To block, or to report: that is the question.

I often find myself at a crossroad – should I block or should I report? To evaluate the severity of the offense I created a cheat sheet for myself. Feel free to add to it if you like! Reporting people is vital to helping our communities stay safe and clean. Thus, I urge you to be a good samaritan and report those who YOU feel need to be reviewed. Skout has a zero tolerance policy for users who don’t abide by our Terms of Service, whether it’s while chatting, in the notes section, a picture comment, a status update or whatever it may be.

Without further ado I give you my mini guide to categorizing offenses.

Report Categories

Sexual content – unwelcome sexual advances and pictures.

Violent content/Dangerous content – if I feel threatened or in danger.

Hateful content – users who are racist, ignorant, sexist and many more.

Copyrighted content – users who create fake profiles, uses other peoples images or illustrations.

This is spam or scam – users that want to lure you for money. Report immediately!!

Underage content – users 17 years old or younger.

And as for the Block feature? I’ll use that for users who annoy me, spam me with messages, those who are rude, people who like to flaunt, one worded people, and yada yadda. Nothing too crazy, just want to get them outta my nose hair. No shame in that, right?

Now it’s your turn! Skouts, how do you usually decide the fate of the flirt?

Good day,

74 thoughts on “To block, or to report: that is the question.

  1. Everytime Im on a site and some creepy guy is trying to hit on me and sending me pictures and telling me to send some his way I HEAD RIGHT FOR THE BLOCK BUTTON AND REPORT! i mean why do people have to be so creepy!!! I mean in order to even make any website you need to look or at least read the terms of agreement, so why not do that? If you want to flirt with someone stop coming off as overbearingly creepy! Its cute when someone just talks to you and make a couple of jokes instead of trying to flash me every chance you get!

  2. I hate I when ppl assume u will trade pictures just bcos then send one first. N get all mad n rude when I don’t send one back. I block them. No everyone is interested in seeing certain body parts! Thanks for the tips.

  3. Just report anyone for being dangerous or having copyrighted content and block those annoying guys who wink every day :/

  4. It’s now time for my input….. Blocking is integral!!! Honestly some people just do to much! Guys u have to realize sending ur wee wee to everygurl hoping one is “whorish” enough to answer you back us not a good way to pick up on women…. My way of getting a comment out of a girl on this site is cracking a joke or commenting on a photo but in social commentary kind of way… So for example instead of pointing put the obvious I’ll comment on what’s going on or I’ll say I’m stating the obvious lol it works try it instead of being a pervert!! Now ladies please realize what kind of pics ur posting… If ur posting a pic with ur chest out or in a bra and panties and not executing a perv to hit u up then ur not exactly all there…. U gotta respect urself if u want to get respect in return…. That’s just my advice…. Ladies I’m with my buddy sheena! Report if they’re perverts so skout can fix the problem an ban the jerk. :) keep flirting!!!!! Oh n ladies!!! Find my name if ur in the bay area lol I love flirting haha

  5. I completely agree with the mini-guide provided to us by sheena.

    This isn’t a brothel. Lol

    As for the fate of a flirt, for me it is dependent upon 3 simple things:

    1) One word responses! This is the absolute worst way to build any kind of confidence in your potential flirt. It shows exactly how much effort you are willing to contribute to an actual relationship. Clear, consice, and smooth flowing conversations are indicative of a good flirt. :)

    2) “Nothing Much”. I mean come on already, we all know that something is on your mind- say it! It’s often the things that are left unsaid that we regret in life. Don’t act as if the world has ceased to rotate, time has completely stopped, and you’re in a deep coma. Talk. Don’t be afraid of flattery!

    3) To seal the deal, be polite in every way possible. If you’re not “feeling” someone, then make small talk and politely excuse yourself. Ignoring people won’t get you far, it will only show how bad your interpersonal skills are. Lol

    Think of every conversation as a speed date. Make your best impression, but stay true to yourself. & most of all, don’t let anyone, and I mean anyone, convince you to do something that you don’t want to do.

    Umm I think thats it for now. =]

  6. The response above me ftw!!! Lol so in regards to point number 2…. Sometimes speaking your mind isn’t always a good thing…. For instance if you read what I put the pervs will flat out just say I want a piece of butt!! Lol if that’s your intention I hate to put a tactic out there but be more subtle and subliminally put the suggestion out there lol n in response to point 3…. Well…. Ya ignoring someone is never good because it can seem good to one person but the other may feel uncomfortable…. Say something!! If your uncomfortable let us know so we can either stop or know to move on to the next don’t just ignore someone…. You wouldn’t just ignore someone mid convo in person! You’d excuse urself or let the person know it was not gonna work lol so extend that courtesy on skout haha

  7. i block people i’m not interested in… and report the creepers who flash their dingalings.. That is just GROSS!

  8. Convo between me and usual skouter:
    b: hi i noticed in your profile you like running how far do u run?
    A: far
    b: oh ok so how long have you been running?
    A:long I guess
    b: ok so what’s up?
    A: nm
    b: there has to b something
    a: no wbu?
    B: well I just walked my dogs this really funny thing happened involving birds and watermelon seeds wanna hear?
    A: not really
    b: do u even care about me cuz if u don’t u can tell me
    a: I do
    b: ok so y won’t u talk to me
    a: I’m talking
    b: ok well I really thought u looked cool but r u shy or preoccupied cuz ur not saying more than 2 wrds at a time so if u don’t care don’t bother to fill my inbox k?
    A: I love you so much sweetheart
    b: pervert
    a: :’(
    b: ok this isn’t workin out sry plz stop messaging me
    a: no
    b: fine I’m blocking u
    a: ( penis pic)
    b: now ur gonna get blocked and reported!!!

  9. All I gotta say is if someone looks a little 2 young on this site, please ask them thier age. Most will till the truth. Remember this site isn’t kid friendly, n report them also tell them why they should not b on this site please. I had a like 15yr old hitting on me. Please be careful and ask.

  10. I’ve had some ask ” u like dick?” or “wanna f***” seriously????? I block them all the time. These r the creepy ppl I can’t stand when there’s some of us truly looking to date quality ppl.

  11. Kelsey. How annoying are those people? They make so frustrated. If they’re not even going to chat, why bother sending a message or anything I’m the first place? They could just say “hey, sorry. Not really up for a chat. Thanks anyway.” but no. And then they turn around and say bs like I love you or youre so hot? WTF is up with that, I just don’t get it.

  12. There are allot of underage users pretending to be in their 20′s,women who are at least a quarter century older than they say they are, drams queens yelling Creepers and perv everytime you say hi or hey and actual perverts sending pics of their penises to ever man woman and child on here.
    This is a DATING site! If you go to any club or social event you’ll have the same crap.
    To the perv’s and drama queens,grow the F up.
    To all the awesome people I’ve talked to from across the country stay that way.

  13. I had a guy that was trying to get my number and that stuff. I told him to read my profile, because I have in there looking for non sexual chat and have a bf, he said ‘I did what are you trying to say?’. Then he was calling me names and saying im a really stupid blonde whore and that shit. I did block him but he made a new profile and started again. I think he got the hint when I block him right away without saying anything back.

  14. people who show graphic pics of their genitals in their regular profile should be reported. it is disgusting. keep those private.

  15. Okay, I’m not prejudice or anything, but I usually block transvestites. I’m heterosexual, I like looking at women – REAL women, so when they say “I’m a transvestite,” that’s the last I see of them.
    Now if I WAS gay or bi-curious, I’d probably look for a match-making site featuring people with similar tastes. I don’t go into a Chinese restaurant and bitch because they won’t deliver pizza, right?
    Don’t get me wrong, I am not against homosexuality, it’s their choice and I respect that as long as they respect my choice of being hetero. That’s why I get appalled when some guy puts me on his hot list even though it says in my profile, I’m hetero, not interested in talking to guys…

    As for hetero females, I’ll block those who won’t even say thank you after giving them a gift. If someone spent their points to send me a gift, I’d say thank you at the very least, even if she was just slightly prettier than the Incredible Hulk, or older than the Rocky Mountains.

    • Dan – Go to your profile. Click on the picture you’d like to delete. The Delete Pic option should be on the bottom right. Hope that helps. :)

  16. I’ve got a large amount of men lately after one or two days want to move conversation to y mess. They all were single dads with tragic stories. All within three week stranded needing help and money !

    • @Debynay – I’m sorry to hear that. IF you ever feel skeptical of someone’s behavior please report them right away. If we see that they’re up to something then we’ll take action right away!

  17. What is going to be happened if I block
    someone? I will be disappeared on his ‘my chats’ list? Just wanna know what will be happened.

    • Kimmy – Yes, you will disappear from his chat list and everything else for that matter! Haha. Hope that helps.

  18. I think I found a confused user. They have a female name, look female, yet say they are male. There isn’t a report category that seems to fit, and direct contact doesn’t get a reply. What should one do in this case?

  19. Basically, if I think a guy is a crepper or a little old for me (22 is my limit) I will block them. If I get a penis pic or something crazy, I report it. There’s no reason to send that kind of stuff.

    • Shelby – Aren’t some guys just classless? Such a shame! Totally report those creepers because I enjoy deleting them. :D

  20. I completely agree with you Shelby. I won’t lie about my age there’s no reason to, I’ll be turning 20 in a few months and yet guys who are 28, 32, etc are sending me messages. I mean common guys, yeah some women are into older guys but not ones that are more than 10 years older. Get real, your just asking to be reported and/or blocked!

  21. i have a problem with the “report” thing cos my chatmate for a very long time & known each other much, rolled over his phone & accidentally hit the “report” button and we both doesn’t know how to undo it… :( thinking i might banned by skout… i dont either belong in any of the categories under it… i hope i can still continue to use skout & dont loose contact on him. :(

    • iannah – Hey hey, no worries…if it was accidental, we’ll know it. Accidents do happen, no biggie. The report was invalid therefore nothing will happen to you. :)

  22. Hi sheena! I’ve blocked a few guys cuz they are really perverted! Im jus worried if they can still see me? Do they get blocked completely or do they jus get blocked feo messaging me? Xx

  23. To tell you all the truth ….. It’s a dating flirt site . Just block the person and be on with it .

    Do you run to the police box or security person everytime you get nudged , checked out , here someone talking bout you on the train , bus , club or cafe .

    Seems people who want to report , feel empowered and are just as lame .

    Get on with it yo

  24. Hi sheena, there are a few guys who I think is really dangerous to woman up here. I ve report & blocked them. Will they still able to use their profile over here or they will be delete by tis app?

    • Veron – Thanks for reporting and blocking those creepers! We appreciate it greatly. To answer your question, if your report is valid and they were indeed dangerous – we will delete their profile.

  25. Thanks for the guide! To be honest I don’t ever really block people… I feel like if they could be better they’re worth a second try. What if they change and suddenly become a great person? Then you’ll have blocked them forever and there will be no way to communicate between you two anymore. :/ Then it kinda sucks. Wish there were a way to unblock or something!

    • Megamanxsp – Sometimes we lose track of what we say, everyone makes mistakes. If she’s your friend she’ll know that you didn’t intentionally mean to hurt her. She’ll come around to forgive you.

  26. Maybe should good maybe some thing wrong can’t commement another because we’r don’t know really how inside another person feeling?!!

  27. I got blocked by someone because I didn’t have a cellphone, and the conversation was great up to that point. I wish people weren’t so… Like that.

  28. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  29. I really enjoyed reading this blog. I have always had a problem with when to block and when to report. I think that everyone needs to understand not only how to do it but when to do it.
    As for guys that like to be creeps, grow up!! Women want someone who is honest and able to be a gentleman not those guys that act like they’re still in elementary school!
    I really enjoyed reading this and hope that every person that uses this site finds and reads this blog!!

  30. Hi… i block a person by mistake and im trying to unblock him but i dont know how. what can i do to unblock this person?? HELP PLEASE!!

    • Hey Seshire, unfortunately, we do not have that feature at the moment. We did introduce a confirmation box when you hit the Block button to reduce accidental Blocks. We are considering adding a Blocked list, which sounds like something you’d support?

  31. Yea..sounds great to have a block list so we can unblock someone.We really need it :D thank you do much!Hope it can show the ppl we’ve blocked

  32. Reply to an old post, but this is a good article. I think for future subscribers , or whatever you wanna call them, you should attach something like this to the first disclaimer screen they see when registering. Something a little more detailed, because the guidelines seem kind of vague, and this helps men (yes i know, because we are the main offenders) get a better idea of what a lot of women will perceive your messages as, even if you don’t intend them to BE that way. I didn’t even know you guys had a website, let alone a blog until now. Probably would’ve saved me some trouble :p

    • @Mary, We review each individual report, so if it’s invalid, we will close the report. After you hit unblock, you have the option to go to the person’s profile.

  33. Dear Sheena,
    Love you advices and blogs. They’re great. And absolutely love skout. Even though met a couple of jerks.. Have bumped into a few awesome people too. The latest Android update is awesome. The new features and look is great. But this version is for some reason very very slow and drains the battery a lot. The site hangs a lot

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