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This warm weather and bright sun got you feeling more energetic and happier than usual? Ready to take in the fresh air and embark on new adventures that await you?

You’ve got the Spring Fever. It’s spreading BIG time….and Skout is your cure! Let us be your wingman for growing new relationships and planting new opportunities with the Spring Fever Wink Bomb Contest!

Contest details:

Send a FREE Wink Bomb to 1,000 people! Reply to this post or our Spring Fever chat with your Spring Break plans and the gender and age range target for your Wink Bomb. 20 LUCKY Skouts will win!

Example reply: I will be going to Cancun this spring. I am a man interested in women from 20 – 25 years old.

Lucky winners, be ready to bloom your social circle. You’ll be receiving lots of new messages from new people waiting to meet you! Remember, you can always click the Block or Report buttons if a user is pestering you.

1. 20 LUCKY winners will be chosen and notified via Skout or email prior to their Wink Bomb launch.
2. Wink Bomb message to be used: Hey, what’s up?
3. By entering this contest, you are giving consent for Skout to use your profile to wink at 1,000 Skout users
4. Contest ends on Monday, March 26, 2012 at 11:59PM in your local time zone.

To learn how Wink Bombs work, get on your Skout app > click Find Flirts icon > click on Wink Bomb icon at the bottom right.

241 thoughts on “FREE Wink Bomb!

  1. This spring break I will be in Cabo San Lucas with my 3 girlfriends!! I’m interested in men and women from age 24-29!

  2. My name is j-rock and I’m going(moving really) to Dallas this weekend. Need someone to show me a good time. I’m single Yaaaa…… Watsup D-town?

  3. I’m planning to discover Russia and Ukraine while the flowers are blooming. I am a man interested in women from 20-30 years old.

  4. Im going to stay home with family this spring break, and party till we all forget we are related. I am a 18 y/o male seeking men from ages 18 to 30.

  5. Spring Break Plan: Go to California. Go to the beach- hopefully Santa Monica. Look for some guys and have a little fun.                                              Gender+Age Range: Guys around 17-32. 

  6. Road Trip! I am riding off into the sunset this Spring Break on a new Road Trip Adventure to destinations unknown! Life is a journey. Any 20-30 something gals like adventure?

  7. Male interested in women. 18-22. I’m 20. For spring break I’m going to be catching up on homework and coaching football

  8. I willbe visiting colleges this spring, getting vibes from the place, and of course the college boys!;) I am female looking for males 16-19 (:

  9. I am going to the beautiful Bodega Bay! On the coast of california! A place so peacful that anything is possible! I am a women seeking a women. Ages 25 to 40. :-)
    May all my dreams come true!

  10. Whoooo~pee Skout!!! I will be going to California this spring. I am a man interested in women from 25 – 33 years old. ^_^

  11. I’m ganna be partying all Spring Break long! I’m a 22 year old male, looking for a beautiful lady to hang out with ages 18-40…

  12. Im Lexii. Ill be going to a few themed parties during my spring break. :D lol. Ima 20year woman looking for outgoing
    men between 19 and 25

  13. I am going to the University of Miami this weekend for their accepted black students program! I get to go because I am half black. I am a male interested in males and females aged 14-20.

  14. For Spring Break I’m going to visit my cousin in California. Going to chill with him. I am a man interested in woman 15-18 years old

  15. This spring break I’d be trying to find a partner, good fren of the opposite sex, who I’d love to take out on an exotic date to the Byron bay, to the secret kept beaches ;)…
    I am a man seeking a women for anything from the age of 18 to 34

  16. Going to be studying for uni during the day for the most part, as well as going to the hot springs up on the peninsula and partying at night male looking for female between 18 and 25

  17. This spring break I am hitting up the beach hanging with friends, going to make new friends, and maybe get more skout users to join!! I’m a female interested in men ages 14-16

  18. My name is Kim, I will be going to France for travel in this spring. I am a man interested in women from 20 – 25 years old

  19. I’m heading off in northern hemisphere spring to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Beijing. I’ve looked already…. Skout helps me find a long term partner or friends from 42 to 53 everywhere!

  20. I would be staying in Singapore. Working during the day and partying in the night especially during the weekends!
    I’m a man interested in women ages 18-25.

  21. I am going to miami beach florida this summer for a 3months vacation… I am w 26 years old guy interested in girls only :>

  22. Its a shame we don’t have spring break in Oz….but from what I’ve heard, I wouldn’t mind heading out to Cancun for a bit of partying n chicks! I am a 28yr old male trying to find a 20-26yr old female :)

  23. I’m going to attend a colour festival in Alexandria ,Egypt .I’m 18 interested in girls 15-18..We’re gonna ROCK IT with my girlfriend

  24. This spring, I am getting s season pass to Dollywood and Splash Country and spending time on roller coasters, watching amazing shows and riding some water attractions! This year is going to be amazing!

  25. I’m going to go next door to the grocery store, get some toll-house cookies, 3 gallons of vanilla ice-cream, Coca-Cola and sit on the couch and watch television for one whole week!!! And then call all my friends on the beach and make fun of them!!!

  26. This spring break I’m hitting up the beach, going to the mall, and going to make new friends and tell them about skout :) I’m a female interested in men 14-16

  27. I will be enjoying fresh air and hanging with friends locally for spring break. I am a woman interested in women from 18-46.

  28. i want to go trip to Japan with my new boyfriend this spring break…. but OMG i don’t have boyfriend yet!! ;p i am a women interested in man from 27-33 years old ;)

  29. I’m a going to greece for a wedding. First time in a plane:(. But I will be fun. I am interested in women from 16-21

  30. This spring break I will be in the city of love. Paris, France. Maybe I’ll will get lucky. Send bomb to women ages 24-29

  31. It looks like I’m gonna have to work over my entire spring break :-( so I need to find some awesome girls from 18-30 to keep me entertained!

  32. Single guy looking for men 28-80 caucasian, middle eastern, Hispanic, Indian, or fun times and possible hook ups! Hope to hear from ya soon!

  33. This spring break I’m going to be going camping and golfing with the guys. I am a man interested in a woman from 18-25

  34. This spring, I am going to get a season pass to Dollywood and Splash Country. I plan to spend lots of time on roller coasters, catching awesome shows, and on water rides! I am a married woman, looking for a woman to hare good-times, fun and the unknown with. Open to whatever may come!

  35. My name is Smooches and I will be spending my Spring break in Washington State then a few days in San Diego, Ca. I am a female interested in men 25 – 40.

  36. I am 23 and I will be going to North Charleston, SC to work on some planes. I am a man interested in women from 18 – 25 years old.

  37. My spring break plans , well am not sure yet since stuff just happends . But I would be interested in going for a trip with some friends , maybe camping and just make life full of none stop laughter momentos (: am 18(male) looking for men age 18-23

  38. 9 sngle 30+ close girlfriends are hitting Dana Point Singles Mingle one night, Comedy Imorov next night, beach n harbor for fun drinks in sun and water, Coach House for live music and basically, we’re doing our own version of “Girls Gone Wild”…doing it our way

  39. Going to Alanama for spring break w/friends & family. Looking for Mr right. I knw I will knw him when I meet him. He will be the right @ perfect one for me:). Men 35-55!

  40. For spring break I’ll be going to DC, I’ll also be doing a photo shoot and practicing some BBoying all week. I am an 18 year old man interested in woman ages 18-20.

  41. My name is Vic and I’m a male looking for a girl age 15 to 19 my spring break plans are to hang with my friends in Sydney Montana for a couple of days

  42. I will be going to Germany (Possibly Berlin, Hamburg and/or Cologne) end April. I am a man interested in men and want to meet hot men age 28-49 in these cities.

  43. For spring break I’m going with a group of friends to the beautiful Hunnington Beach in California. Back to where I grew up :) I’m 18 female interested in males 18-26

  44. Im going to be writing papers because my stupid university doesn’t give us a spring break. I’m a man interested in women 19-31

  45. I am going to Antalya for sunbath, swimming and travelling. I am a man intersted in ladies who are between 18-28 years old. Would you like to come with me?

  46. Spring break.. I’m gonna sacrifice the parties I’ve been invited to and instead volunteer to teach kids like I did last summer. It’s more productive in both ways I think! I’m a lady, wanting the 1000 WinK BomBs sent to males age 17-24 western/Caucasian if possible ^^

  47. This spring break, I am planning to go to Japan trying to see what is current status after 1 year from the 3/11 event. I am a man and interested in women age fro 23-30. Have a nice spring break holiday everyone..!

  48. It’s our year and “game on”! Nine SaMokin 30 somethin single female friends are gonna be doing it Southern Ca style in South OC…MEN, are u listening, 9 of us. It’s Monarch Beach by day (spoil us time) for drinks in the sun/water and it’s Comedy Club, Coachouse (live concert) The Derby and yup, Rodeo Drive Baby. There’s none single females, looking to mingle n jingle with some men…interested in men 32-48.. C’mon Skoutstere, we’ll be watching for you.

  49. This spring, Im going to be going crazy. Picking flowers. Riding bikes. Going to the beach. Hey, maybe even falling in love ;). I am a woman interested in mainly men the ages 16-18.

  50. This spring break I’m going to the Carribean!!!! Soaking up the rays and seeing all the hotties!!
    Gender+age range… Men 25-35

  51. For spring break I’m gonna work. And then chill n get wasted on my weekends. Your welcome to come n party. I’m a 21 year old male in june looking for caucasian women between the ages of 18 and 22.

  52. My names Ryke I’m in the US Navy and I’ll actually be home finally able to see my family and my best friend this spring break after being away from them for so long.

  53. This spring break I planned on creating an even stronger bond with my 3 month old son and hopefully meet new people during the process , I’m interested in men ages 18-35 :)

  54. This spring, I hope to know more people from around the world through skout. Interested in women from the sweet 18 to mature & feminine 40. Cheers to all!

  55. This Spring Break Iwill start local to OC/LA, no work for the whole month, and will bet looking to get crazy and do something I haven’t done before. I think I’m gonna get my first tat. I looking for fun females from 22 to 29. Have a great Spring Break!

  56. I will be working by day and looking for parties with SKOUTS by night! I am a man looking for women between 21 and 30 years old. Let’s blow this thing up! FUN women?!

  57. I’m meeting my sister and nephew for the first time in North Carolina. I am a woman interested in men and women from 17 – 25 years old.

  58. I will be exploring upper Michigan with my brother enjoying the outdoors and the great lakes. I am Male and interested In women between the ages of 30 – 44.

  59. Im planning on returning to school, completing my degree and upgrading my life ! I’m a divorced female looking for a man between 46- 54

  60. This spring break I will be going to every single Varsity Football practice..Work out like never before an get my six pack comin,An will make Vivid Perfectly design work of ART! :D

  61. I will be going to Visit family out-of-state this spring. I am a woman interested in women from 21 – 32 years old.

  62. I’m going to the mountains and going camping. Doin some quaddin and dirt bikin!! :) I’m female looking for male. 19-28.

  63. I’m Matt, in the navy, in Pensacola, I need help getting to know the area, maybe alittle fun inbetween? I’m looking for a female age 19-22 :) help me out

  64. I’ll be spend my spring break in a studio in Los Angeles, California recording an acoustic EP.! I’m a 17 year old male interested in females from ages 14-18 years old.

  65. This spring I want to take a week long scuba diving trip down in the Caribbean. I am interested in women between the ages of 21 and 45.

  66. I will be going to Acapulco to enjoy the sun in the day and party from the evening till late night. I am a man interested in woman from 16-20 years old.

  67. I have absolutely no plans for spring break. Want to help me make some? I’m a woman looking for men and women ages 21-36.

  68. This spring, im gonna throw some wild parties and have bonfires with all my old high school friends. Im a man interested in women ages 18-25

  69. I am going to Charleston SC this spring break. I am a 14 year old male looking for a girl between 14 and 15 in the United States of America.

  70. This Spring I’m going to go to go to nursing school & practice dancing & start a dance class for little girls with my sister (: I am a girl interested in boys from 16-20 yrs old.

  71. Oh really sick of your automated message. Whenever i have problems with this app, all I can get is that mail which doesnt have any solutions of my problem!!!!!!

    I just updated this app and everything is translated into Korean which is my mother tongue. But i really dont like it. So clumsy. i dont even know what these words means. You guys should have been more careful. Maybe u just used a auto translator or something. So the point is I want this app to go back to the previous version. I prefer English version! How can I?

    • Hey Kimmy, I’m really sorry about the issues and thank you very much for bringing them to light. We very recently introduced these new languages and are still working out the translations. It’s difficult to get a proper translation for some of the quirkier words and phrases on the site. We are working on this at the moment!

      Can I just ask – which phone are you using? iPhone? Android?

  72. Over spring break I’m relaxing at home. I’m A girl but base on my name I thinks that’s pretty obvious haha. I’m interested in men ages 15-21 I’m 16:) from California and I’m pretty chill:)

  73. This spring break I will be staying at home to study cause exam is coming up soon ):
    I am a girl/woman who is interested in making friends with both men and women ! :D

  74. I am natassja and for spring break I’m going to be staying home raising money for my cheerleading next year:(… I’m looking for people between the ages of 14 and 17

  75. My name is zakand I’m plans for this spring are to go on a road trip to anywhere and party it up!!I’m a man looking for women ages 18-26

  76. This spring/summer I will be chilling in virginia beach, but in the fall I will be moving to washington dc to take a job cooking for the secretary of defense. Any ladies in either of those areas feel free to hit me up if you want to get together. Im a 22 year old male looking for ladies from 18-25.

  77. Ayyyy !! I’m in Cali for spring break. Chillin in the 209 interested in WOMEN from 15-17 , gunna be hittin up beaches on the coast of Cali and partying all week long!

  78. Hello all,
    Im going to Nizwa with my car..!, so I will be a crazy all the time coz im alone & im interested in lady from 20 – 25..and I will teach her how to be a crazy. ;) ..but we can’t fly.

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