4 Tips for a Selfie Win

What was the last selfie you took? Did you aim the lens down your shirt? Did you take a photo of your lap area? Are you just a Headless Torso? If so, you’re doing it wrong!

Skout is a place to meet new people. But it can be challenging to know with whom to start a Chat among all the generic selfies that can fill Buzz. And how do you make yourself stand out in Meet People?

Skoutie Dog says if you're going to snap selfies, make 'em a #SelfieWin!

Skoutie Dog says if you’re going to snap selfies, make ‘em a #SelfieWin!

Skoutie, Skout’s resident selfie-obsessed mascot, has four tips to snap your own #SelfieWin.

  1. Step out of the bathroom. There is NOTHING sexy about your dingy bathroom with toiletries strewn around. And aiming the camera at the mirror makes everything look blurry.
  2. This selfie is shot from an angle AND includes a pet prop.

    This selfie is shot from an angle AND includes a pet prop.

  3. Use props. You may be the most beautiful person in the world, but a generic selfie just gets lost among the rest. Throw on a cap to represent your team, or drag your cat into the photo. Showcase your personality!
  4. Shoot from an angle. Holding your camera straight out can cause the dreaded triple chin. To capture a more flattering angle, hold your device above your head, aiming downward.
  5. Friend-filled selfies cut down on the self-absorption.

    Friend-filled selfies cut down on the self-absorption.

  6. Go beyond the selfie. Is it still a selfie if your friends are in the picture? Well, it’s still self-photographed, right? A group shot shows you’re having fun and can also make you seem more approachable.

This holiday, go beyond the standard selfie – trick out your profile with super seasonal selfies!

Skouters Stuff Buzz With Thanksgiving Photos

Gobble gobble – what was your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Stuffin the Skout Turkey asked Skouters to post their holiday photos with the hashtag #Stuffin. He chose these to win Skout Points!

Stuffin’s favorite Skouter is SkoutID siontist, who skipped the turkey in favor of ribs this year.

SkoutID siontist

SkoutID siontist

SkoutID typnt prefers sweet to savory, as evidenced by the few cupcakes left in her box.

SkoutID typnt

SkoutID typnt

See what else these Skouters are posting by finding them via SkoutID – don’t forget to set up your SkoutID too! Tap here to see how.

Skout Out Your Own Friendly Holiday Traditions

December is often viewed as a bustling, happy, family-oriented time. For Skouters who, for myriad reasons, don’t have families – or just don’t want to be around relatives too much – the winter holidays can feel lonely and isolating. But Skout is here to tell you: Reclaim the season!

Friends are family you choose for yourself, and this month, why not meet new people and create new traditions?

Because Skout is a geo-location app, you can tap Meet People or post on Buzz to find people nearby who want to experience Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve with new friends. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Holiday light viewing. Most towns have a block or two where all the inhabitants decorate their houses to the 9s. It’s nice to escape shopping madness and just take a slow stroll amid all the sparkling lights. Bring along a Thermos of hot cocoa or cider to share!

Ugly-sweater parties. Going to parties can be stressful if you’re the type of person who worries about what you’re going to wear. Fortunately, ugly-sweater parties put everyone on the same level of terrible fashion sense. And while you’re at the thrift store, you can do some white-elephant shopping, too!

When friends gather to bake cookies, you have to taste-test them all!

When friends gather to bake cookies, you have to taste-test them all!

Bake cookies. Is there anything better than the scent of freshly baked cookies? Invite friends over and suggest everyone bake a different type of cookie – look up recipes in case anyone needs inspiration. This is a great time to recycle all those tins you’ve acquired – line them with festive paper, fill them with a variety of cookies, and hand them out as gifts! Which brings us to …

Handmade gifts are more personal – and more fun – when you make them with friends!

Handmade gifts are more personal – and more fun – when you make them with friends!

Make gifts. Tis better to give than to receive, but not everyone has a bottomless wallet. So scan Pinterest and blogs for DIY gifts, such as scented lotions, hot cocoa kits and upcycled mint tins. Then host a “crafternoon,” in which friends gather to make gifts. It’s a great way to escape the malls and save money. And by making presents with a group, you can exchange tips and ideas, as well.

Volunteer. Make the holidays more about “presence” than “presents” by volunteering for a local charity. Enlist friends and find a soup kitchen, shelter or food bank that needs assistance. Who knows – your group of friends may be inspired to volunteer regularly throughout the New Year! If you’re pressed for time, remember that giving back to your community can be as simple as donating to less-fortunate people.

Skout Success: Skouters Inspiring Others

People meet each on Skout to chat, get together in real life and sometimes, as in the case of Skouter Goons.Inc, to inspire each other. Goons.Inc posted on Buzz that he’d given a homeless man one of his extra blankets:


Challenging other Skouters to do the same got the pay-it-forward ball rolling:



This is what we love about Skout: The good feelings and actions by other Skouters that bring out the best in all of us.

Have you been inspired by a Skouter lately? Please tell us at successstories@skout.com.

Don’t forget to friend Goons.Inc — you find him by his SkoutID: Goonies420.

Skoutie Wants Your Success Stories

Rrrrrufff! Did you know I met my best pal Daisy on Skout? I also have a Japanese language buddy, Shiba! Do you have a Skout success story to share?


Include your success story in the form above or send your story directly to successstories@skout.com.

Daisy and I look forward to reading all of your great success stories. *wag* *wag*


Tis the Season for Giving Virtual Gifts

What do you give the friend with whom you chat online every day? An online gift, of course! Skout just unwrapped new holiday-themed presents in the Gift Store. Here’s a sneak peek at just some of the new Gifts:

Puppies and snowmen and Christmas trees – oh my!

Puppies and snowmen and Christmas trees – oh my!

Holiday Gifts also include Santa, candy canes and even New Year’s Eve bubbly. Visit the Gift Store to see them all!

In this digital age, virtual gifts are growing in popularity. Online friends may meet in real life or not, but it’s the Internet where conversation takes place, so it makes sense to do your gift giving there, too.

Never given a Gift to a Skouter? Click here to learn how.

How to Save Thanksgiving: Top Turkey Turmoils and More

Young men – followed by vegetarians?! – are most likely to try to pass off a store-bought dish as homemade on Thanksgiving! That’s just one dishy statistic we learned from Skout’s Thanksgiving survey.

Have you ever passed off a store-bought dish as homemade?

Have you ever passed off a store-bought dish as homemade?

More than 1,300 Skouters responded to our survey, and the results have been reported on by websites such as Bustle as well as heating up the airwaves – we’ve heard lots of radio DJs talking about your survey answers!

Dive into a helping of our favorite survey findings:

Nearly half the United States will be doing Thanksgiving potluck-style this year.
• 44 percent of Skouters surveyed plan to share kitchen responsibilities with their host and celebrate the meal potluck-style.

Want to ensure everyone enjoys Thanksgiving? Prepare some conversation starters!
• When asked what is most likely to ruin Thanksgiving, “awkward conversations” topped the list by a long shot, with 46 percent of those surveyed selecting this.
• 37 percent of Skouters surveyed said a poorly cooked meal is most likely to ruin Thanksgiving.
• 17 percent of those surveyed said the top way to ruin Thanksgiving is when the host doesn’t put forth much effort into hosting a festive celebration.

With whom do you spend Thanksgiving: Family or friends?

With whom do you spend Thanksgiving: Family or friends?

Think 20-somethings are driving the Friendsgiving trend? Think again.
• Only 11 percent of Skouters age 18-29 plan to spend Thanksgiving with friends this year, according to our survey, while 18 percent of adults age 30-39 plan to do so.

Football on Thanksgiving? The majority says yes, they’ll tune in.
• Watching the big football games with friends and family on Thanksgiving is a tradition for many, and 53 percent of Skouters said they plan to tune in this year, while 47 percent said they can think of better things to do.

Quality time trumps the actual meal.
• When asked what the best part of Thanksgiving is, 61 percent of Skouters surveyed said that spending time with friends and family tops the list.
• 26 percent of Skouters surveyed said Thanksgiving dinner is the best part of the day, while 13 percent said leftovers are what they most look forward to.

Survey says … Thanksgiving is a day for quality time with friends and family – not for shopping.
• 77 percent of Skouters age 18-39 said that retail stores should not be open on Thanksgiving so that employees can enjoy time with their friends and family.

Keep an eye out on Skout for more surveys!

Skouters Save the Selfies for Skoutie Dog

Have you met Skoutie? He’s our wooftastic doggie friend. While he’s gosh-darned cute, Skoutie is also obsessed with selfies, as you can see on his profile.

Skout has decided to leave the selfies to Skoutie. We want to see YOU in your natural element. We asked Skouters to post a picture to Buzz that best describes themselves, hashtagged #Me. There was only one rule: No selfies, because those are Skoutie’s thing! So if you submitted a selfie, you were barking up the wrong tree.

These three Skouters each won 1,000 Points. Look, Skouters – no selfies!

Skouter mxgirlkymi’s idea of fun takes her to new heights!

SkoutID: mxgirlkymi

SkoutID: mxgirlkymi

Skouter lilkopy takes “supporting friends” literally!

SkoutID: lilkopy

SkoutID: lilkopy

Skouter therockspecial shows her love for art and pizza.

SkoutID: therockspecial

SkoutID: therockspecial

Stay tuned for more hashtag contests, and please, throw us a bone – keep making Buzz fun with your creative photos, and leave the selfies to Skoutie!

Why You Should Set Up Your SkoutID

I was chatting with a nice Skouter the other day, when I realized that he had a lot in common with another Skout friend of mine. The fellow was game for a little matchmaking, so he gave me his SkoutID to give to my friend. And now they’re chatting.

Without that SkoutID, I would not have been able to connect these two people. Because Skout is a place to meet new people, but it’s dependent on who’s online and nearby. Once you chat with someone, you need to find a way to keep track of them, and SkoutID is one answer!

Your Friends list is how you can keep track of the people with whom you most want to chat. And in order to add people to your Friends list, you must know their SkoutID.

First thing’s first, though – have you set up your SkoutID? It’s like your phone number – it’s yours to guard until you’re ready to share it with someone.

To see if you have a SkoutID, open up your profile and tap “edit.” If you don’t have a SkoutID, it will tell you so in red:

Your SkoutID is like your phone number.

Your SkoutID is like your phone number.

Once you have a SkoutID, it will be displayed beneath your name on your profile.

Next, here’s how you can find Skouters.

On your phone, select Find User by SkoutID:


Type in the name of the SkoutID you’re looking for. (Side note: On this screen you can also tap Share My SkoutID, which lets you send your SkoutID to friends on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and invite them to chat with you on Skout.)


Now you can send a friend request or open up a chat!


Voilà — you have a new Skout friend!

Who can resist Skout's own Skoutie?!

Who can resist Skout’s own Skoutie?!

3 Great Things About Meeting People on Skout

Meeting people in real life can be scary. Some folks have to build up a lot of nerve to approach a person. But on Skout, you have a chance to be yourself, even if you think you don’t fit in to your surrounding environment. You can find a friend on Skout that just gets you.

Here are three advantages about meeting people on Skout:

1. Rather than hide behind the Internet, make yourself shine! On Skout, you have the opportunity to display all the best parts of your personality. If you’re shy, this is your chance to tell people about your encyclopedic knowledge of EDM or show off your collection of antique cameras.

2. Leave your baggage behind. If you had a tough time in school, Skout is your place to reinvent yourself. No one needs to know you were a wallflower or that you were picked on. Skouters don’t know your past, and you can choose to share what you want about yourself.

Check and double-check that Buzz before you post it!

Check and double-check that Buzz before you post it!

3. Think twice and rewrite! First impressions are important. How many times have you introduced yourself to someone new, only to stumble on your words or say the wrong thing? On Skout you have time to really think about what you’re typing. You can reread your profile before you share it – do you sound genuine? Desperate? Approachable? Look at that Buzz before you post it: Will it turn people off? Or will you make Skouters smile and want to be your friend?

Skout helps level the playing field. You may not be the most outgoing person in real life, but you have a great personality, and Skout is place to let it show!