Body shots & faceless pictures!

Skout has guidelines and rules. Big whoop. This shouldn’t be news to you. However, we’re looking to give our guidelines a face lift.

We’re looking to make our system more…uhmm…welcoming. One thing that sparked our interest was body shots. Noooo. Not that kind of body shots, silly. I’m talking about the profile pictures of JUST certain body parts (abs, butts, chest, legs & blah blahhh).

Currently, our system accepts pictures of headless body parts. Hahaha. Doesn’t that just sound S C A R Y? I guess it would be less scary if it was accompanied by many other ordinary pictures (with a face, perhaps). We’re not looking to completely prohibit it, just trying to revamp what’s deemed acceptable for future Skout users.

Now, to the users who love and adore their body so much that it’s all you want to showcase – please, take a minute to include your face!

As users of a social networking/flirting app we’re just wired to show the best parts of our body, I totally get it. But, where do YOU want us to draw the line? What pictures should we consider acceptable or not acceptable?

Ladies, are you comfortable with guys just having body shots in their profile?
I would rather much see a charming smile versus your flat washboard stomach. But that’s just me. Plus, I like to know who I’m talking to!

Men, what do you make of all this hoopla? Do you think it’s a big deal if you don’t want to show your face?

What I’m trying to say is would you miss pictures like these?!

Tell me what you think!

Good day,

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236 thoughts on “Body shots & faceless pictures!

  1. In all reality I wanna see your face!!! The majority of the time people post inappropriate pics and it gives off the image of a sl*t or that ur just looking for sex which in many cases is true but u wanna know who or what it IS ur talking to…. Sorry butterfaces n faces it’s time to make this app fun n serious….

  2. Body shot with a face or not…. Seriously, come on! Do you wanna be judged based on your BODY.
    Psshh…. As for me, i’d like to know what his face looks like.. then possibly his body.. through text!
    Indeed,that’s AFTER a few conversation and dates;)

    Skouts, I wanna see more smiles and faces.. Heck, with the bang’n body and butter faces!

  3. I totally agree. I think it would force people to put themselves out there based on their personality and not their bodies. Less abs more smiles!!!

  4. I think body shots are great but they need to be accompanied by at least one good (well lit) face because I have seen some tragedies like I see the body and then the face comes and then I have to delete the app haha jk but still you get what I mean

  5. I think it’s a good idea to have at least face profile pics and maybe even limit the number of body shots to a certain number

  6. Face. That way u can put it all together. Personality body an face. All in one. :) idk about you. But when I’m talking to a guy in person. I’m not staring at his pecks. Lol. Sheena I have a question about my account. Please email me.

  7. No way.. Some people make huge efforts to make themselves look the way they do.. Gym, diet, etc. Its normal for any person male or female to be attracted to another by simply their body some people may think “well that’s shallow though” yeah you look at someone and say wow he/she is very attractive just by physical apperance but really subconciously when you see someone with an amazing body your mind sees handwork, determination, success and more! Yes we all want someone attractive, of course. But also we want someone who has drive, aspirations for better living, etc. If someone can improve something as simple as their body, it’s obvious they can improve all aspects of their life. It’s the snowball effect, the people you surround yourself have an huge effect on you, if you hang around losers you will become just that, if you hang out with successful people.. You get it don’t you. Don’t just throw it out cause society says it’s inappropriate, take it for what it is, a visual expression of the self.

  8. I agree, why just show your body, are you not proud of the face your parents gave you. yeah you might have a cute body but thats not everything. plus you want to know the person your talking too not just some random body part. its not like your going to be walking around in your bathing suit all year round or with no shirt on eveywhere you go. have the common curtsy to show your face. and if you really want to just see body parts, go do a different site!

  9. i dont know why people have to parade their bodies, its nice knowing the girl you might fall in love with has a nice smile or something other than her body.

  10. I’m with Marc Veal on this one. I like seeing what people consider the best parts of themselves. As soon as you start requiring face pics you’re going to lose members or be swamped with fake pics. This app allows people to be anonymous. Requiring a face pic makes no sense. For those who say they want face pics why not just ask for a face pic? I do it all the time. If all we had on here were face pics we’d have to ask for body shots and what do you think that’s going to lead to? A site like this relies on communication. If you want to see more of the guy or gal you’re talking to just ask.

    • @Jeff – Nothing is being required just yet. We just wanted to hear what you guys think about the idea. I get what your saying quite clearly but, we can compromise. No biggie. Thanks mucho for the input!

  11. It is absolutely unnecessary for headless shots. I wanna see your face n know that it’s real, not a body that is mostlikely not yours

  12. Body shots are fab but only in support of a clear sunglass-free shot. I’d love Skout to delete pointless profile pics of cartoons landscapes etc. Face pics all the way! Body shots in support.

  13. i think they should just put their pic of their face up..really who cares about ur body i mean really who cares i know i dont..most pic of females on here makes them look liks a sl*t sorry but its true its sad why put up something that u wouldnt want ur mom or dad to see thats how i look at it. what im trying to say is i would like to see more face pics :)

  14. Yes,I would rather see a nice picture of someones face than a headless figure of a person.Not that I’m against seeing someones figure on here but is is nice to see the face sometimes just to see what they realy look.

  15. Guys, posting shirtless photos makes you look like a douchebag. No exceptions. Especially the shirtless bathroom self-portrait.

    Girls, posting half-naked body shots just guarantees guys will sexually harrass you and act like assholes. I promise you half the unsolicited dick pics if you stick to “real-life” photos with your clothes on.

  16. I think that face pictured are good but in all fairness people put up body shots to help skip a step. People now adays only care about looking and not personality. So by putting up a body shot allows the person to weed out the people that person doesn’t want to talk to. If you really think about it, it is true.also your get to know a person inner self by what they say to this kind of pictures

  17. I would definitely miss the body-shots ! You know us guys are very visual. Just please don’t prevent us from sending naked pictures to willing recipients ;-)

  18. Have the ability to choose your profile pic, then you can place your body only shot in amongst the rest of your photos. The whole package is important. I’ve seen faces that are stunning with bodies that I seen at walmart and stunning bodies with less attractive facial features. No-body is perfect for everyone but presentation is 70% of the opening line. So if you have all stomach shots what you hiding?

    • Bain – stunning bodies with less attractive facial features = Butter face. Hahah. Everything’s cool…but her face.

      Anywho, you make a valid point. Noted!

  19. I think your main pic should at least include your face, “whole body or not” then leave all the other pics up to the user. If someone is drawn to the way someone looks “with their face” then i see no problem with abbs and boobs as secondary photos, it shows confadince which I belive alot of people are drawn to

  20. ….if a girl wants to show her body, let her. Same with a guy. Could you make it viewable by only people 18+? that could be a consideration. As for me I’m fine with it just how it is. Let people have freedom! Flurv and scout are very welcoming, everybodys downloading this app.

    • Chris – Everyone on this app should be 18+. If you encounter a user that is underage please report them immediately.

  21. I see the problem here. Skout wants to keep the site clean and tasteful. This is a dating site for singles after all. There are tons of porn site if you just want to look at body parts.

    Simple solution is to let users to block them out and not having to look at them on the Flirt Buzz update ever again. Currently, this much needed common function is not available.

    People who are only loading up body shots are just a few 3%. I would love to just block that person and never having to see thier naked body again. This way, everybody is happy. (no punt intended).

  22. I think as long as there r more face pics then headless body pics, it’s fine. Just don’t have all headless pics. Just my opinion

  23. I think yu should have a male vote on female guidlines and female vote on male guidelines and after the results show them to the sex it was originally designated for and if 60% or more agree that can be the new set of guidelines for them

  24. Hi. I have been blocking users and it also blocks them on the FLIRT BUZZ too. There was a little delay before it kicks in, therefore my confusion. So nevermind.

  25. Amen I think a nice body is good but that still will nevr compare to a nice face. People are untrustworthy so I wanna see what your face looks like cause I can put whatever I want off the internet and claim it is me if no face is present. I vote yes for facelift.

  26. I think body shots should be allowed and not limited or restricted to force a face in, some people are more comfortable with one body part than thier face so why not allow then to show it off? When you get in a deep conversation with someone is when asking for head shots is fine,

  27. I personally wouldn’t mind removing pictures like the ones you’ve discussed… I’d rather know who I’m talking to then what their ass, breats, penis or torso looks like. To me I’d rather fall in love with their smile rather then their body!

  28. I need to see faces!!!! I don’t care how fine or sexy you are, cause if u ugly how am I gonna talk to you and look u in the face lol!!!

  29. I feel body shots are fine, as long as you have some kind of facial pic. Your face is something people see everyday so I mean, what are you trying to hide on here? Just my opinion.

  30. To me the people that don’t post face pics are hiding something…either they’re not attractive or they’re married, in a relationship, etc. You get my drift. As soon as I see there are no face shots I delete the conversation. As for sending the face pic in the conversation like some have commented…ummm yeah they’re still hiding something. To me it seems like they’re afraid of getting recognized since app shows you locals & you never know if someone you know may come across your profile & rat you out. Just saying!

  31. I understand the desire for face shots vs body shots, but for the LGBT group there are many people who have not come out and need an outlet to talk to other like minded people and these apps are great for that and in many instances a face pic follows after a nice conversation. I don’t think it should be limited or restricted.

  32. I agree!! I think if its just one photo of your face its good! Everyone can post body shots, but should have at least one pic of their face!! :)

  33. Jeez boys do u really want people to see ur bellybutton hairs and freckles? Or do u think ur ugly? Yeah this IS a challange! Cmon lemmie c ur face

  34. So back to what I said before I want to see your face!!! A hot body is alway a nice compliment I mean I’m not gonna lie I’d prefer a girl with an awesome body over a girl who’s a big body…. I work hard to be where I’m at and I’m still not satisfied with myself but I’d prefer a girl who works hard at er body and diet too!! Now I’d prefer the face pic main body support pic idea cause I wanna make sure I’m Not talking to a girl who has the body of Aphrodite n the face of Quasimodo…. No bueno… Regurgitate…. N btw yes we do strive for success and we are attracted to that but the most motivated and successful people can also be the biggest duchebags…. I’m just saying lol

  35. Face, Stomach, Legs, Butts, Chest – they are all body parts. Whilst some work hard to keep fit or vanity, others don’t have the time or feel the need. The day when humans can look beyond mere aesthetics and appreciate another human sole for who they are as individuals will be the day when we have evolved. We focus so much on looks, and spend loads on cosmetics and fashion to compliment our physical. Why not instead focus on enhancing the inner beauty within us all. I therefore, vote not to include pictures until you have really got to speak to someone and built some sort of connection. I really hope for this way of online dating becoming the norm, as currently we are nothing but an immaterial object of lust and desire for the one sense we come to rely on. There is more we can achieve as humans if we start to open up our other senses.

  36. When I first started taking pictures, one of the first things was to not cut people’s heads off. It seemed sensible back then, and I didn’t hear that it changed.

    Seriously, though, if you do find someone interesting, and decide to go out for coffee, you are not going to be sitting across from them, looking deeply into their navel. Their face is what you will see most of, and, let’s face it, you likely can’t pick out your cousin Pat by abs alone.

  37. The awkward moment when you’re chatting to a guy with a body pic and you ask him for a face pic and he’s a butter face…

  38. I believe that for this app to be at it’s best there should be an approve process where the user must take a pic with his or her name on piece of paper showing and stating they it isn’t a fake.

  39. I won’t miss them at all. It looks skanky from girls and makes guys look full of themselves. I don’t care if someone has 20 hot body shots, if they don’t have a face pic I’m out.

  40. Whilst your blog does highlight a point, seeing body pics are important. A good looking face is always appreciated but can be wasted if the person does nit meet your desired body preference. It takes a big person to truly believe that looks are not so important (which include the rest of the attachment)

  41. I always skim through everyone until I see a cute face. Now granted I will totally stop at a pic of some wash board abs I mean what girl wouldn’t?!? But I always look at their other pics to see a close up of their face. Cute face and healthy, not ripped body win over fugly face and model body. I don’t even respond to a guy if he’s got an ugly face, ugh what a turn off.

  42. Different people look for different things, some people want to remain anonymous and to be fair we are all entitled to our privacy. If u don’t like faceless body pics, get over it and move on to someone with a pic u do like.
    Both a cute face and a fit body attract me, but overall chemistry and personality are more important so a picture isn’t really that important in the while crux of things, it’s simply just an introduction of some of your aesthetics, nothing more nothing less

  43. Ehh.. It doesn’t really matter to me either way.. I mean, this is an 18+ flirting app. So why not show a little body? It won’t hurt anything, I find it some what attractive.. I like to see what I MIGHT be workin with. Lmao. That’s a joke by the way.

  44. I think Its useless to have a pic of just ur body we are not interested in the body we are interested in the soul and it’s actual original face

  45. Those pictures should stay valid to the site jus not allowed on profile icon. These type of pictures should only be available when u look at the person photos

  46. I think there should be a face required in the profile pic. If they want to put body shots in there are spaces for other pics, right?

  47. I just assume people who ONLY have body shots are just too insecure and are afraid of being called ugly. Why else hide their face? Laaame

  48. I wouldn’t mind the abs, the underwear shots and the butt shots, however I do agree that there should be the persons face in the shot as well. Who enjoys chatting with someone who’s profile picture is *just* abs/underwear/butt anyway? I will take the time to mention that the members who don’t have any profile picture *should* have one, and new members *should* be required to submit a valid profile picture onto SKOUT.

  49. I have to agree. There should be gave shots. I like to see the face that goes along with that rockin bod, but I don’t want to see those pics go by no means. I enjoy them.

  50. I can’t stand faceless pictures of females especially when they look like they were done at a photo shoot. A whole face and body pic together should be required if there is even one body part only pic. I enjoy eye candy but I’m looking to chat up with someone real on here and usually when the pics looks to good, it is.

  51. Honestly, why just show the body r u trying to hide something, seriously the body isn’t everything, I’d rather see the face more

  52. Point counterpoint
    Just body shots w no face/eyes are lame. It invites guys to send pics of privates and dirty chat. It doesn’t seem to be an issue as much the other way but to be fair, the rules should be equitable
    Some people want to feel safe and have anonymity. Also people can be mean and judgemental about pictures so a face shot an make one feel vulnerable.

    No close up body shots w/out face, but allow pics that don’t show face if it’s not a close up. i.e. Silhouette against the sun (clothed of course) or partial face shot just showing eyes

  53. I completely think that everyone should show their face; i am so tired of people not wanting to show their face to me; I’m not ugly and sure as hell not fake, they should just get some balls and show their face.

  54. I’m a professional. Associating your face publicly with this app is weird. It’s too similar to grindr and will likely always have that hookup feel unless it is changed to be the kind of site you could be on if you were in a monogamous relationship. I think there are two ways thi App can go while social norms remain the same:

    1. Two collections of pics. One public, one private ie by request. Both decent and subject to approval. User choice if whether public is faceless or not.

    2. Make sight non-flirt and simply geo social with a single/seeking option that you cam filter on … Like fb used to be. You could still use it to connect for “dates” or whatever.

    The other option for me would be no shirtless pics period. But I definitely got more contact (mostly non sexual and just friendly) with my shirtless profile … And I don’t think I’m a bad looking guy face wise either. Abs sell. Showing skin to people one person at a time is acceptable. Broadcasting your chest publicly is not acceptable at least professionally.

    It will be interesting to see how this develops.

  55. I personally don’t see the problem. I mean using only body shots? Yea..that’s a bit strange. But body shots in general?? What’s the problem? Does that make the person taking the pic a bad person? Or not smart? Sorry but some people tend to get on their high horses and use unnecessary terms to describe someone that isn’t their cup of tea. Personally i love body shots but there has to be more of course

  56. I agree with Doug. To make the job easier for the Flurv staff, profile pics should only be face. After that body shots are fine

  57. i think it should be prohibited. why? to prevent posers from joining this community. i mean, come on. if you’re that proud of your body, why cant you show your face? is it because its not really your body’s photo? or you’re such a creep that you’re ashamed of us seeing who you really are? i dont mean to generalize but users who usually post those photos are the creepy ones or those who are here just for sex.

  58. i agree with pic profile and to those who wants to see person’s face and yes save those body part in private until u know who ur talking to and its better to see if theres any sparks. save it to someone especial. some people are lookin for serious relationship and we need to be true to ourselves

  59. I work hard to keep my body in shape and I enjoy guys that do the same. Its preference. Most people I know are attracted to a great face and body. That’s normal. Sure vulgar pix may be over the top hopefully ones high standards will dictate what is offensive or not. People are going to show their best self (I hope) but the headless pix are lame. I always think they have a nepharious agenda.

  60. I like being able to choose who will see my face. Especially if I’m undecided about meeting someone. I don’t wanna be getting groceries & run into someone I don’t wanna talk to. Anyone can ask me for a pic & I can make a decision based on my comfort level at that time. I’d also like to be able to grant/refuse permission of others saving my pics.

  61. A smiling face with no sunglasses is definitely the better option for a first impression. The other pics should come second.

  62. I think that if people want to put body shots they should. Some guys or gals might not care about the face and only care about the body, some people might only like a cute face and not care about the body. So if someone posts just body shots and not their face then they are only going to get attention from people who dont need a cute face. Instead of making people put face and body, skout should advise a face shot not force it, but as the lady says u should put both, but at the same time.. What do i know? Lol

  63. I believe it is up to the individual .I’f someone finds a body attractive enough to override their facial features , let them go .When they meet they may or may not like them .Many like face shots first , so body shot fenders may only cost themselves prospective hook ups

  64. If your saying that the main photo should include an unblocked, clearly visible face pic, then I totally agree with you 100%. As long as were aloud to post other pics of ourselves in our profile also.

  65. If WE wanted you to draw the line, WE would have asked, and WE would probably be on eHarmony instead of scout/boyahoy. Of course we are ok with headless body shots. If we aren’t, we just WON’T click on that profile. Don’t try to take away something we love.

  66. I totally agree that it’s ok for body shots but not to include your face is at best creepy. If you don’t show your face you might not get any responses to your flirts.

  67. Let the person decide what type of photo they want to display to the world. If they only want to show themselves from the neck down, let them do it. And if you happen to think that is shallow and superficial, that person probably isn’t someone you would like anyway. Might as well find out right away what they are all about. Let each person decide for him or her own self. If someone wants the world to see what an arrogant, self centered ass they really are, I say step aside…what bugs me more than body-only shots, are stupid bathroom mirror shots with the person looking at themselves on their screen instead of into the camera! So dumb! Also: if u have to pose in the dumb bathroom, at least don’t have the toilet in the background! Doesn’t anyone but me see how unappealing that is?… A good looking guy or girl and a toilet right next to them in the photo! Gee, how sexy. I saw this guy’s pic taken in a public john, standing next to the disgusting urinal! Jeez!…find someone to take your pic for you, somewhere besides the bathroom! How hard can that be?

  68. I think it’s ok if profile is accompanied by facial shots I’m mor concerned at people putting fake pics as their face shots to falsely attract people an some I’ve chatted to seem underage by their immature chat ?? Neil

  69. I think girls have to realize that body shots doesnt give you any respect and no class,I rather see a woman in a beautiful dress than naughty bosyshots,what are you trying to attract anyway?pervs?..once you know the guy then by all means send photos in a private manner..why tell the world,!

  70. Profile pics should definitely include a face! In real life, you talk to a face, not a body. Similar to here – I want to know who I’m talking to, and I can only tell that that through a face pic. If people want to show off their body, then they can do that in nonprofile pics.

    • Ben – With Skout now allowing up to 100 images in a profile, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a real face picture in the mix somewhere!

  71. I kinda agree with the sentiment of what your saying. I tend to ignore profiles that have no face photos. But it is part of the way of these things to want to show off your best features.
    I don’t think you need to change anything on this

  72. Jaxjax – You like…the blog? Me too! :D

    Ronil – Face pixs for the win! Woot!

    Billy – I agree. They practically are asking for that kinda attention by showing the goodies to the whole wide world of Skout.

  73. I haven’t read all comments but the one about success. Nobody said anything about no body pics at all. Bodypics are cool and darn it you should totally show what you’ve been working on.

    But I also agree that it would be nice to see a face as well. At least include your head in the bodyshots…

    So yeah. I agree with this new rule as well :)

  74. I think bodyshots are fine by themselves. If someone wants to increase their chances of meeting someone they can choose to include their face etc. Amd of course we can always ask for a faceshot of we’re interested.

  75. When men only have body shots, it tells ne he’s only interested in one thing and I tend to block them. When they have no pics at all, I block those too.

  76. I think they should stay I’m totally fine with just body shots … As long as theres at least one face picture in the pictures

  77. Dondé queda el respeto a la libertad de expresión y privacidad? Y el respeto a las minorías?, es decir, te aseguro que si pones un blog en un sitio religioso o heterosexual y preguntas si están de acuerdo con la homosexualidad, las estadísticas no te darían la razón y no por eso pensarías en “poner límites” o sí?.
    Te menciono rápidamente algunas razones del porqué perfiles sin foto de cara:
    1. En mi país no hes bien vista la homosexualidad
    2. Si trabajas en una oficina de gobierno y tu cara esta expuesta en un sitio gay y se dan cuenta, se termino tu carrera profesional
    3. Entre la misma comunidad gay, el hecho de que te expongas en un sitio como este, ya es muy criticable: que si no tienes amigos?, que por que te andas exhibiendo en sitios así?, que si tienea tan poca dignidad, que si no tienes la suficiente confianza en tu persona para atraer personas en la vida real y no virtual, etc
    En fin, ojalá publiquen mis comentarios y vean que opina más gente que vive en países latinos (a excepción de España). Gracias.

  78. All of you are forgetting one thing. On the gay dating part of the site, someone may not be publicly out and therefore not happy to post a face pic on their profile for that reason.

  79. Because i live in midlle east its shame to be gay in public or going out ..

    Some guys going out and some rlare not ..

    It’s not risky issue but just a lot of gays playing under the cover cuz i want to avoid people talk .

  80. Body shots are fine, but should not be useable as a main pic, like as on some dating sites. Ad additional pics, they’re ok.

    I have another related suggestion. You should NOT be able to send someone a message if you don’t have pictures added that have been approved yet. Nothing worse than seeing a message in my inbox with the female icon in pink “pending” image status. (Half the time these messages are spam unfortunately, so I delete them without responding.)

  81. I think the profile picture should be of someones face not a body part if they want to put body parts on there other pictures besides the profile that’s fine but I really don’t like clicking on a butt just to see who you are. That’s my opinion. I think ppl put these up sometimes because there body looks better than there face. It’s really ashame. Be happy with who you are.

  82. I don’t think people should upload faceless photos because to me, it means they are only advertising that they are after one thing!!!

  83. Yes, i wud miss ghem n yes, they r the only kknd of pics i wud like to publish in my profile. I wus show my face only after certain screening. I, as some other gay/bisexual men in esstern socirties have privacy issues and want to remain anonymous. Why is it so hard to inderstand n respect?

    • Shawshank – I understand its a sensitive issue but nothing has changed. We just wanted to know what you guys think of the idea. :) No worries!

  84. I don’t think we should be rocking with faceless pics. I don’t wanna end up talking to a “butterface”. It all looks good.. BUT HER FACE!

  85. Excellent debate! Some great points on both sides. I’d like to thank everyone that ventured an opinion & hope they are all checking back to see what others think. It is only when we listen to others with an open mind that we can truly understand each other. I have a few points to make so…where to begin…(jic my phone crashes I’ll break them up)…

  86. For those that feel that faceless profiles have something to hide…
    We all have a few skeletons in the closet, I bet u wouldnt post a pic of ur face when u have the flu…or that time u got really drunk &…
    I think that someone “hiding something” is more likely to post ‘fake’ pics (face & body) than none. Many ppl want to ‘know’ they are chatting w a ‘real’ person but until u r ftf…u really, don’t, know. U need to listen carefully for cues that someone is not who they seem & base your judgement on instinct.

  87. There seems to be a general assumption that body shots = porn, slutty, douchy, etc & that this may or may not be a reflection of what they’re “looking for”. I’m sure many post these bc they feel it will get them more attention. But I really feel that tasteful & creative sexy pics are an expression of personality. My fav example is of a woman, clearly nude & in bed, but no ‘parts’ are visible. Yum ;) sexy & demure. Bravo!

  88. As for those who want to banish anonymity? They have clearly never experienced persistent, unwanted attention…aka ~ been stalked…nuf said…

  89. Unfortunately, we still live in a world of prejudice & misunderstanding. I live in a city where u can be fired for open ‘alternative lifestyle choices’. LGBT as well as fetishes considered outside ‘the normal box’. That’s not what they’ll tell u…but that’s the reality. Not to mention the threat of bullying, violence & general persecution we face world wide…for some, being ‘out’ is just not an option.

  90. different person has different view on showing face pic publicly. due to this program is used for flirting with showing distance, in order not to meet people you are familiar such as colleagues work together, i dont want to show face publicly.

  91. The most disappointing of all? Everyone w the ‘butter’ issue! Really? U don’t want to chat w someone ur not physically attracted too? U, my friend, r robbing urself of the oppourtunity to get to know some of the most amazing ppl in the world!
    But kitty, u say, attraction! Chemistry! 100% agree! But once upon a time, ppl went on dates… sometimes just to be politte! The outcome could be… just polite, a new friend, ca soulmate. They also corresponded by phone, even letter! & were often friends before lovers. Attraction & chemistry grew. Love blossomed. I’m sure everyone’s hadenough of my opinions by now.…so until next time <3 ;)

    • VintageKitten – What an awesome answerrrrrrrrr! I appreciate your input very mucho. Everything you stated was pretty much on point and valid. Go you!

      Keep the debate alivvvvvve!

  92. I want to see peoples face. In my experience ppl that show just their body are only looking for sex. & that’s fine but don’t bother us that want more.

  93. I would miss them horribly but yea it can be taken too far. I find that I’m most interested in the girls who have multiple cute pictures of themselves and those one or two body shots that show how sexy they really are. To me that means the girl is respectable when in public but also shows you that when the two of us are alone it’s all about pleasing each other

  94. I would like to see the face because that is the first thing you base an attraction on. What I hate are the profiles that don’t have a photo or it’s a pic of their cat or truck etc. They can be the nicest person but if the attraction isn’t there why waste their time or mine. It’s all about attraction for me. Seeing a pic of a body just doesn’t do it for me without a face.

  95. Ur blog is great. Who r the developers? I agree w/y’all is why I ask. Also, how do we delete pictures? I want to remove one. Pls help!



  96. I personally don’t talk to a person who only has body pictures with out a face. 99.99% of the time they are fake profiles. I feel a bit more comfortable talking to someone who I can see their face as well as their body, and especially when they want to see pictures of me. I’ve encountered many guys that as soon as I ask for normal pictures of their face they say they currently have none. I wish their was a way to make sure people don’t lie about who they are; it defeats the purpose of this app.

  97. I think many of you are missing the piont.
    People are all different.
    Some people are into physical first. Some are into smiles first.
    if you dont like the way some one is projecting themselves then chances are you won’t like them. In which case the profile has done it’s job.

    For those of you who don’t like the body shots, would you next like to go on and ban people who read a different newspaper or yourself?

    I say let’s celebrate the diversity

    Btw I just met someone on here who dosnt have any real shots of here self on her profile, because her ex is also on this site. I think that’s fare enough eh

  98. Read a lot of interesting replies to this topic. I agree a face is important in the pic. Just to add something to faces in pics, I believe “to each his own”, and what I mean is as a flirt app people need to keep in mind the kind of people they want to attract! I know a few people who are more than willing to show off there body in a very sexy way but complain because they can’t find a good match. I think people should consider what they are really looking for(flirt,social,just fun) before posting any pics, body shots or not!

  99. Nick – “let’s celebrate the diversity” Let’s! I’m beginning to understand the many reasons why people take headless pixs. I SEE THE LIGHT! Hahaha.

    People want to be anonymous and for whatever reason it may be, we got to respect it.

  100. Theyre nice to loooook at. BUT, it gives people less of a reason to respond to a faceless profile because the chances of them being fake are higher. So why bother talking to someone who can possibly be a fake? Faceless pics shouldnt be prohibited though.

  101. Body is not everything if there is no brain ! Well boys might like it tho ;)
    It’s more about personality not just looks.
    These days there is to much nudity and not much of good, honest lovely people hard to find someone with manners. I think body images should be left for the peson we love not all viewers.

  102. Perhaps body shot should be accept to appoint like face included or let people what they feel comfortable doing just take in how others feel on this

  103. To be honest I think it’s kind of trampy when people put just body shots I know if you’ve got it flaunt it saying but it de-grades this app for example my friend added it and saw all the topless men and women with little clothing on and deleted it straight away it looks gross and not attrative and makes the site look trampy

  104. Live and let live. Let the people do there own thing. If somebodies thing bothers you, block them. You have the option, let them have theirs.

  105. It is silly, but today’s society has many losers, both male and female, that could care less about looks and personality and want to base their emotionless encounters and social peacocking of their mate based solely on specific body parts. That’s the progression of what beauty is in a world with dumb people and divorce rates that are sky high.

  106. Let people publish what they want. The more rules you have the less fun the app is. People who don’t like body shots will talk to people showing their face.
    While we are at it, why no nudes? We are all adults here and it’s not the 1950′s anymore. People show their bodys all the time these days.

  107. Personally, i like the body shots, but face shots are nice (did i just say that?????) …. I really dig eyes….

  108. Lol I’d miss that girls body jfs lol. I think pics like that are cool n all but it should be up to the user. If a guy or girl is just there for there body then let em.

  109. I really enjoy seeing shirtless pics but with the faces on them and I also dont like the bathroom pics but it’s nice to see there eyes

  110. Personally, I don’t like apps that censor things. What pics a person displays here is there own business, and that actually tells you more about that person than if everyone has some cloned head shot. Sure I like to see faces, but it’s my decision if I wanna talk to someone who doesn’t have a face pic.

    Also, when it comes to gay folks using the app, some of them are still closeted and don’t want to out themselves to the world by immediately displaying a mug shot. I think you need to be sensitive to that. Straight folks don’t worry about that because they’re not worried about other people judging them for their sexuality. If you make all the gay people display face pics up front a lot of them will not use the app, and that’s sad because for a lot of closeted gays, the Internet may be the only outlet they have. Please let people make their own decisions based on what they are comfortable with.

  111. It’s legit if u want to show off ur abs or boobs really.. But at least have one real face pix with a decent light on..
    Butter face is definitely a turn off.. Plus if u like talking to a torso, maybe u should get a torso manequin instead..
    I’m into face pix.. Well lit..

  112. I think I quite agree.Not being rude but I tend not to reply to messages just sent by body parts or pictureless.I get some people don’t want to be seen,privacy etc but does appear slightly suspect,I wouldn’t trust them particularly if it’s someone who doesn’t have a new profile or account

  113. I feel that if someone is showing thier body and no face it most likely is NOT them…and that’s just crazy and scary actually…

  114. Although the pics of body parts are very sexy in both the female and male form I do agree with the idea of having the posters post thier face along with thier bodies. Like you said, I’d also like to know who I’m talking to not just thier body:)

  115. Body shots say to me “Look at my body that’s all there is to me” seeings how when I talk to people I look at their face not there boobs butt arm etc. I’d like to see their eyes and smiles.

  116. I feel if a person wants to pit ANY kind of picture they want out there. Having said that I think there should be a requirement they have at least ONE face pick. And I mean a pic where you can actually see their face…lol

  117. I think girls who have pics like those above r just too ugly to show their face, and same for the guys, seriously ppl we wanna c ur face!

  118. The pics posted are a public service. They indicate “I am the type of person who does this. Judge me for it.”

    There are people who will judge you for having a body shot as “slutty”. But if you don’t have a body shot you’re probably a “fat slob whose trying to hide it” or “too prudish”.
    If you don’t have a face pic then you “must be a butterface”, but if you have a face pic and you’re ugly, they’re going to be just as petty and judgmental.
    How are we suppose to exercise our personal prejudices, if the other person can not post their choice of pics?
    If people are serious about wanting to search for “personality”, then all pics need to disappear. Otherwise, choosing by face is no different than choosing by abs, boobs, butt, feet, tattoos, bed shots, bathroom shots (with or without toilets), pets, cartoons, or whatever else.
    All people will judge, no matter what. Give them something to judge.

  119. Yeah but so what if they dont wana show thier face yeah maybe they are ugly and don’t like the way their face looks but they may like their body becoz they kno it attracts attention ! And we all know that is the point of this Flurv! is to attract the opposite sex or same sex watever your choice but my point is wether u show just face pics, body and face or just all body why does it matter! As a few people have said they are more interested in great body and ugly face then bad body and pretty face! All males and females have different opinions on what they find attractive some may care about how the body looks some may care more about face appearance and some may like both to look great! Whoever you are we all have are differences, yes my opinion I like seeing body and face on peoples profile not just body but there is alot of people out there are just interested in body appearance I have known many! So people just stop judging! You don’t like the males or females body pics then don’t look move on get over it if your not interested then move on and find watever interests you and just leave those people alone let them do what they wish and let the people that are interested in that sort of thing have a perv at the bodys if the people want to show of their body’s let them it’s none of your business if you don’t like what you see then as I said before don’t look ! :) thankyou people for your taking your time to read .

  120. I dont care if this is gonna be forbidden..
    I dont miss those piccs
    I dont talk to men/boys who have a pic without a face (: lol

    just draw any line you wanted.. I cant agree with you more!

    and girls? wants te fun being a hooker?

  121. I believe that the face is central to communication. It essential to establish the lines of communication n to foster a sense of security n trust. Yes, I understand the need to showcase or highlight one’s best bodily features but the face remains to be the best physical feature one can showcase.

  122. Honestly it’s the users’ choice and if you remove that choice from our (the users) control it seems a wee bit communist…. Lol

  123. I can’t show my face on social networking sites, so I would be happy if (tasteful/non-nude) body shots were acceptable.

  124. I just read 90% of the comments and I wanted to add that not everyone on this app has a job where your Internet activities are ignored! Some of us have professional jobs and CAN’T show our faces. It’s not because we’re ugly or married, it’s because we don’t want to be fired for having our faces on these sites! I have no problem sending a face pic to someone I’m “seriously” chatting with, but not everyone gets a face pic. If face pics are required, those of us who can’t show our faces on here will just be pictureless.

  125. Sheena it’s hard to pls everyone. Body wif face or without. Cute face or not. Pictures scenary etc . I think they r all gut, dats how they want to express themselves. As long the pictures r not Xrated in the profile. N with the block n report features, these allow users to screen who they want to talk to or not. I dun mind checking ppls rip body or sexy ones. Or faces, art or their interests. They make this place fun to be at, make friends or flirt with. If they meet after, that’s their business.

  126. I like pics of girls bods it gives them the allure of anonymity without being too revealing if they want to show us the rest at their discretion then that should be allowed personally my abs are what I think are my best quality but I’m self-conscious about my face

  127. I actually agree without no arguments I feel the same way when I’m looking at guys I’m hmmm okay u got a goood body but where is ur face? How can u prove ur not an old creeper that wants little boys or just sex hookups or watch out rapes. Which is why I’m interested in personality and facial, body is just an option or bonus. Amen.

  128. Body shots are great and should be allowed however a face shot should also be visible either the same pic or an additional pic

  129. hi there, just coming from a guy thatlikes to save the face pic for last – many times i put one here, meet the other person, and they say “you look way better in person dude!”, and the other thing, ive had guys call me out in public, when im not out all the way yet, and its embarrassing!!!! Sorry, if you make it mandatory for a face, i will sadly go.

  130. I’m torn on the subject, but sad to say some people feel that is their asset or what they have “to get them in the door” or they just would like to remain anynomus just incase they are seen in public, or even gave a job where being seen on here could prove detrimental… All in all, if folk feel that that’s their profile why prohibit it, just “suggest” that it would be a good idea to include a head shot

  131. I LOVE body shots, I think you should in no way have to have rules as to what pictures you’re allowed to post, it’s like an expression of your personality. DON’T get rid of the body shots please!

  132. I have no problem with body shots unless u have face pics as well and the face pic is ur display pic but most of the ones with the nice body no face r usually fake people u get from a google search so they can get attention and feel liked instead of showing who u r and having people judge ur personality.. I’m not that attractive but i still show face and I don’t got abs to show off but I’m not fat either lol

  133. People should be allowed to express themselves however they feel comfortable with. It’s part of their personality and comfort level and should not be forced. If someone didn’t post a face pic and you don’t like it, you don’t have to interact with them. Or you can request a face pic and go from there. Besides that, you can’t be sure that the pic you see is genuine anyway. It’s Internet and user beware.

  134. I would LOVE to see more faces!! The body shots can be so deceiving!!! I’ve seen some great bodies and more then once have I recieved a pic of their face and I’m totally turned off. blah plus all I’ve seen were body shots as profile pics. seriously tho, we all judge faces and then everything else.

  135. Let people put what they want. If you don’t like it ignore them. Their choice / your choice. Don’t impose your opinion on everyone.

  136. I don’t think that it should be censored. It’s much more up to what the person wants, if they want someone to take them seriously, then they should include a face shot. If they just want people to look at them as sex toys and nothing more… Well their choice.

    I think the younger crowd just needs more forum posts to learn that if they want to stop dating assholes who want more than a piece of butt, then learn how to market yorself better.

  137. I agree a well. I wanna know who I’m talking to and its not a dudes stomach or butt it’s his face plus guys usually end up sending those kinds of pics anyways to each other lol so might as well show the face first. Unless you a buttaface LOL then I guess it’s understandable haha

  138. YES! Get rid of the butterface epidemic! I say the policy should be this: You should add a section to the info that declares if you would wear a paper bag over your head during intercourse,the people who say yes may post body shots :) ROFL

  139. Tired of body shots. Its about time for people to realize that if they are worried about being OUT then first off, dont come out here. Second your straight friends see you in these sites they are not straight, end of discussion.

  140. Why make it a big deal? Let people post pictures that they want to, as long as they’re not explicit. If you dont like the pictures then don’t bother viewing them! Don’t restrict what (unexplicit) pictures someone can and can’t post of themselves. Thanks.

    • Cody – We don’t wanna restrict anyone from doing anything but sometimes we just can’t ignore it. You said, “as long as they’re not explicit.” but some people don’t know where to draw the line…

  141. I however dnt seee th: point of taking a body pic if your not going to put yur face in it.

    1. It makes someone think that it’s NOT you
    2. The picture is less personal and pointless
    3. Ppl think you have an UGLY face yet hot body

    My advice is that body pics are MOST sexy when yur face is included in th: body pic. (:

  142. I think that the persons photo says alot about there character and who they are! I don’t want to talk to girls that show off there body parts on a flirt app!! If u restrict every one to face shots only, it’s going to be a little tricky for us decent guys to find those decent lady’s.. Plus what ever happened to freedom? Just let people express them selves with out too many regulations.

  143. I think it’s extremely hypocritical when girls do that. Girls always get so pissed whenever a guy just comments on their body and stuff and NOT on them or their personality. Yet, here you are posting only pictures of your body on a website. I find it dumb, and it would be nice to cut down on all of those. It’s really annoying. I, for one, do actually care about what your face looks like.

  144. The reason I choose (yes, I did say CHOOSE!) not to display my face pic is strictly for privacy issues, nothing else!! Yes, I am goodlooking and am ‘out of the closet’, but please respect my privacy and my decision to show the public what I choose to! If I find someone I wanna chat with, meet up with or feel I can trust, I’ll send them a face pic…what’s wrong with that? On the other hand, there are people that may be online that I prefer not to let know that I’m online or using a site like this…freaks, stalkers, family or friends…etc. But that is MY choice, not yours!! I’ve never had a complaint about the body pic I have posted!! If anything, I get more requests than I can count to send face pics…I choose who I send them to thank you!!

  145. You can always ask for face in chat. Hidding my for privacy purposes, hoewer will show it uppon acceted requests. I like the option to have full privacy. Thanks Scout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. @rob- I agree. For the LGBT community there are TONS of people that have not come out. Why does everyone assume that coming out is a positive? Behind closed doors, I don’t want to know what straights do let alone gays. Why does everyone have a need to know everyones business these days?? I’m an attractive guy who works out hard at the gym. I’ve posted face pics but then removed them after coworkers “found me out” and then harrassed me. People can be crazy. I like keeping my work and private life separate. It’s No ones business what I do in my spare time and I always let others know a face pic is available. Not all headless shots are due to having a “butter-face” some of us cherish our privacy.

  147. I would miss the body shots!!! There also be mitigating circumstances as to why they do not want to show there face, besides the fact they got a messed up grill. Some people are concerned about their stature within the community, they might not be out of the closet, or hell they just need that extra discretion. Ultimately I feel we are a community of adults and think that life will go on and be pretty much the same if we keep the body shot :) Have a great day everyone!!!

  148. I believe that it should be up to the persons perspective. Some people don’t have a high self-esteem on how their face looks compared to their body. I understand that maybe having a picture with your face may get you more people talking with you….but what if the way your face is compared to your body keeps people from talking to you? Then it’s just a waste of time even if you had the best personality in the world

  149. Yes it is pain to see guys with body shots and women in the same I would like to get to know who I’m talking to and not be thinking of a nude or almost nude person

  150. Pics lik diz are good so u can see what dat person iz working wit most people like to show off what they have and not afraid to show it now we should be able to put pics up like this it just cant be too where it show they actual sexual part we should be allowed to put what ever picture we want if its apporiate not bout sex..……………………

    Ps. Thanks

  151. It is a simple culture for socailnetwork. I thought.for example if you have the long long teeth come over your mouth.You will post your photo for show everyone.I thought not,but everybody are human same 2eyes 2hands 2feet can talk that enough.Oh someone who has a perfect body face they could be show it is not wrong.It seem what is in our head.Like the coin has 2faces.good and bad.

  152. I can’t say I don’t like body shots of girls, but I do agree that I’d like to see who I’m trying to talk to. I personally like my body and my face so I try to get as much of both in the picture as I can.

  153. A headless body leaves me indifferent, so a nice body (perfection doesn’t exist) with a beautiful smile is the best kind of picture. Agree with you!

  154. I think from all the messages I read it was based on more of an interest of the individual viewing yet it’s important to note that even in this day and age having an interest in the same sex can cause some serious issues in people’s lives. I know this very personally from living in Idaho a very conservative state with the right to fire.. I choose to conceal my idenity for many reasons but mostly out of my professional concern I’m a nurse and work in a major hospital where things would get weird if some patients found me online in their religious hunt. Just something to conside I decide who I trust am who will get what ultimately forcing the issue with form me to choose differently.

  155. I think we should have the opportunity to show our goodies.. Not meaning our nudeness but with some little clothes on. It’s not like were showing our nipples or clitoris. Sorry no disrespect. Thank u.

  156. Hi there. I think I don’t have to explain that quite a lot of (gay) users are utilizing this app for various purposes of having a hook up with much less than a romantic background in mind. And on top of that, some (thats where I am affected) may have an open ltr or simply cheat on their partner. That’s why the gps based grids offer a lot of potent disaster for people that don’t want to be recognized at first sight. Having someone who knows both of the couple running to the other and telling on the scout user isnt what they intend to happen.
    Personally I don’t cheat. We made that arrangement but Ofc heavy hearted since I’m the one moving out bc I need more than my purely passive partner is even able to give. And yet, I don’t want to hurt his feelings. The thought of a friend we may both know telling him anything about this is in no way sympathetic or caring. And there’s much more that could happen.
    I had a hard time to even get one pic into my profile with my iPhone in front of my face. Dunno if thats because of how your system works or your policy behind it. But it’s literally a pain and i feel people with different interests all using scout should be free to choose how they setup for their individual needs! It’s pathetic to mingle it all together into a happy go lucky scenery where only true and honest love is sought and found. You know its not like that.
    Sincerely yours

  157. I know this topic is old but I just wanted to say I think face pics should be required I mean whats the point of not having one other then to hide something. Also there could be a verified section for people who don’t mind proving themselves and could possibly have some sort of incentive to motivate people to as I encounter too many fakes in the GLBTcommunity where it seems more prevalent. Just a suggestion and requiring a face pic doesn’t mean you can’t have a body pic just that you should have atleast one face pic I mean whats so hard about taking a facial pic just a easy as abody one.

  158. Face is a part of your body just like every other part.why tell someone they are required to show a certain part if it’s not their best?I know girls with a nice body and avg faces and girls with gorgeous faces and not so much should be choice.

  159. I like that this topic is up but my opinion is if a person wants to show off what they work hard on why not display it woman love being sexy they always have and always will men like to show theyre masculinity y not let em as far as im concerned thats the great thing about america…

  160. Well, understand the idea but don’t fully agree! Yes, of course face should be on some pics but what should I do if I wanna show my tattooes? Tried to upload 3 pics but all was denied. If you got x normal facepics you should be allowed to bend the rules and put some pics without face.
    Or maybe I shall try to take a pic on my back with my face reflected in a mirror?

  161. Body shots are a more accurate representation of someone than most of the pictures I see of girls with caked up make up and MySpace angles. Honestly, I’m getting a bit tired of meeting girls in person who look nothing like they do in their pictures on here.

  162. I see nothing wrong with sensual, sexy, body defining prints so long as they are tasteful and are within a certain caliber of art.

  163. I personally see nothing wrong with your implementation, just one thing…Why is other guys on here can showcase themselves but you rain fire on me? Wtf is up with that?

  164. I see no harm in body shots from either sex with or with out a face! After all a vast majority of us flick throug profile after profile till we “see” someone who catches our attention yeh? Although I’ve tried many times uploading a body/face shot and keeps being deleted. Is there a descriptive guideline posted that we could read in order to kno what is approve and not approved?

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