out for the members of the community, yet you are alienating the very same. This must be rectified ASAP or your reputation as a great site will suffer. Word of mouth advertising can be very damaging or very beneficial. Which it is up to you!

  141. Well this is depressing! I just registered yesterday! And now it’s closed? I was making some really good friends too! I’m thinking of uninstalling the app if it’s only taking up space on my cell-phone.

    My question ” WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE BACK UP!”

  142. @ chelsea, thank you and please let me know something as soon as possible. I won’t beg and cry like some of the others here but I don’t know why I have been blocked and I do agree with some that there should’ve been a warning issued before the shutdown.

  143. That was the only contact I had with my friends at least let me give them my number! Please my best friend is going I think I am ignoring him and he will never talk to me again I downloaded this app to make friends not to lose them! So just open it back up for all of us we are more mature than most of the adults on there anyhow! So just in-suspend it! I really don’t want to lose him!

  144. could you at least open skout for one day so we can take personal details of people we wanted to talk to because im on this for friends and i dont want to lose them :(

  145. okay I understand that your worried about our safety and I appreciate that. But why dont you make a solution where really old people can’t talk to younger people like you cab only be a certain number of years above or below your age (unless uour over 18) or do a reward system like if they send you a bad picture the person who received it should take a screen shot of it and send it ti you for points. Sorry these ideas are stupid. Thanks for caring :) and also Ihad one account and I logged out and when I tried to sign in it said my email didn’t exist so all the people I was talking ti were lost everything :(

  146. Just understand that most teens will be very unhappy, myself included. We should have a 24 grace period to actually get numbers or something of those people that we connected with. My words may not inflict anything but I’d see it as a chance to at-least finish what you started.

  147. I cant belive this, Its not even our fault , please reconsider this, close all adult accounts and see which ones are the fakes but not the teens, its not us. :-( , Nicole ❤

  148. I know I sound like all the rest by now, but it would have been nice to have had a warning, so that we could get other ways of contacting them. Now we won’t be able to until who knows when. So anyways. For future reference give warning, or at least give us an hour to get back in contact with our friends.

  149. Dear Skout Management,

    You should have given us a better notice about this. I pretty much spend all day on Skout talking to my friends, and now I can’t contact them. I understand why you did it, but you did it too abrubtly (if that is how you spell it). And that was the best way to talk to my boyfriend (just so you know, I’m gay, but I know no one cares). So, now I am pretty upset and there is NOTHING I can do about it.

    Sincerly yours,
    A Pissed Skout User #GAYSWAG (I had to do it lol XP)

  150. @Priamo I agree exactly with you. If the adult like 20+ were closed it would make much more sense. We teens have perverts. But adults they hold a lot more than we do. In every sexual predator statment it is always an adult doing it to a teenager. So, how do we fix this. Not let the adults use it. Let the teenagers use the app.

    @Chelsea: If you work for this company you guys better start working faster. Like everyone said. We needed a notice. Not just a complete shut down, without any of us knowing. You guys ban 10,000+ users monthly but you guys just blocked 1 Million + users. I am 18, you guys say you banned 13-17 you guys banned 13-18. As I know of. Maybe even the 19 year olds. But open it to the teens and close the adults. Or at least let us get in for maybe a day and then close it because we all will now know what is coming.

  151. Ok I don’t blame you for your decision when people send me things or chats I don’t like I block them immediately I hate people like that and I have never done anything not once I have good friends ad I actually started to really like this guy and you do this? Some of us don’t do anything and your punishing those who are innocent you should have sent a warning or something I hope you know that after this people are going to be so angry their going to find something else and you are going to lose a lot of users I don’t blame you but you should have at least sent a warning I miss my friends so yea thanks alot hope your happy~

  152. I’m from Canada and I travel around with my dad for his business trips. It was hard to make friends because I’ll leave that country soon. So SKOUT has helped me to find friends which I can talk to wherever I am, and I met this guy I really like. So please fix this quickly because I am getting really lonely now:( Priamo❤❤❤

  153. Can you just tell us straight up how long this will take? I just want to know how long it will be until I can get back on. Thanks!

  154. Noooo :’( please I meeted a girl and she likes me and I like her 2 :’( well I will miss h yarelis :’( but at least I have her on Facebook :$ but I did make lots of friends 2 !!!!! :’(

  155. Its ok guys I see why they shut it down Thier have been sexual assualts now because people posing as teens although they should have given us a grace period they are still trying to keep us all safe. So hopefully when it’s back on we all still have our friends on

  156. i really understand where your coming from NOT!! give us a warning i had almost 100 chats going and you do this with no warning!}}

  157. Wow, that totally sucks. There were so many people that I was talking to.. Now I can’t find them again and I wont be able to talk…

  158. Why would you do that…y’all put the age variation up frm ppl to 13 to older, why would you want sumbody at the age of 13 on there that is y’all fault the age limit should be 16 and up Ive meet alot of new ppl on there now that’s a friendship lost because sum stupid you should suspended/banded the ppl who did it!!!

  159. I can’t believe this is happening, I met some pretty cool people here and now I’ll lose contact with them, this really sucks!

  160. @Joshua
    I believe that is definitley worth reading and is indeed sad.
    People just need to be safer. :/
    But, This happens on all websites. Incuding the mother of all Facebook. This isnt something new SKOUT.

  161. When will the site be back up agian its a good pass time ohh and why no.warnings or anything or just bann the users responable becaise im pretty sure the problen wont stop from.banning us the ones who did nothing but yeah im bored sooo get the site back up sooon :p mkay???

  162. NOOOOO!!! Why do you think it is the best choice to shut down our accounts and not even TELL US it was going to happen?!?!?!?!?! You know what? There were people i needed to tell things to and now I have no clue how I can do that!! I never even got to ask people their # so I have no contact with them… Look, basically YOUR SKOUT USERS WOULD BE MORE HAPPY if you let us on our accounts for like a week so we could find out how to contact our friends out of skout okay? That’s all I ask… I cant believe this!!!!! Btw just telling you, if the site is down too long, people will give up on skout alike to what happened on some other sites I have been on. Then skout will then not be a popular site… its your choice, but I see no benefit in not letting 18 and younger users on the site unless you want them gone for good??!!

  163. Suspending the teens? That’s so stupid! I’ve met so many awesome people, none that were creeps. Atleast make a skout just for teens!

  164. if skout monitors private messages, then that should be violation of privacy, but there should be no contact allowed between 13, 14, and 15 year olds to contact with anyone over 18, but DO allow contact with 16, and 17 year olds to contact the 18 year olds and above, love can have some age difference, but i agree the creeper thing is messed up :/

  165. Omg I just meet this wonderful person and now I can’t tlk to him at all ughhhhh when will this be back running ?!?!?!?!

  166. Well that kinda sucks:( I understand about your safety but a lot of us under 18 users feel like that’s a little unfair. Because like me I can’t contact some of my friends now:( because I diddnt have time to get other details.

    Anyway best luck with fixing it and hope you fix it soon for us -18′s
    Sincerely all under 18 year olds

  167. Well this sux lol.. I just started and got 3 friends to sign up. What’s the ETA. On gettin this running again? A few bad apples spoil the whole bunch, I guess .. I’ll continue to check in

  168. Adults are completely oblivious to this, aren’t they? I have good friends on there. I believe a fair warning would have been nice and a quick renew of all accounts will be fine. Data and information will be safe, I hope.if anyone were to lose datat it cold cause widespread chaos in the website and in time, lose many users. I sincerely hoped for better from skout. Not thiis kind of shit.

    Dear CEO, fix this.

  169. Omygawd!! Come on! This really sucks! I had like 7 nessagages from a guy that i have been talking to for a while and now i cant even talk to him :,(. Im 16 why shud it be shut down for the people who have a few years? This is bunk! Come on not every person is being bad and stuff thats why you created a block button, so if the people dont want to block them why punish them, thats there fault!

  170. Okyy this really sucks because I miss talkin to my bf! Ryan like seriously! I rele would like to talk to him.. But NOOOOO skout had to play around with there website…

  171. Well this is stupid, and frankly i’d rather find another site than waste my time waiting for skout to “allow” me to use its site again. Lame.

  172. Seriouy?! Can we please just get this back up and running. I understand the creeper problem,but come on a warning would’ve been great!

  173. Cuanto durara el bloqueo a los menores de edad??? No sabrn español acaso …. que no pueden responderme??? Descepcion total

  174. when will it be back on, because i was about to find out when/ where to meet this girl and now i cant, because i can’t talk to her.

  175. I have to agree with @Krystal. We have the BLOCK USER button!! That’s what it’s for right? To block people who are harressing us? Even if you suspend our accounts, thise adults will still create new accounts!! So this is a HORRIBLE idea. Now I can’t talk to Priamo❤❤❤

  176. I’m really curious, I’m 17 and I’ve made amazing friends with people who are 15/16/17/18/19 and even 20. We have nothing but polite friendly conversations. It’s all totally innocent. But 20 is the maximum age, I can’t and don’t wanna talk to anyone older then that. So when the new “safer” skout is online will I lose my friends in those age groups? Will I never be able to talk to my 15/16 and 18/19/20 year old friends? And secondly. how long is temporary? A day? Week? Month? Please give us some sort of estimate!!!

  177. Dont keep putting the same answer for all people it was ur stupid… I mean immature mistake to close it down.. U don’t realize that people depend on skout no matter if its safe or not. There is no need for u to answer someone with don’t worry because they are worrying this is supposed to be a dating site and by closimg this u are letting people miss out on people they truly care for.

  178. ok i understand that people do bad things but why punish other people? come on i just met a lot of cool people on there and now its just like their all gone:( thats sad plus you guys had a lot and i mean A LOT of people that loved this app and sadly you guys took it away from us:/ when will you bring the app back? because we all would love to enjoy it again.

  179. I’m not gonna be selfish and tell You guys to suspend the adult’s accounts, but I’m just saying that no matter who you suspend, the problem still won’t be solved. If you suspend our accounts, the adults will still be able to create new accounts to harress us. So are you gonna keep suspending our accounts whenever it happends? NO!! If you suspend the adult’s accounts they will still be able to create a new account and put their age as 15-17. So this isn’t the best idea.

  180. Really now this is the only way I can talk to some of my friends. And the only way I can talk to some of my cousins. Your not really sorry or other wise you would of gave us a warning or not even of done it at all

  181. Fyi if u make a teen site what would stop bad plp from say there under age the allgarithm would be really complicated

  182. What if I was 21 and not apart of the ‘teen community’ and still got my account suspended? O_o I know I wasn’t doing anything of a shady nature.

    • @C, If it says your account is closed for safety and not for violating T&C’s, then it’s a bug we are working on fixing right now. Sorry about that; It’s a result of the teen site suspension. You should be able to sign in shortly.

  183. The best idea would be to suspend all the adults who are pretending to be a teenager, and when they try to create a new account, make them give some sort of information to prove their age, like their IC number or something. This would be better for everyone.

  184. Just hurry up i met some good people and i didnt get their numbers ugh i thought i had put something inapropriate up and i was deactivated, a warning would’ve been nice. Just make sure i can still access my old messages

  185. When will this problem be fixed?? Alot of people had great conversations and this messed it all up. They have a block button if they dont use it then thats their stupid fault. the ones eho know how to use the app wisely should have to wait on their mistakes.

    • @D, There is a problem with a few people’s account being blocked because of the teen Skout suspension. We are working on fixing it now, so you should be able to sign in soon. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  186. what is this i have got skout + .i paid money first of all its same like free application and now i cannot log in my age is also -27 ….why i cannot log in can check with my skout frnds .i am missing them . i am always humble

    • @chiraggg, There is a problem with a few people’s account being blocked because of the teen Skout suspension. We are working on fixing it now, so you should be able to sign in soon. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  187. Like many others have said, there really should have been a warning. I met a really cool girl that I now have no way to talk to her at all. This whole suspension of 18- would have gone s much smoother if you gave a days notice, maybe 48 hours…I also love how chelsea who appears to be a moderator is ignoring all comments like this, and people who are kindly asking for an eta. I don’t mean to be insulting, but this was pretty unprofessional : /

  188. tell me because of me lot of frnds were suppose to come to skout ..and first of all in skout + is same life the free skout …if suppose my account gets deleted .there is not a search option also coz all my frnds are from different countries .

  189. @Chelsea before you send us all to the only teen app can we just tell other people that we know our phone numbers do we don’t lose them as friends I would really appreciate that! I just don’t want to lose close friends. I used to be very shy before this and then I started opening up to people just let me give my new friends my details! Please just leave it up for the rest of tonight. As soon as it hits midnight do whatever. Just please let us finish what we started. We deserve it, I mean you guys didn’t even give us a warning about it! Its really the least y’all can do.
    – Thanks

  190. Omg … I don’t mind you guys making skout better but please don’t make it like completely different and all like freaking retarded. And like another thing some people will do inappropriate things but in sorry but there is no way to have a site that blocks stuff like that and still have a big crowd … Like sending naked pictures … Some of us send them some of us dont (I personally don’t I think it’s completely disrespectful) but if you got rid of picture sending in general … The site will lose a chunk of crowd so … It’s gunna be hard to choose what to do with that inappropriate crowd of people but I hope you guys fix it And I hope it’s amazin still … Good luck:).

  191. its very difficult for me find my frnds if my account gets deleted …i also paid money for skout + i thought there might be option if suppose your account gets deleted . you can make a new account and search frnds by the name and country and add to your hotlist

  192. i hate this. :((( i only got on to talk to my best friend, damien. now i can’t talk to him. :’((( this REALLY makes me want to kill myself. :’((( he meant everything to me. :(((

  193. Hey, you cant do this now . We have come this far and you just say stop for now .. WHATS THIS?! Please make it just for one day alright . Thanks .

  194. PRIAMO I MISS YOU!! ❤❤❤ i hope you’ll see this. I was so happy talking to you, I never had any friends because I’m always travelling and I like you so much!!

  195. This is not fair!! My boyfriend is the only one that cares about me and my problems now I can’t even talk to him. I need to have it back so I can see if my friend Brady sent me a message saying that he’s coming down to meet me this summer!! Turn my skout back on!! I’ll soue all of you! :@

  196. Skout was the only way I had to keep in touch with my boyfriend. We had a longdistance relationship and now I don’t know if I’ll ever talk to them again.please…

  197. omg i lost so many friends i never kept any contact with! please hurry and teellll mee you saved the same people that were on our lists!! >.<

  198. Nicole ❤❤❤❤, como one i miss her get this back on, 2 at least get emails or phone from our friends and those how have gf. this aint fear.

  199. some ppl r like that just block them but i made sooooo many friends on there and i dont have any other friends. they are my only friends. please don’t do this!!!!!!!!!:(

  200. hello umm put it back on is it not your job to keep us happy like really now im really upset cuz most of my best friends are on there what am i gonna do now u better put it on !

  201. Could you please give us an estimate as to how long the under-18 side will be banned? Thanks a ton and I totally understand why you took it offline temporarily. :-) hope you’re back online soon!

  202. im soo pissed off thats all i do i really dont know why every one shuts down the chats its good that people are using it just let it happen god holy shit

    • @Renee, This is a bug that happened today because of the teen site suspension. We’re working on fixing it now, so you should be able to sign in soon.

  203. It would have been nice if you’d given us some kinda of warning. Hope the issue gets resolved soon. I made a fair amount of friends on here it’s a real shame.

  204. If you have talked to Corynn Im the one from Pennsylvania can you add me on Facebook ! I would like to keep In contact with people ! Add me ! Corynn Rittenhouse. Thanks y’all!

  205. This is so unfair to everyone who hasn’t done anything wrong on here. That was the only way I could keep in touch with my boyfriend. Thanks for the warning….

  206. @Chelsea why won’t you reply to our comments? Some people give suggestions that I think is actually logical. Why can’t you just suspend the adults who are pretending to be teenagers and when they try to create a new account, make them give their passport number or something to ensure that their age is correct! You’re gonna lose customers if this goes on. I’m already losing my patience!! You had better answer this.

  207. stop ignoring everyone asking when it will be back. u obviously are reading all tese comments. estimated time.. 1 day 1 week.. CHELSEA REPLY. thanks

  208. the regular skout is down as well the 18 and over its not even working and i was talking to someone on here its noy just the youngins skout its alsthe 18 and over as well because thats the one i have this really sucks bad i feel so miserable

  209. Nooooooooooo this Is NOT fair!!!!!…. Can ANYONE tell me when we can use it again I need to talk to my boyfriend since he does not have a phone!!!!

  210. @Chelsea
    Do you know a date it will be back up or can you guess on how long it will take for all the accounts to be put back on an how long all these changes r going to take

    Thanks :/

  211. This is sooooo unfair.. I was addicticed to Skout& had so many friends <|3 you should of gave us a notice before just shutting it down :,c when will it be back on? Tomorrow maybe ?

  212. Dont do this! So many people are pissed off about this! I’m pretty sure there are other ways to solve this issue

  213. This is completely unfair. I am 18 years old. I have proof. I do not think my account should be suspended. I have people saying I’m online and my account is still up. A little heads up about this would have been awesome.

  214. Nooo please I need skout back Just for a day only 1 day that’s all I need to talk with my bf and tell him my number :(

  215. i am truly upset about the suspension…i talk to people every day and due to this suspension i cannot talk to them…i hope we can get back on VERY soon.

  216. Um, well i just heard about skout this morning. So i decided to sign up, and it says i cant. But im over 17. Why wont it let me sign up??

  217. this is 18 and it wont even let me access my account, had a girl on here i rlly liked..nd im by skout rule an adult, nd i cnt access my account.? full blown BS…

  218. i think what you guys are doing for our safety is very thoughtful and i very much appreciate it. i hope you guys are able to fix the problem soon because i have a lot of fun talking to people.

  219. you should have given everyone a warning before just shutting it down so we could give the people we wanted our facebooks or whatever thats not fair atleast put it back on for a little bit so we can

  220. I think this is really stupid. Ive been trying to talk to my boyfriend and i havent heard from him. Don i miss u. Secondly, you guys seriously need to watch pictures chicks post on your site. It makes up normal girls look bad and there are so many slutty girls and fakes its not even funny. And you need to really watch for some people, ive recieved death threats just so u know. I reported it and i hope it was dealt with. Thanks.

  221. Não acredito que vocês fizeram isso !!
    Fiz muitos amigos atravez do Skout, e agora vocês bloqueiam sem nem ao menos avisar que isso aconteceria …

    Voçes deveriam tirar a opção de enviar fotos privativas ..misso sim, já que existe condições para as fotos .. Assim nós dependeriamos da sua aprovação!

  222. This is extremely unfair to all of us who have done nothing wrong. What are y’all gonna do for all of us who have actually benefited from ur app and met someone they love? Most of us have no freaking way to keep in touch with them now. Please, will you consider putting scout bak up? please?

  223. Omg I misssssssssss Ryan sooo much I rele wanna talk to him….i wish yuu could see this because it means alot!!!!! Plz fix this ASAP!

  224. I love how this “chelsea” chick is only certain people’s questions. :] Quit being a douche and answer the people’s question’s about when this will be back up. :) I mean you are the fag’s who didn’t let us know about this. So at least answer our damn question’s about it. (: Thanks!

  225. I need Skout very much…………
    All my good friends now are there
    No matter how old they are
    Even some bad people sent some pics
    We should told them frankly and blocked them by ourselves. We can protect ourselves
    Although u tried to protect teens that is good
    We hv to learn to say no and refuse
    We really appreciate for ur protection.
    But… We need skout.
    Thank u guys.

  226. This makes me really mad !! I was talking to people nd now I can’t talk to them !! So if any of y’all were prolly talkin to me (FukYuhB¡tch XD) <– that was my name on skout .. Hmu on kik allisongrace6

  227. I am crying why are you doing this the person who meant the world to me I met on this app now thanks to you I can’t talk to him. I miss him. I love him. I need him. When will the suspension be over? PLEASE tell us :/ we all miss the friends and close ones we met on here..
    Sincerly, Bri

  228. Hi..i started reading the other comments and wanted know if the teen Skout will be reopened or closed sounds like only the adult Skout will stay open. @Chelsea if I could get a reply that would be nice.

  229. I need my account back I was actualy making friends and then I had a bf but now it’s all ruined thanks to you guys :( I just wants to be happy talking with him but I can’t do that anymore :(

  230. I’ve been trying to log in and it keeps saying that they are working on making it safer. If this is for teens then why can’t I log in? Im 23 years old. Clearly not a teen. Please fix

  231. I really miss my friends I hope y’all read all these monitor people and check there messages y’all can do it and I know yall can I have 47 friends and I got it only 2 days ago plzz consider my advice everyone is irritated by this just hurry please I miss my friends oh and suspend the 18 year olds to they don’t deserve it if we don’t just hurry I hope u read this If u do read this take my advice we all r really freeing out without this I’m gonna go crazy huuurry!!!

  232. @Chelsea okay, then can you at least allow us to access our accounts for a short while, like maybe 15 minutes? so that we can get our friends contacts? I really need to talk to this person!! PLEAAAAAASSSEEE!!

  233. Calm down guys, if your account is being temporarily suspended so is your friends account. Plus it’s only TEMPORARY, the longest it’ll probably be is like 3 days. Just be glad that it’s not permanently suspended.

  234. Wow this is really unfair for all the people that are innocent and just go on with their regular lives talking and meeting new people or friends. I even started talking to a girl that was really interesting and cool but then this happened. I’m sorry Mr. Wilkund but this is a huge disappointment and I really hope you correct these complications as soon as possible. (Hopefully by tomorrow

  235. OMG r u serious this is so unfair think of how many people you upset that had friends on here I had friends on here and because of people showing nudity on skout the young people get punished for it. This is so messed up. Suspend the people doing all the trouble instead of punishing us. (`_´)ゞ

  236. @chelsea ok so we get it that once its up and running will still have all our messages and friends but you haven’t given us an approximate suspension date for us teens to be able to get back on skout please email me your response I would appreciate it

  237. sence there are so many adualt sites like this why get take the only the minors have and give to the 18 and up people. ya ive met alot of people before i can let rhem know were i live thi appens.

  238. Chelsea what’s the ETA you can’t ignore us forever…we WILL keep asking and you and your company WILL answer.

  239. I’m 32 and I see the issue but I’m still getting the notifications that I’m receiving messages but when I click the app its still saying I can’t sign on. So the people sending me messages thinks that I’m online. Does this mean I can log on shortly. Please help. Thx

  240. @chelsea i think that the suspension was uncalled for and you should let us back on skout as soon as possible…people can handle themselves and know their age limits and if they have a problem they can just block the person who is giving them trouble…please let us back on soon. Thank you

  241. waaaa that bad, should leave the community teen nothing more to block infringe safety rules or leave us recover our friends we had in Skout

  242. Are you kidding me?!? were was the warning for that one? : I mean like a day or so to warn those who have met great friends on here so they can exchange emails or skypes…. wow this really upset me because of some people cant keep it in their pants -.-

  243. @CHELSEA: Why is my account blocked on my iPod. I’m 18, have it set up as I was born in Januray of 94 (truth). But why is mine blocked if I would be considered an adult?

  244. YOU COULDN’T OF GIVEN US A WARNING?!?! I have tons of people I was SUPPOSE to get to know in my area but I guess that isn’t going to happen now! We’d all appreciate it if you would let us back into OUR ACCOUNTS for a temporary time.

  245. Wow..this is ridiculous. Really? No warning before the shutdown? K. A lot of us were talking to people who we like/care about, you guys could have at least have had the deceny to warn us. And it’s also stupid how you’re punishing everyone for something only a few people did….

  246. I need a good estimated time and not just soon. I want to be able to talk to Shawn even if I am undert eighteen and he is eighteen, this is ridiculous and you people are making a mistake

  247. I think that we were safe enough and should have the choice tO talk to older people if we choose like me because I’m 17 and don’t like younger more immature than me and there fore I go talk to older people not like in late twenties but like 18-20 year olds

  248. whoa whoa whoa, cant u at least give us a day or two to b notified so we can get phone numbers to stay in touch with people? i made some great friends on here and now theres no way to talk to them again!

  249. Im mad about this ! … I really liked the people I was talking to and now I can’t talk to them ! :”( .. Y’all need to fix this ASAP !! Please !! Just so I can tell them other ways to still talk ! Plzz !!

  250. This makes me sad. I was having a conversation with a really cool guy who i was starting to like and i tole him to message me later. now what? >.<

  251. Please open soon because I met some really awesome people and a amazing guy that I don’t want to slip away from me because of this. >.<. When will it be back on??

  252. @chelsea, Please at least say “we are not sure when the problems will be worked out, but we are on the job.” At least then you wouldn’t be ignoring us.

  253. Garuntee after this set back skout has lost a handful of users… I am however not one that will give up but I sure hope it is fixed fast or something…

  254. really? thanks for the warning about this. now what do i do. alot of my friends from other states have no other way of contacting me except from this site. when will it be back on and hurry up. im getting bored.

  255. What??? This is unreal! I just got the message 2day and its true! Oh great now I can’t go on to Skout to chat with my friends! I didnt know dat Skout has one 4 teens and adults! But, over the past couple weeks some people sent me nude pics of their bodies and it scares me! Also someone was being racist on me and called me a nigger and a curse word! It scares me wen I get these messages and I also get messages web people wanna have sex with me and want pics of mi nude its just plain wrong! I hope u can do something about this but wen i get those messages i block those people dat sent me those messages. I got scared wen I was banned 4 no reason I thought I did something terrible but I’m better now but this is crazy I go on Skout everyday dats how I connect with mi friends! Also I’m true to myself on Skout I never send pics of myself like dat and id date on Skout I would never be psycho crazy lovey on Skout I’m always clean and myself but wen is Skout gonna be back on? Also are my messages and account gonna be there wen it’s back on??? I miss Skout!!!

  256. i do not like this at all. was just getting know a boy. was just going to fingure out how to meet him this week. please put back fast. need see what he said to me.

  257. If you are having the community in mind why not let us have a say in it? Just because of the news you have to shut everything down like we dont even matter? You could have just limited the actions like to only messages instead of shutting the whole thing down, or a temporary mailbox type thing. I hope this decesion doesnt cost you your fans. Im available for further wisdom.

  258. this is going to be bad for business you guys by suspending the under 18 community they might not read this and not come back making you lose traffic from the site and app losing money for you

  259. @ Skout: Very well spoken explanation and the best/most appropriate legal decision by far. Sucks for teens though I’m sure. In conjunction:

    @ Nicole and Priamo. Cute. Lol

  260. You should really give us an approximate date of when you might be getting back online for us. Or open it for a few days so I can give some of my friends so I can still talk to them, this is like taking candy from 3 million kids

  261. I appreciate your concern for our safety and security but you should have at least let us know first. So that way we could have exchanged numbers with people and what not. How long til it’s back up?

  262. Umm so why isnt my account working yet?… This is stupid. It keeps saying there is some error.( that there has been a suspension) am i going to be able to log in soon?

  263. I had so many friends on here! People I really cared about! It’s all ruined now! Gosh you guys couldn’t of given us a warning before you were gonna do this!

  264. @chelsea, You keep saying that it’s only temporary but do you guys have at least an estimate on how long it will take?? Just curious.

  265. ok fix one morething for those who hve paid money for skout + ..there are almost same features compare to free skout appication

    i request you to add one feature if suppose the account gets deleted and i make a new account i can find my frnds by name and their country …coz by mistakely i deleted my best frnd from skout ..till now i am not able to find her

  266. Didn’t you see it? That girl is lonely without SKOUT and she travels around with her dad and now you made her have no friends. WHAT BULLSHIT IS THIS??? You better get SKOUT back on NOW!!

  267. WTF!? This use to be my favorite SITE now screw it… how in the world can you just do this… didnt even warn me i went and bought a bunch of stupid points to send my boyfriend his gift for are anniversary SO I JUST WASTED MY STUPID MONEY. I shouldsew you all .. use to give this place 5 stars now i think .5 stars. How do you like them apples?

  268. You should have given us a warning. I was talking to some really cool people on here… we could have at least given them our cellphone numbers or something. this really sucks. pleeeaasee fix it fast. Maybe have something on skout where if you have been reported a certain amount of times, then ban their accounts because im gunna miss talking to my friendss… ):

  269. this is not right i was talkin to my girl and we were goin to meet up today but you guys didnt give us warnin ahead of time so we could of done something. they might have been 17 to be hitting on a 18 year old its not a difference by one year not many people would give themselves up like that

  270. Yeah ok i understand what u guys want to do but why does my account dosent open??????? Im freaking 20 not 18 and under sooo why wnt u let me log in???

  271. WHAT IN THE H*LL IS THIS BS? i freaking love Skout …. now im having second thoughts .. you just lost a user. I SHOULD OF NEVER EVEN TOLD ALL MY FRIENDS ABOUT THIS. i guess im going back to facebook.

  272. could someone look at my profile. I can’t log on my account and I am 19. my phone won’t let me do anything. the only reason I even talk to a minor is because he is my fiancé. he will be 18 next month. I understand the point to this but your hurting more people than you are helping. you have no idea how it feels to not want to live without the person you love. he is all i have and I just need to talk to him. I have never ever hurt anyone in my life. I even plan to marry my fiancé as soon as we are able. so I don’t understand. I honestly want to die now that I can’t talk to him.

  273. Seriously? I PAID for that app. It isn’t right for you to suspend people, especially others such as myself who’ve paid for the full app. You really should revoke the whole “suspension” thing. It’s stupid. You went about this the wrong way.

  274. Okay listen im not gonna go all ninja on all this BS but come on my summer is gonna be boring without skout like really man? wtf is this? I got all mad when it wouldint let me log in earlier it was saying i didnt have the correct email or something AND I KNOW I DID. So yall mest my account up then this bs ….. Worst thing ever just let me back.

  275. Skout has just became s***, deleting all messages n can’t even send messages to people iv talked to, what’s the point of this ? You make some close friends then u just stop us from talking to each other
    theres a block n report button, that should be enough in the first place, if u don’t want to talk to someone block them …….

  276. Um can you please tell me when it will be back on?? Why can’t you just bann the creepy people. Please tell me when it is back on PLEASE????

  277. I get why this is happening but i just want to be able to use it again!): It said they noticed a lot of underage users were entering the 18+ section but in all honesty i dont think this will help that & will actually make us make an account saying were 18+ just to use it. I know for a fact i thought about doing that already. The only reason i havent is because im too lazy to make another e-mail to be able to make another account.

  278. @ Brandon why don’t you understand that not ALL 15-16 year olds aren’t irresponsible not to MEANTION what you said is very rude!!! We want this back on so we can talk to our friends and honestly if ppl are going to be “irresponsible” as you call it which in all honesty has nothing to do with any of this it’s a stupid choice ppl are choosing so find a better word and stop being rude!!! Everyone has a right to use this so get over YOURSELF!!! thanks bye

  279. When I made this account I was 17. But my birthday has passed since then and now I’m 18. But apparently you have to change your age to let people know your old enough without y’all changing it for us. So I’m 18 but is says im 17 on my profile and I’m banned. Can this please be changed.

  280. So I was just SKOUT’ing, got a message about some update, log out, and when I try log back in BAM, I can’t, because my email don’t exist, apparently. Oh, I’m 18 too.

  281. I left a comment on here earlier without knowing the facts. However I recently read an article on about the rape incidents involving Skout. I still feel that Skout made a bad choice, their was many times I talked to someone, who claimed to be 18 and up on skout, but in the chat they told me their real age, far under 18. When you open a location based dating site to people this stuff happens, and no matter what it will continue to happen. For example a website called “omegle” opened its servers to the world. Pedophiles use this as a way to get what they desire. They tried to put an end to it but it is nearly impossible, the best you can do is put a disclaimer, and make it a rough location based service. Just a city, or county the person is in. Chat monitoring is also good but limit it to a few keywords or phrases, like addresses, meet me, send pics ect.

  282. Chelsea-
    When will we be able to use skout agian? Cause i really need to use it to talk to some of my really close friends or at least get there numbers! So please just give me a time range of when it’ll be use able

  283. Your not going tO get that much better I haven’t found anyone that rude. And I look forward to talking to someone and now I can’t so plz bring it back

  284. Okay no this is not going to work. I have people on there that I love and can only reach by this app!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE ALL OF US TEENAGERS PROMISE TO BE CAREFUL. WE CAN DO THIS. Or else I’m just gonna tell you straight up if it’s not back in a couple of days, I’m deleting this app and never gonna get it again.

  285. Things that will end up happening now
    1. This is gonna turn into an underage chat forum
    2. Most people will create new accounts
    3. Some people will just give up with skout ompletely

  286. This is stupid I understand but why not make it so that under 18 can only search for under 18 yr olds and over 18 can only search for over 18 year olds

  287. k so i think a warnign would have been nive because now we can not event tell the people we were talking to why we wont be on this is just stupid!! ok so there is some people on here that should just be kicked off. you shouldnt be punishing everyone. like we should be able to aleast see our messages and reply to the people that matter and let them know that we are having our accounts temporarilly suspended. and when the accounts r back up are we gunna be able to talk to the same people we were before?? when will it be back up an exact date would be greatly appriciated. k thanks.

  288. Thanks for taking these measure to ensure my safety and my friends as well :) I enjoy this app and I am glad u are trying to make it a safer way for me to meet new friend! It means alot :)

  289. Why is the update not done yet? I need to talk to someone!! Is it gonna be fixed by tonight or tomorrow? Please hurry up.

  290. What?! I have people that I can’t talk to outside of skout on there! Can’t you leave it up for one more day so I can get numbers?! T___T

  291. i understand you actually care for teen safety but a warning would have deff been nice:p i have a lot of people i talk to that are super sweet that i hv no idea how to contact them now and whenever someone wrote me something i didnt like i just didnt answer them.. you should be checking some of the adults on here…i had a guy whose profile said he was 18 but after having a normal conversation told me he was actually 23…

  292. This is kinda unfair.. Now I won’t be able to talk to one of my friend that I recently found out that he goes to my schoo. Yes we can talk to each other at school but we hardly see each other during school so we use Skout to talk.. This is our last week of school and we have finals so our schedule is different from a regular school day. I want to stay in contact with him over the summer but if Skout won’t be up soon I won’t be able to talk to him anymore..

  293. Idk wat yall got going on skout but apparently ur not reading the comments some of us are 18 and older and yet we can’t log in…why is that like seriously

    • @Bee, we read all the comments here. A few other users are experiencing the same problem as you; It’s a bug resulting from the teen site suspension. We are fixing it now, so you should be able to sign in soon.

  294. You guys definitely went about this the wrong way. If this app isn’t up before the end of this week I’ll find some other app to use, and never return to skout. This is ridiculous, I cant believe you guys are so irresponsible as to let something like this happen, and then so careless as to just suspend the majority of users when the problem is actually on your end. Very poor customer service. I spent money on this app too. And to Chelsea, you wont even give us an answer when we ask when the app will be running again? Just ignore your obviously disappointed users.. Thanks a lot Skout..

  295. I want my Micah back. :c I’m not going to use this again as soon as we get it back. I’m 16, and my boyfriend is 17. I have NO way of talking to him. He’s my whole fucking world. You’re ruining peoples relationships. I miss him like crazy.

  296. This is horrible. Knowing how many people I have met makes me really mad that this has happened. Now I have lost all of those that I was talking to. I wish there would have been a warning instead of just doing it. Smh!

  297. We are not all teenagers. I’m 29 and in no way a teenager. Whoever who set the criteria to block the users needs to check the list thoroughly before blocking us. Not happy

  298. this is sooo unfair and i really started talking to this guy that made me smile and i just went threw a horrible break up and i didnt even get the chance to give him my number :( booo you guys

  299. What do we do if our account was suspended, but we are actually over 18? Im 19 and when i tried to log in i couldnt.

  300. I’m not 13-17 I’m 18 but my profile said 17 that’s not my fault that happened I just wanna have it back on. Please!!!!

  301. I turn 18 next month. So everyone I talked to basically was 18 or 19. So what does this mean ? Am I not going to be able to talk to them ? I don’t understand this. Why even make it if you’re going to take it away ? How will we get in touch with the people we met of we didn’t save their number or something ? I would like to know. Thanks.

  302. I think this is crap! I had plans with somebody this weekend and now I can’t get ahold of them because there was no warning! If you would have gave everybody a warning a few days in advance it would be no big deal! But now everybody that has somebody out there they need to talk to they can’t get ahold of them!

  303. First of all I’m not a teen I’m 30 yrs old wasn’t speaking with no teens u suspend my account for what kuz I sent a picture not posted but sent it in a message that clearly isn’t bad behavior if I posted it I could see why you would suspend my account that makes no sense I understand u trying to protect the teens but if 2 adults over 30 are sending each other pictures I don’t understand the problem

    • @moe betta, Your account is still open; We are just experiencing a bug because of the teen suspension. We are fixing it now and you will be able to sign in soon. Thank you for your patience!

  304. Im 18 but skout wouldn’t let me change my age to it. Something kept popping up not allowing me to put it to my actual age!!!! Now I’m banned! This is unfair.

  305. CHELSEA i kno ur reading all these comments. please answer the one question everyone is asking. an ESTIMATE of how much longer..? i dont think u get that sum of us have important people to talk to. please answer..

  306. Please let us make contact with people we’ve been talking to as it’s unreasonable to just cut us all off suddenly.

  307. @Chelsea Umm, why does this apply for people over 18?? You guys say it doesnt, but apparently it does. I mean im trying to sign up, im 18, and it says i cant because of this teen community thing.. And are guys even reading these comments? Please are saying they finally meant people, when will i be able to sign up????

  308. Totally agree! You guys should give us a notice before doing this suspension . It’s like a daily routine for us to check Skout and in the morning, some of us woke up already and was like so eager to check Skout but in the end, we’ve got just DISSAPPOINTMENT . What’s this type if service?! Anyway, nothing more to say about but just DO THIS SUSPENSION QUICKLY PLEASE . Thanks .

  309. This is very disapointing. I meat the only person that will make me happy and we are (were) planning on being together forever. Unfortunatly, this was my only way to communicate with him. Thanks for the notice < even though i didnt get one :(. Not cool

  310. So am I going to be receiving a refund for the app? Because now I have the skout+ app that I purchased and can’t even use now. That’s great customer satisfaction right there.

  311. like honestly you wont even answer half of use but yet is we say a swear in a status we have and instant reply this makes no sense all we want is a date to when it is going to be back up and if we can still talk to the same people that we were talking to.

  312. I will admit it was quite foolish of me to be on here so long and not exchange information but getting to know someone online takes time before you decide to trust them with your true information.
    I have a terrible time making new friends but on here it was easier and now I have three very important guys who are my friends ones 16 the other 15 and the third JUST turned 18 and now I can’t communicate with them. I understand the concern for our safety but the is only so much you can do and as many above me pointed out, Facebook has a whole bunch of predators but their not shutting that down. I agree to the fact of letting us back on for just an hour or so to exchange contact then after that I don’t need it. I honestly shouldn’t even have been on there because chatting online can become addictive and life sucking. But I miss my friends, please return it so I may at least delete my account and say bye all that jazz.
    Thank you, Skout.

  313. This was the only way I could talk to my boyfriend. Now I can’t. I need to talk to him. @chelsea when will this be up and will I have my messages and friends still?!?!?!?!

  314. first off, who complained about the issue, we did. and who is being punished for it. we are. is that a very good justice system. no its not. now if you really cared about the teen community like you say you do, you would atleast pay attention to our questions. i mean, even saying that you dont know when it willl be back on is better than saying nothing at all. you are contradicting yourselves.

  315. so lame. shes not going to answer she clearly doesnt know what shes doing. anyway.. Kayli i u see this i love you and good night <3

  316. Hey when is this coming back on? I NEED TO TALK TO MY FRIENDS!!and stop pretending that you didn’t see our comments about how long its gonna take!! Btw, @Nicole and @Priamo , you guys are kinda cute.

  317. I commented earlier but now that I know why this is happening I still stand by earlier arguement. A warning would’ve been nice and there’s a large majority of us that are not doing anything wrong here who may lose friends over this. I hope you guys open skout up again soon.

  318. Hi I’m M… I met this boy Matthew on SKOUT… We just started dating yesterday, oh what I would give to talk to him right now. I miss him a lot:/ I haven’t smiled as much as I did last night talking to him. He honestly is simply amazing! If you all could see his handsome smile. Well Matt, of your reading this, I haven’t forgot about you at all… We’re simply blocked from eachother for now. But 2000+ miles apart can’t seperate us:)

  319. Ok, what you’re doing is good. But as least give us some warning first. Also you are trying to make it so people over 18 won’t talk with people under right? Well banning everyone under 18 is just gonna make all those younger kids lie and say they are 18 and they are going to get even more attention from older people. This plan will backfire.

  320. I met the most amazing guy in the world on here. He is my everything. He is the most important person in my life right now and if i cant talk to him i will lose my mind. And right now i need him more than ever. Im not on here to talk sexually or send sexual pictures, im here to find happiness and i did then you took it away. I need him… Please give me my account back… even if its only for a day, i want to be able to say goodbye… </3

  321. I have too many new friends in skout but now I lose them already. It’s sad case but still I’m going to be 18 this year. Why would you guys delete my acc? I know what you trying to say. But still I want my acc. Sorry if I was rude. Thank you!

  322. This is just terrible i cant talk to my Boo anymore now…. :/ and the worst part of it is that shes gonna be 18 in a couple of days!! And im not 18 yet so i wont be able to talk to her. Please!!!! Fix the problem just so i could talk to her one last time.. It may be our last :(

  323. come on!!!!! i have a really good person i met and i havent even given given her my facebook!!! how am i suppost to be able to talk to her???????? this is so dumb!!!!!

  324. I met the most amazing guy there, and now my connection is lost from him… please dont do this can you not see the comments below mr CEO!! please we all beg you! just because a couple of wanker’s where being dis-respectful to your rules, why the need to punish us all!?!?!?

    Please take mine and all the comments below in consideration before making a final decision.

  325. i understand where you guys are coming from and thank you,but like everyone has said i wish you had notified us a day before.I met this guy on here and our relationship has been going well.SO PLEASE TELL ME OUR CONVOS ARE SAVED AND WILL BE THERE WHEN WE SIGN BACK IN!!!!!!hopefully you will allow us to get back on soon.can you notify everyone when it’s available,because how are we to know when we can use it?

    Adam if your reading this,its me Miriam!!!I miss you so xx

  326. This is really making me mad I had something really bad happen to me and the only person Ik I can trust is on skOut and I can’t talk to him and it’s really important that I do!!! Please hurry the hell up!!!

  327. Honestly, there are always going to be risks. If someone thinks they are old enough/responsible enough to own this app, they must be smart enough to judge whether or not to meet a person. I have made a lot of good friends on Skout that I now cannot communicate with because the site is shut down. I’m missing prom because I can’t all/text and Skout was my only way to communicated with my date. This is rediculous and I feel Skout should be back up within the week. With summer upon us the want for an app such as this one will skyrocket. Which is not only good for the people working at Skout, but those of us who’d like to continue making friends. I ask that you PLEASE simply ban people who don’t belong instead of shutting down the whole portion of this app. I’m very disappointed.

  328. I find it hilarious that you guys are only responding to the adults on here and not the teens who don’t know if they will ever get their accounts back together.

  329. Wow.. just wow. Completely unbelievable. I met a lot of very nice people that i would like to say in contact with and then the company goes and screws everyone over like that. People know the risks when they sign up. And it certainly isnt the companies job to take care of it. It would be crucial to the reputation of this site to have it up and running within the next few days.

  330. k so this is my third time commenting but like really i am 17 and if i choose to talk to someone older then its my choice if i dont want to talk to someone that messaged me then it should be my choice to block them like really its great how u want to ensure our saftey, but if u dont want people under 18 one here then u shouldnt allow them to make an account because for people like me that are responsible then ur punishing us for nothing. and i met this great guyy on he his name is matt and hes 18 almost 19 hes from idaho and he means the world to me i am so ticked off that i cant talk to him thats is my only way of contacting him so please just tell me that my messaged will be saved and i will still be able to talk to matt. and matt if ur reading this because ur account isnt working because of the glitch from the teen suspension i just want u to know I LOVE YOU so much you make me so happy and u mean the world to me xoxoxo <3

  331. I am a good person I never did anything to deserve this please get it back on. I have already emailed the support but there is not a response so please help me someone I need this app

  332. @chelsea: Please tell us a date it will be back!! I love you Kayla! I would love to know when it will be back! Please thats all we want to know

  333. Thanks a lot suspension he will probably never talk to me again! :( I mean if there is any way you guys can make it up I us for making us lose our friends well then you better pay up!

    An un happy user

  334. its gettin everone frustrated its just stupid how u guys killed the onlything that we had to meet new people cause there isnt any other app like this that will get you new people to meet up wit thsnk for ruinin my summer

  335. This is really really unfair. I just met the most amazing person and I didnt get a chance to give him my number T_T

  336. Guys come one really, I met my girlfriend through you and we’re two years apart, she’s 17 I’m 19. We’ve been dating happily for 3 going on 4 months and your website was the reason for us being together but I guess you’re also going to be the reason I don’t get to talk to her again being that this is the ONLY way I get to talk to her. Please there are tons of couples like this and it’s really unfair that you want to be the reason that people get together but in the end you’re going to be the reason they split over what others did. I understand you wanting the younger teens to be safe but come on now we’re big kids we can handle our own without you having to “hold our hands” and put everybody on lockdown. If you’re going to do this then at least give us a day or two to get contact information from loved ones and friends that we’ve met through you. Please just don’t do it like this you couldve done a warning or something and if you did you could’ve advertised it more heavily.

    Cody D.

  337. Why cant you just give us a time i mean ur reading the comments why cant you reply to us That’s All we want to know How long then we all will probably Shut Up i Know i will

  338. hey why not u all just ban the person who is doing inappropriate stuff? is like i thought skout is meant for everyone and anyone to interact with one another? most importantly isn’t this for teens?? gosh! how long more will u all take to recover this ?? u’re ruining our friendship u know that ? please give us a estimated timing . can it be done by today or what?

  339. Awwe man c’mon, really? I made really good friends! Esspecially my best friend Nathen, and I need to talk to some people daily! D’: Why not just ban those people who messed this up?! Support always complains to some people about their pictures when they don’t even do anything, but they won’t ban the people who ARE doing things?! I mean come on! </3

  340. THANKS A LOT. This & Facebook was the ONLY way me & my boyfriend could talk. WTF?! He just messaged me on Facebook saying its over because we can’t talk anymore. WTF IM CRYING WE WERE ALREADY HAVING PROBLEMS AND NOW THIS?! Omg I’m crying and I’m pi$$ed!!! Sorry but I miss him and you need to hurry up!

  341. you say youre working around the clock then start answering our questions. When will skout be back up? If you answer that everyone will leave you alone!!!! So please answer it! cause i really missed this amazing girl i met!

  342. Oh my gosh. Please give us an estimated time. Please? We are all asking and all these people commenting would be so much happier if you gave us an estimate of WHEN it’s gonna be BACK UP. Please reply before I cry even more >.<

  343. if this website is the only form of communication you have with people, you obviously dont have a real relationship with them, should’ve gotten their phone number/address already, and stop complaining about a restriction on one of many social networking sites. 3 children were raped, who knows how many more have been who haven’t been reported. get legal and get a perspective before you get upset about 1st world problems.

  344. this is crazy? im really upset right now. i had no other way of talking to this girl. she doesnt have a phone or anything. but if you we had a warning we could have set up something on facebook or something! why no warning :( i really hate this..

  345. Thanks for temporarily closing an app with over 5 million users, ages 13-17, without any type of warning. Not only is this unfair, but it is unprofessional. I understand the reasons behind suspending the app, but you will not be able to keep every predator out of this. The more you can catch the better, but without prior knowledge of this suspension, how is it possible to keep your “fan-base” happy. I wouldn’t have cared that they suspended it if I had received a message saying why and how long the app would be suspended. Great app to meet people. Unprofessional way of taking care of the problem.

    (p.s. Amber

  346. Plz hurry this is tearing me about :( i wanna take to this really great guy who makes me feel like me nd he makes me so happy but now I can’t talk to him :( pls hurry pls hurry :,(

  347. I do understand why you have done this but I would like the ETA of when you decifer skout will be able to be accessed again. Thanks! 0.0

  348. A little warning about this would’ve been great people.WTF we are old enough as teens to know what we are getting ourselves into!! You are not our parents so just back off.Just because were younger than 18 doesnt mean we are kids.Some of us are very mature for our age,and are really ticked off about this situation.To some of us,skout is more than just an app and has become a fun social way to meet friends and etc.Thisa was definitely not the way to hanlde things!

  349. Hey its annoying when will skout be up its still saying its suspended and I have some great friends I have met and we are just getting closer please when will it be up I miss them

  350. What do you mean by shutting down the underaged community? There’s no such thing as age limit with communication. I have made friends that are eighteen. Why? Because most are more mature than my own age. I think if you shut out the ages, it will leave you guys with bad reviews. I understand about the safety issues, but sometimes it’s not your fault. Soreness should be smarter.
    Plus, sorry to hurry you guys, but I have people waiting for me to reply…unless they are shut out too.

  351. Some warning would’ve been really nice -_-. How could you just cut off all these people without any notice?! I understand why you’ve done this but I hope you fix it soon because I want my Skout back!

  352. this is driving me crazy i really miss the girls were i was chatting with i really hope that it will be back before friday if it isn’t back before friday i think i will leave this site :(

  353. wtf why will you block it from us teens we have a right to atleast be known 2days or a week to get our friends info to still talk to them. i had great friends on this app. here is where i met my ex which i still miss, and now you members of skout have ruined it all for not only myself but the teen community. not fair at alll guys. really blows D:

  354. Pls u can’t shut it down it’s where I talk to my boyfriend and now I can’t :’( why couldnt u of shut it down after u made the other site so we didnt have to wait or why can’t u just block the ones who are doing that . Pls put it back on

  355. I actually understand I mean at least theyre being polite about it. But still you could just ban the people that are taking advantage instead of shutting off the whole site for everyone. But I only use skout for my not boyfriend, but really close guy friend we like eachother alot and Id like to get on there at least to tell him goodbye or give him my number <3 Overall I think you should put the site back up :)

  356. You guys are SOO mean I fall in love and now you guys are making me feel like crap :(. I been chatting to this guy who is 18 nd I’m 16 but he makes me feel alive nd he always puts a smile in my face nd now I might not be able to ever see him in real life :(. You guys really need to stop holding our hands were not little kids. Because of you guys I think I found love but know it just feels like your the ones playing with my heart Thank You how does it make you feel :,(

  357. PRIAMO if you’re seeing this, I love you❤❤❤ i hope SKOUT gets fixed soon and I will be able to talk to you again. Goodnight❤❤❤

  358. everyone who is complaining about skout being down need to be quiet they are only doing this for our protection so just grow up, stop complaining, and leave them alone

  359. I think that this change is horrible. I believe that this change is greatly wrong, because if a few users are doing inappropriate things, then they should be banned. It Is wrong to bann all users, due to a few users behavior. To think about it, when I was on Skout, most innapropriate guys were 18+, sending me random, nasty messages and pictures. These 18+ users send those kind of messages so much, that it had to get to the point where I had to block all those users, other than just ignoring them. So, I think that Skout should just stay the same, or take off this change and just ban any people who do innapropriate things on your amazing app, SKOUT.

  360. I wanna know why you guys baby us -_- other reletionship apps r just as good some are even better. Other app don’t do this so why do you guys have too :,(. I’m not joking but I’m starting to tear up well I’m typing this. Like I said I’m a 16 yr old guy who just chatted with a guy who was 18 yes old nd we been talking together in this app for about a week I was gonna give him my # but know because of you guys I’m here checking every min every sec every hour to see of the skout is back on nd it’s not. I hope you really do think about this nd how it’s not a good idea alot of ppl r upset

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  362. Thanks a lot. This was probely the one and only chance I had at finding out if just one girl liked me even a little. Now ill never get that chance to talk to her again. I’m just really tired of failing. Yu can’t stop people from messing up there lives. But yu sure can mess someone else’s up.

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  364. Wow this is really unfair for all the people that are innocent and just go on with their regular lives talking and meeting new people or friends. I even started talking to a girl that was really interesting and cool but then this happened. I’m sorry Mr. Wilkund but this is a huge disappointment and I really hope you correct these complications as soon as possible. (Hopefully by tomorrow

  365. what are you smoking honestly, I met the nicest people on here wasnt smart enough to think youd shut this down so I didnt get another way to contact them -.-

  366. Dear Mr. Wiklund,

    You’ve made so many kids rage. This is funny. I respect you decision I’ll be 18 in a month, but don’t worry I’ll be back.


  367. So many guys keep posting nude pics thats why, theyre dumb
    And it may look like itll take some technology freak to fix skout

  368. Jake, if you read this i hope you feel better and i hope we can still stay in touch. By the way, i’ll still win in a cross country race <3

  369. This is completely unfair to us, especially since you didn’t give us warning before hand. You just did it without giving us time to give the people we were close to our contat informationl.. I say open it for a day or two and let us do that and then close it..

  370. Hi, i understand why u took skout ofline BUT u had to send everyone a warning or sometinge to let us now that Skout would go ofline for a while so we could ask friends for their facebook or google or skype or other communication websites or apps.
    I also agree that u guys want to make sure that this is a good and safe app to talk with people u don’t know, but lots of users of this app already made lots and maybe also really good friends,i found 1 girl and we are Best friends forever even i don’t even know her but we talk and we like eachother.
    So please bring Skout back online so we can talk to friends and ask their facebook or other communication apps or website usernames.
    Friends are the best thing is the world, take them away from us and we are ):

  371. At the mods, please delete my comment with the penguin gravatar :P

    Hi, i understand why u took skout ofline BUT u had to send everyone a warning or sometinge to let us now that Skout would go ofline for a while so we could ask friends for their facebook or google or skype or other communication websites or apps.
    I also agree that u guys want to make sure that this is a good and safe app to talk with people u don’t know, but lots of users of this app already made lots and maybe also really good friends,i found 1 girl and we are Best friends forever even i don’t even know her but we talk and we like eachother.
    So please bring Skout back online so we can talk to friends and ask their facebook or other communication apps or website usernames.
    Friends are the best thing is the world, take them away from us and we are ):

  372. Hi skout board and fellow users, I understand you have everybody’s intrest in hand when you disconnected the teens, but this has become a true inconvinence to all Skout users that have been block, especially to the ones that haven’t done anything wrong. The other day when skout was working, I met a girl that I really liked, and enjoyed talking to, and we had also planned to talk tonight. But now that it is deactivated we can not follow through. I understand the company’s view point, but for I, and many other skout users , can you all be so kind and let us know when it will be back running, or through out an estimated time, when the system would be back up. Thank you sincerely , a Skout user/ Wesley England

  373. Heyy skout this is the only app that I can a bf and meet them I understand what ur doing but people need this app for a reason I just need to check ecerthing on this app so I need my account active plz can activate my account plz then u can do what ever i just need to check things on it plz

  374. This really is stupid I’ve got tons of friends
    I just lost complete contact with…get with the program and get skout fixed for us ASAP !!!!!!!

  375. You could have at least given some prior warnings.
    I mean seriously, talk about scummy douchebags!
    “Oh you’re making a lot of nice friends, well here let us abruptly shutdown access to you so you can never speak to that person again!”
    I won’t be surprised if you get tons of email with punky teens going all agro on your ass.

  376. Well it’s not fair what you did guys! It’s just make bad impression about your website to other people!
    Now we can’t chat with my friends that only got skout!
    I hope this site open soon so we have the chance to talk!
    Anyways guys and girls for now until it re open join the website
    It’s another website for meeting new friends around the worlds and I found there some people that got skout so you may find some of your friends there :) Enjoy that website and their games!

  377. Calm down guys, they said it will be back soon! You have lived many years without this app, you will be okay for a day or two while they fix it to protect you. Dont worry <3

  378. I was talking to my girl:(:(:( you ruined everything now i can not contact her, at least you could warn us:( i cant know if she is ok now:(

  379. please can you hurry up! i met great people on Skout you could of atleast said that u were gonna turn it off for a while. Please turn it back on now. i miss my boy! :(

  380. i have to agree with you ,@Musicguy1 . They didn’t give us any notice before hand and this is just too sudden!! And now they won’t even answer our questions on when it will be back!! How do i contact my friends now? There’s this special person i miss too:(

  381. Des ist nicht fair!!!! Leute ich hab dort so tolle Menschen kenne gelernt und ihr wollt sie mir wegreisen ich habe kein anderen Kontakt, nur hier….. Falls ihr das lest TOBI & RYAN (FLO) :)) ich vermiss euch jetz schon!!!!

  382. What about the people that like talking or is in a relationship with an older guy/girl? Sometimes people can’t help who they like. And by locking out the 18+ crowd Skout will lose a lot of users. I meet a guy I really liked, and he was older than me. Skout should send a message to users who are about to send dumb pictures. It should be approved just like our profile pictures.

  383. please make it work ! i realy have to log in , i met alot of people that realy imporntant to me now and i need them and i cant be without them so long !
    so pleaaseeee hurry up !!!

  384. @chelsea, why say soon? So many people are gettig pissed off because you don’t give us a warning that it will be closed for maintnance, it’s no different when send a message out an say there’s free gifts to will be unavailable for this many days because Theres a bug in the server? I’m pretty sure people know how to use the block button ha, anyway there’s not point in making the security better.. There still will be fake accounts out there with pedos creeping on younger age girls?

  385. Could you guys at least tell us a date/period on when this thing might be fixed? I am talking to this girl and i really like her. It now sucks that she’s ‘gone’ and I am worried i wont be able to talk to her again. Can you at least give us like 2-3days (considering the time difference between some people/us) so we can exchange some of our details so we can communicate in other way?

    And its weird you guys block people from ages13-17 because when i tried to search, i still can find people from age17. Hmm.

    To S___ : ____, if you see this, imy :C

  386. hi im not teen ager but i cant open my email in skout when i accident block facebook connect.
    and ill make new acount then i saw my old skout acout is there but cant open..what i do that ill open again.i like my old skout acout

  387. And btw, there is nothing to complain about, we put ourselves into is this situation, not just particular people. It is unjust to put all blame on one person or a couple, we should be punished as well so all of inappropriate stuff is wiped away from the 13-19 community. We should all take the blame so we are not selfish , and as chelsea said, just a couple of days and itll be fine

    Imagine how people communicated in 1998 lol , nothing like this

  388. PLEASE NOOOO!!! This is unbelievable! I have made a lot of friends on Skout. You should just ban the people who send innapropriate pics to younger people! I just can’t believe this. I will miss my friends and my boyfriend i didnt even get his phone number. Through this app, I made great friends who make me happy and that care about me.! Now You ruined it. please just turn it back on. when are we going to have it back on?? today will be great. :( my life is over now

  389. okay, I understand what your trying to do. Look at it this way. No matter what you do there will always be someone out there trying to use something that was created for good reason to corrupt it an use it for disgusting purposes. We as a whole, live in a world that is twisted and vile. Their are horrible people around every turn. Its not your jobs to protect us. Its our choice.

    An if someone is underage and is meeting someone for the first time, their “PARENTS” should be present. It is the PARENTS job to raise their children and its their JOB to protect them.

    I know what happened to those kids is and was horrible. They are gonna have to live with what happened to them the rest of their life. An I know that isn’t an easy thing.

    What I am trying to say is the app is already amazing. It does far more than Facebook or any other social networking device does. Lets face it, life for teens is to talk to friend. We are social beings, that need that social life. Without it teens will go out into the world searching for things, that will put their life in more danger than this app could ever do.

    All we want is to be able to talk to our loved ones again.

    Me, I just want to be able to talk to the man I love again. Thats all. I am not asking for a lot. I would never ever hurt him. The safest place for him is with me. An we “NEED” each other.

    Many other teens on here feel the same way. We all have friends and love ones we want to talk to. Its extremely unfair to take that away from us. When things like this means more to us than we can ever explain.

    Please bring everyone back……

  390. I see the problem, but the thing that won’t help is doing this. It’s only a suggestion but it’s life and it’s not bad for 18+ to be dating 18-… I’m 17 and I date people that are 15. I mean it’ll happen just punish the wrong doers and let everyone else go back to there lives. I think it wouldve been reasonable to warn a couple of times and then do the temp. shut down. Plus the fact it only happened like 3 times vs the thousands who use it? I mean it doesn’t make much since to over exaggerate to this extent in my view and I’m pretty sure you can do updates without shutting down the app/site. I’m not mad in a way but I am with the seperation, over exaggeration, and little things like that. If the site would go back to normal soon it’d be great bc I’m pretty devoted to this app and it has helped me meet some awesome people from across the state to across the world who are really cool. It’s only little suggestions and I would like it if you took them into consideration. So ban the trouble makers, don’t seperate, and let us get back to what we do like it was in harmony… Thanks and I really like this app/site
    ~Alex and the Skout community who agrees with me

  391. okay, I understand what your trying to do. Look at it this way. No matter what you do there will always be someone out there trying to use something that was created for good reason to corrupt it an use it for disgusting purposes. We as a whole, live in a world that is twisted and vile. Their are horrible people around every turn. Its not your jobs to protect us. Its our choice.

    An if someone is underage and is meeting someone for the first time, their “PARENTS” should be present. It is the PARENTS job to raise their children and its their JOB to protect them.

    I know what happened to those kids is and was horrible. They are gonna have to live with what happened to them the rest of their life. An I know that isn’t an easy thing.

    What I am trying to say is the app is already amazing. It does far more than Facebook or any other social networking device does. Lets face it, life for teens is to talk to friend. We are social beings, that need that social life. Without it teens will go out into the world searching for things, that will put their life in more danger than this app could ever do.

    All we want is to be able to talk to our loved ones again.

    Me, I just want to be able to talk to the man I love again. Thats all. I am not asking for a lot. I would never ever hurt him. The safest place for him is with me. An we “NEED” each other.

    Many other teens on here feel the same way. We all have friends and love ones we want to talk to. Its extremely unfair to take that away from us. When things like this means more to us than we can ever explain.

    Please bring everyone back……

  392. dude this better be fixed by 11:00 tommorow or i will just die inside if i dont talk to this guy.. please make sure that teenagers are able to talk to others up to 19, thats all i ask:|

  393. Now I cant talk to my Jayleenor Bri ! I’m going through alot right now and that was the only people who cared ! Thanks alot @Chelsea !! Hurry up and fix it please !! Thanks xx

  394. This is horrible!!! I have no way of talking to my boyfriend now!! :( I really miss him! I wish y’all could see the long term of your decision! :( I just hope it comes back soon!

  395. When am I going to be able to go back on? I would like to be on by tomorrow I’m kinda getting pissed that I cant go on and talk to everyone.. Will I be able to talk to 18 year old??

  396. Hello.

    I am 18 and my profile is active. But I have been reading those comments all night and I still sent my special person a message with my contact info since I don’t know whether our profiles will be affected. He lives 2000km away and it would suck if something happened. But. No one has to break up or stop talking. If you have any info about your special ones, search skype, Facebook, Internet. Anyone can do that. And you will be okay, I know I sound like a hypocrite and it breaks my heart to read all those stories because it isn’t fair. I guess we have learned the lesson now, to not rely on one app only.
    I hope this works out.

  397. okay, so we won’t get any kind of answer on when it should be back seriously, even “we don’t know yet” would be better,

  398. This is so stupid I was meeting great people through this app and now this BS this is really screwing up a lot of peoples realationships you might think all us teens are acting really stupid and immature but it’s time for u guys to start showing some kind of responsibility an told us in advance that you were gonna shut down the teen community but were giving u a chance to grow up a little bit and tell us when his will b over because this is extremely ridiculous so tell us when it will b back on so we can all stop worring so much and before u ruin any more happy relationships

  399. Homestly guys yes this sucks, but think about it you know, how would you guys like to talk to a person and madly fall for them and when you two meet, hes a 45 year old man that could kid nap you and sell you into things that will be unspoken of, everyone knows what im talking about too. I believe that the skout staff has made an excellent choice, but yes i must say its dissappointing, but its better to be safe :)

  400. This is so messed up! Skout is the only way i can communicate with my boyfriend! How on earth is this gonna take? I love my boyfriend so much and it kills me to not being able to talk to him! ): Please fix this mess asap? :/

  401. I’m scrolling through the list of comments, trying to find my love <3 if your reading this Blake it's Olivia!!! I miss you :( I'll talk to you soon… Don't forget me!

  402. will our previous chats still be available after this is back on? cos I’ve met some really great friends and I haven’t got some of their contact numbers yet. I just don’t want to lose everything because of this D:

  403. WHAT THE HELL!!! im on skout everyday chatting to amazing ppl, i was just lucky some of em had skype so i can still talk to them but others dont have skype which means i have no way of contacting them please hurry up and fix it

  404. FUK this! r u kidding me ? i met my boyfriend there and he lives a bit far from me you shouldn’t do this this sucks !!!! I won’t be able to chat with my BF! you fuking kidding?

  405. :( i have A BOYFRIEND on here and i really miss him i cant say good night or i love u with out talking to him can u plzzzz <3 give me my skout account back:(((((</3 i miss him

    look this my sound stupid to u but i have a relationship on here its longdistance but its real.we been together now for 3 months and we begian chatting on here 5 months ago(A) and i know hes real cz we skypet and sended eathoter a lot of pics.but hes parent dont know his gay so we can only skype alot and we both have f but were a fraid to add eatchoter so this app is the only way we can comunicate on a dialy bases:S so pls make it as safe as posible and make it quik cz i need to talk to him every day,i love him and my live would be ruined and idk what im gonna do:S

    btw im real sorry for the kids that got rape,but its can happen i so many ways and to adults also its not to bleam on this app but to the people who did this and they would have found anorther way to find a fictome

    for the kids on this app u can also make ur 1 safetety never meet with someone ur not a 100% sure about
    ,always ask more than 1 pic or even late them make 1 for u,it doent have to be seksuele(like my bf should me more than 1 pic of him and his pooh and tomatoplant:P
    always cam before u meet up if some kid tells u tels u he doesnt have more pics and cant make pics and hasnt got a cam GET AWAY!!
    there also things u can be aware of!! like is it only sextalk,if it is carefull!!
    and iff like somebody claims to do sport but never says i have a game or training and his always here than he also probelby is fake(i know out of experience:P

    pls get my baby back!!

  407. Wow! Ive been talking to somebody for almost a year on here that i actually FELL IN LOVE WITH. & i now have no ways of contacting him. THANKS A BUNCH. Please put it back up, im heartbroken.

  408. This is the most retarded thing ever! I was talking to some really cool people! This is why other websites are so much better!

  409. I meet the best girl on skout and we were talking for over a month and we really liked eachother and skout was the only way i could talk to her and now i cant :( please reopen my account :( <3

  410. Oh dear god~ At least notify everyone beforehand! >_< What a drag, I'm sure many users can't contact our boos and buddies DD: Please tell us when the site's gunna be back up :/ I hope it won't take long~

    Adrian, if you're reading this, it's your Teddy Bear c: I miss you~ ^.^ <3

  411. Whyy didn’t y’all give us a warning? I mean almost all of us have friends on here that we communicate with, and love to talk to. All of us shouldn’t have to suffer for what a few people did. You guys need to fix this, and fix it fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :(

  412. Hello sir. 
    When the blocked my Skout application that time I used I’d. And that time the sent me mail my account is delete. Now morning to till now I try to open my same old I’d they appear me session failed. When I try to make a new I’d on my iPhone they send me user name/ password are wrong. Please sir tell me how can I make a I’d on my iPhone or how can I used my old I’d on Skout. I face lot off problem and I sent to lot off time message about my application and I’d please sir help me. 

    Sent from my iPhone

  413. Dit vind ik totaaal niet leuk !!
    Ik hoop dat we er nog op mogen ….
    IK moet me nummer aan iemand geven voor als dit nog eens gebeurt …


  414. Love skout, I couldnt live without it. Hope it finds ways to up security soon. I understand why they suspended all accounts for now though

  415. I’m not gonna be surprised when some nerd from scout makes a new community and tells everyone on scout to go to it instead… Haha. Shouldn’t have done this…. Assholes.

  416. I was talking to this really awesome guy and now I can’t talk to him :”( this is so messed up !! Can y’all fix it like now ??

  417. Why are u guys doing this to us? you dont know how it feels, i have met wonderful ppl in here and now everybody is gone beacuse of u. I really hope that Skout comming back soon.
    This is not okey!!!!!

  418. Thank god. All this crap is a site for kids to act gay and do and say things their parents would never aloud… Just like all the comments ohhh i found my true love dont take him away…blah you dont know what love is first off most these ppl you never meet there should never be a teen dating site you kids cant handle it. When you grow up you will see how dumb this is and also alotta choices youve made

  419. But i think you need to open it a few days first,to let us find our friends because we already use Skout for long long time,so we already had meet alot of friends in there,but now we can not contact with our friends long long time or forever…..Please open it and let us contact with them first,Thx!!!!

  420. OMGG i cant believe this D; its so sad they should have warned us before shitting it down:( i really miss my buddies ): and with the amount of people against it, they should definitely hurry up and unsuspend it.

  421. This is really great … Drive the server down without warning…. -, -” i miss you babe :(( When is skout going to be back?

  422. ugh….so annoying. Should’ve warned us. The least you could do is tell us when it’ll be back up. I really need to tell someone something.

  423. This absolutely sucks! Like all the others said we should of had warning, and anyway there was pretty much no reason to do this because you could block the people you didn’t want to talk to. I love you Tito

  424. This absolutely sucks! Like all the others said we should of had warning, and anyway there was pretty much no reason to do this because you could block the people you didn’t want to talk to. I love you Tito

  425. Y dun u hear wt we said,we need more days to find out the ways to contact our fds,any one just Hmu,my fb is
    Especially,I wanna find a boy who call John.who knows him just contact me plz:(I have something to tell him,skout is the only way for me to contact him:(John,if u see this post just Hmu:(

  426. i want my skout bak :( this is the one of the onlyy ways i can talk to my boyfriend and i like to talk to my friend on here

  427. Please get this back up soon. I was talking to a guy that was suicidal and I’m scared for his safety, I can’t get ahold of him by any other means and skout was the only thing he will answer. He may be over 18 and myself under but I’m just trying my best to keep him alive. Please get it back up soon

  428. Hello! thankyou for the time to write such a detailed explination, it means so much to all of us and i was wondering when and how will we know that skout is avalible to us again? :’) thankyou

  429. We better have all our chats/pics/info still on when we get skout back. Bc I will be so p**sed of we don’t. Losing all those fiends that I became close with would really make me rage and Id probably delete skout. I have short term memory loss. How would I remember all the people that I was talking to!?

  430. Yes this is extremely unfair. You don’t even give us a warning. I understand the fact that you care for teens safety but still. Shutting us away from all of our friends? Stupid move. People use this site to get away from people they know in real life because they are either really troublesome or worse. So they use this as a way to escape and you taking that away is really unfair especially without a warning. I know i pretty much repeated my self but still. This is dumb, you guys better fix this fast. This is doing more harm then good.

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  432. So, umm what if we don’t remember any of our account information since you shut it down for the ages 13-17? Will the account that we were using pop back up when its fixed still if we tried logging back in and making a new account? Hahaha

  433. i respect the decision you made about this but its just dumb you could have at least gave us a warning i lost contact with people that were really close to me so thanks and no you shouldnt make us all suffer for those slutty people i was so close to finding a bf.
    - nicolas . enjoy.

  434. THIS IS WHY I CANT FIND HER?!?!?!?! -_- You guys have GOT to be kidding! Then again, of course you’re not. I had practicly found the PERFECT GIRL!!! She was single, she was everything, in my opinion, a guy could EVER want! I read her description, no, I wasn’t even done reading her description! Then the massage came that I had to close the app, and when I came back on, she had dissapeared, THE ONE GIRL THAT FIT MY STANDARDS, gone, I understand why you did this but it doesn’t make sense to create a “get to know mew peopele” app then after a while cut half the people off! PLEASE DONT LET THIS LAST TOO LONG!!! D:

  435. So 17 & 16year-olds won’t be aloud to talk to 18 & 19 year-olds?! That’s stupid. I better have all the people in my chat when i can get back on. -_-

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  437. This is silly, some of us on the site were only making friends and now it might be ruined forever, I have made a great friend on skout and now I might have lost him, come on I think you should rethink this decision! It might cause more harm than any good!

  438. AVERY! If you’re reading this.. I miss talking to you :( We’ll still go to Mars together ;P I’ll be baaack ;>
    PLEASE PLEASE DO FIX THIS. AND DON’T DELETE OUR CHATS! It will be so hard to look for them. And if you’re upgrading this, please do put a search name button.

  439. Whats this? How long we have to miss our friends. You should have some other ways. I will be missing my friends. Come on tell us a date to meet our friends again……..

  440. No wonder why I cound`t get on… Please have it be working soon please oh please oh please :( I miss my girl ebby and I`m sure she misses me too. Like it`s bad enough for getting my ipod and cell phone and internet taken away for lying to my mom about where i was yesterday, like i didn`t even officially tell ebby what tiome i was going to be able to talk to her again :( sure i have her email but skut is the only site where we can comminicate faster. PLease have it be working in the late afternoon, PLEASE?! I don`t wanna lose my contacts either :( I had so many great friends :) :( Ebby if you`re reading this I miss yoou and I`ll find a way to talk to you today I promise!!!

  441. I understand your reasoning for this. But to help make your users more appreciative, here are some tips,

    1. Give a heads up warning
    2. Make it a quicker process

    I am going to miss my one friend I talk to on Skout. But I must say this is a good decision. I just hope that it is back on soon. I would hate to lose connection with Ember.

  442. this totaly sucks! my bf is on there n its the only wY we can talk! y do u have to mAke all of us suffer for sumfin somone else did! its unfair! make a younger community! i miss my bf! and u could of gave us a warning! seriously! sorry for hatein but im jus mad! atleast let us have it back for a day so we can contact the people we were talking to. to atleast let them know about it and tht we cant contcat thm or let us jus give us our numbers. just for a day. just one please!

  443. Hurry uP plz I miss my friends! U had no right to just shut it down! It hurt everyone, I understand peoPle on there act like 5yo but some on there are enjoying themselves making friends. Ur ruining it for everyone who didn’t do a damn thing. I don’t mean to be mean or rude about everything.

    Plz hurry up I need my friends everyone does.

    -Megan/ Swagger Chick

  444. @Chelsea to be honest I have a feeling you don’t know much because if you did you could give everyone an estimated time but I guess you are just not the well informed.

  445. I’ve a got a feeling this so called temporary break will either last for quite a few weeks or teen skout will be shut for good :(

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