Get Stuck on New Skout Stickers

Low on Points? You can still afford to shop in the Gift Store, because Skout just debuted its Stickers line. All Stickers are 30 points or less and are a fun and easy way to connect with other Skouters. They show emotions in a unique manner – way more original than emojis!

Kicking off the Stickers line are Boyo and Pandie:

Boyo is perfect for expressing a range of emotions.

Boyo is perfect for expressing a range of emotions.

Who loves a Sad Panda? Skouters!

Who loves a Sad Panda? Skouters!

Keep checking in on the Gift Store, because Stickers – along with other categories – are updated regularly! Have you checked out the Gift Store lately?

Stand out among Skouters by giving a Gift!

Stand out among Skouters by giving a Gift!

Tap here for a refresher on how and when to give a Gift to a Skouter.

Online Friends Rock!

What do you do when you’re bored, home sick or awake late at night? Turn to your Online Friend (OF)!

Unlike clubs, bars and school, Skout is open 24 hours a day for people to connect. Skouters have told us that they start each day by logging on to Skout, seeing what people are up to, and chatting with OFs. Those are your people to whom you can seek out opinions about your interview outfit or where to find a good burrito.

Also, hanging out with OFs means you can have a great conversation without having to brush your hair or put on pants!

OFs provide great chat without having to leave your room!

OFs provide great chat without having to leave your room!

How to find OFs? Log on to Skout and try one of these features:

  • Post AND comment on Buzz. Show Skouters why they’d want to be OFs with you by being positive and engaging.
  • Find Skouters with whom you have things in common on Meet People. But first, be sure your profile is up to date! Have you filled out your interests? Do you mention if you’re single or in a relationship?
  • Let serendipity take over with Shake-to-Chat. Stand out among the “Hey, what’s up,” with one of these 10 iceshakers.

Do you have an OF you met on Skout? Please tell us at


Skout Your Way! How to Favorite – and Block – People

The power of Skout lies in your fingertips. If you’re enjoying a chat with another Skouter, you’ll want to find them again the next time you log in. On the flip-side, if a person is making you uncomfortable, you can make sure you never see him or her again.

Read on to learn how to favorite and block Skout users.

So you’re having a great Chat with a Skouter, but it’s time for you to put your device down and do something else. How will you find that person next time you log back on to Skout? Very simple: Make the user one of your Favorites!

Click the star icon that says “Favorite.”

Click the star icon that says “Favorite.”

From either your smartphone or the Skout website, go to the Skouter’s profile and click or tap on the star icon that says “Favorite.” That’s it – you can now return to your own profile at any time to see if your favorite Skouters are online!

Go a step further and make Skouters your Friends by adding them via SkoutID. Click here for instructions on how to set up your SkoutID and add Friends.

We want everyone to have fun and feel safe on Skout. You are the boss of your profile on Skout, so if a user is making you uncomfortable, saying inappropriate or hurtful things, or sending you pictures of things you don’t want to see, you have the ability to block that user and/or report him or her. Once you block users you can no longer see them, and they can no longer see you.

After you've clicked "More,” you can select “Report” or “Block.”

After you’ve clicked “More,” you can select “Report” or “Block.”

To report or block someone, go to the user’s profile page and click on “More.” From there you have the option to select “Report” or “Block.” A user can be reported for sexual content, violent or repulsive content, hateful or discriminatory content, harmful and dangerous content, copyrighted content, spam or a scam, or underage content.

Skout Buzzes With Resolutions

Skout resolves to help you with your resolutions! You posted them on Buzz – tagged #2015 – so now they’re public, and we’re holding you to them. Here are our favorites:

This year Steph vows to rekindle her love affair with literature.

SkoutID: curlsthatkick

SkoutID: curlsthatkick

Fazzley wants to learn as much as he can about lots of things, starting off with snowboarding!

SkoutID: planckmax

SkoutID: planckmax

This is a game-changer year for Ashish Gill: “Till this year ends, I’m gonna make my life how I want it rather than how it is now.”

SkoutID: ashish2811

SkoutID: ashish2811

Skout Travel Connects You Worldwide

Meet new friends around the world – anytime, anywhere with Skout’s popular Travel feature. It’s a huge community at your fingertips!

With Skout Travel, you can meet new friends online in cities you’ve always wanted to visit and make real-life plans before you grab your passport and hop on the plane. Skout Travel helps you avoid stale anonymous travel trips on blogs and ensures you’ll have friends with whom to meet up wherever you go!

Watch how Emily used Skout to make her trip to San Francisco more fun:

Download the Skout app for free at, scroll down to Skout Travel, and start traveling today!

Find the Skout Travel feature under "Unlock More Fun"!

Find the Skout Travel feature under “Unlock More Fun”!

5 Skout Buzz Tips

Fun fact: You’re 85 percent more likely to receive a comment on your Buzz if you include a photo! Read on for five tips to get chatting with fellow Skouters today:

Include a photo in your Buzz -- and be positive! -- to encourage more interaction with Skouters.

Include a photo in your Buzz — and be positive! — to encourage more interaction with Skouters.

  1. Include a photo. Go beyond the standard selfie and make your Buzz stand out by posting unique photos. Skouters love dog and cat photos!
  2. Be positive. Plenty of people post negative Buzz, and from what we’ve seen, Skouters don’t want that and so they don’t engage in it. Leave the woe-is-me posts for your diary.
  3. Ask a question. Skouters LOVE to tell you what they think, so ask for restaurant and workout recommendations, which team they’re rooting for, book and film suggestions and more.
  4. Be friendly. People join Skout for many reasons: to make new friends, to chat with Skouters all over the world, and to find people to date, among other things. Don’t assume Skouters are here just to hook up – you’ll come across as creepy and aggressive.
  5. Proofread. Reread before you post! Typos have the potential to discredit your Buzz.

Skout Presents … Your Favorite Holiday Gifts!

Were you on the naughty or nice list this past holiday? Skouters were certainly good, as evidenced by all the presents you posted on Buzz!

Our very own Skoutie Dog took a break from taking selfies with his new hat and scarf to choose his favorite Buzz posts hashtagged #gift.

Skoutie Dog is pawsitively pleased with his new hat and scarf!

Skoutie Dog is pawsitively pleased with his new hat and scarf!

These Skouters each won a luxury car from the Skout Gift Store and 1,000 Points!

Sweets for sweet Skouter Mel (SkoutID mel3089).

Of course Skoutie approves of Kat Hoover’s (SkoutID s0urskittles1) furrylicious gift!

Christian (SkoutID mryellowtee) said his favorite gift is spending time with loved ones.

Keep an eye on your Chat notifications for more hashtag contests!

Dogs vs. Cats — Skouters Decide!

The fur was flying as Skout offered up free puppy and kitty stockings during the holidays!

Skouters were able to visit the Gift Store and choose which pawsitively adorable stocking to give their online friends.

So … which stocking was the most popular?


Find this wooftastic puppy stocking in the Skout Gift Store!

Skouters gave the puppy stocking to their friends more than twice as much as they handed out the kitty stocking. Poor kitty …

You can find this purrrfectly adorable kitty stocking in the Skout Gift Store.

Skout is giving away the puppy stocking for free today!

Spotlight on Skouters’ Seasonal Selfies

How were your ho-ho-holidays? Skouters spent them with family and friends, new and old, as evidenced by all the photos you posted on Buzz. Skoutie Dog loves a good selfie, so he asked Skouters to tag theirs with #win for a chance to earn 1,000 Points. Here are Skoutie’s favorites:

SkoutID iamn4red is all set for presents under the tree!
SkoutID iamn4red

SkoutID melodyanning rocks the reindeer antlers.

SkoutID nataly1992 is going to Disney!

SkoutID whina007 wishes for a peaceful holiday.

Congratulations to the winners, and keep an eye on your Chat for more Skout contests on Buzz!

6 Resolutions for the New Year

The clock is ticking on 2014, and now is the time to make New Year resolutions! Let Skout help you with those:

Use Skout to fulfill your New Year resolutions!

Use Skout to fulfill your New Year resolutions!

  1. Volunteer. Skouters are good folks. They’ve gathered together to raise money for their fellow Skouters in need, and they’ve inspired others to help out people. Post on Buzz that you’re looking for a charity for which to volunteer, or make a request for others to alert you to an organization that could use assistance. You can make new friends AND help your community at the same time!
  2. Network. Start a new career in 2015! Post on Buzz that you’re looking for a new job, list your skills, and then ask Skouters to let you know if they hear of anything in your field.
  3. Travel. There’s a whole world out there to explore. Virtually visit your destination first with Skout and ask the locals for recommendations on places to dine and have fun. You can even make plans to meet up once you arrive!
  4. Read more. Skout has a Wink Bomb just for you! Tap on “Select on your greeting” and then choose “Read any good books lately?” This is my favorite Wink Bomb and is a great way to add books to your list as well as chat with fellow readers.
  5. Try a new sport or other activity. Looking for a pickup soccer match or coed softball league? Interested in rock climbing but lack a partner? Post on Buzz and say you want to try something new!
  6. Make new friends. Expand your social circle by meeting new people on Skout. Fill out your profile with photos, your interests and what type of people you want to meet.