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Got a Skout Success Story to share? Tell us your tale, and we’ll give you 500 Skout Points!

Have you met activity partners on Skout? Tell us!

Have you met activity partners on Skout? Tell us!

Skout is looking for people who’ve met on the app. Perhaps you found your new best friend on Skout. Or maybe you exchange book suggestions with a Skouter. Did you follow in the footsteps of Manila Skouters and organize a fundraiser? Or maybe you tracked down snowboarding buddies or soccer players for your team.

And maybe – just maybe – you met someone whom you went on to marry.

We want to hear all your Skout Success Stories, because Skout is here to help you meet friends! Please email us at If we select your story to appear on the Skout Blog, we’ll reward you with 500 Skout Points!

Skout Success: Amber and Daniel

You never know who you’re going to find with Skout’s Meet People feature. Some people meet chat buddies, some find activity partners, and others even meet their future spouses.

When Daniel first saw Amber on Meet People almost a year and a half ago, he was struck by her eyes, a profile that was compatible with his, and proximity – Skout’s geo-location feature lets you find people in your area.

“I felt like she was someone I had to get to know better,” says Daniel.

Daniel and Amber

Daniel and Amber

Amber, though, had just ended another relationship when a friend downloaded Skout onto her phone.

“I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular on Skout,” Amber says.

Though torn about considering a new relationship so quickly, she chatted with Daniel for a month before agreeing to meet in real life.

“Every conversation we had for that month before we met in person was honest and real,” says Daniel, who then proceeded to get lost and took two hours to meet up with Amber.

“It was worth it when I finally met the girl I had been talking to,” Daniel says. “Amber is a gorgeous and kind person. She always tries the things that I enjoy, and we have a lot of shared interests.”

Amber herself was smitten at first sight. Initially hesitant about meeting someone new, “once I met him and saw who he really was outside of a social media outlet, all my doubts and fears were gone,” she says.

For the next year and a half, Amber and Daniel got to know each other. Daniel learned all about Amber’s random 2 a.m. food cravings – as well as her dedication to her job as a daycare teacher.

“She is amazing with kids, and that’s one of the things I love most,” Daniel says.

Meanwhile, “my family calls him the cheese to my cracker,” says Amber.

On Amber’s birthday, Daniel proposed.

“We’ve started planning our spring wedding, and it’s all thanks to Skout!” Amber says.

Have you met someone on Skout who’s now a friend or soulmate? Have you met a jogging pal through Skout? Do you regularly exchange recipe ideas with a Skouter? Share your Skout Success Story with us, and if you’re chosen to be featured on the blog, we’ll reward you with 500 Skout Points! Tell your tale to

He liked her then he put a ring on her.

He liked her then he put a ring on her.

Who Checked You Out on Skout?

There’s more to Skout than Buzz. Plenty of Skouters have something to say – perhaps not publicly on Buzz but just to you. If only you could find each other!

Skouters can find out who has been looking at their profiles by going to Notifications on your phone and tapping the green button next to the message stating the number of people who’ve checked you out. (Or click on “who checked you out?” on your computer.)


Now you can scroll through the people who’ve looked at your profile recently. Click on theirs to see if your interests match. Perhaps you live near each other and like going to bars and reading. Maybe their photos indicate an appreciation for fishing or classic cars – just like you!

Clicking on Skout profiles is a great way to check out a person before starting a Chat. You can see if that Skouter is single or in a relationship, looking for online chat friends or seeking a serious relationship.

Finding out who checked you out costs 150 Points to unlock profiles for 24 hours. Need more points? Buy more in the Points Store!

10 Mistakes You’re Making on Skout

Have you ever wondered why you’re not meeting people on Skout? You’ve tried to strike up Chats, and you’ve posted Buzz, but you’re not getting responses. Here are 10 things you might be doing wrong.


  1. Not looking at profiles. Skouters are looking for a variety of things – not just dates. Many people are in relationships but are looking for activity partners or even just online friends with whom to exchange dining or music recommendations. Before chatting up people to whom you’re attracted on Skout, tap on profiles first to be sure they’re looking for the same thing.
  2. Being sexist. If you start off your Buzz with “all women” or “all men,” rethink your post, because you’re probably about to post a sexist statement, which will likely turn off your intended audience.
  3. Not including photos of your face. Your photos don’t need to be glamour shots, but if your profile is friendly, you’ll be seen as more approachable. If you include only Headless Torso photos, people will wonder what you have to hide.
  4. Posting negative Buzz. Buzz is a place to ask questions, talk about yourself and post photos. Skouters often engage in debates as well as constructive conversations. They offer advice to each other. And then there are people who complain, complain, complain. It shows when you click on a person’s profile: endless negativity. Who wants to chat with someone who brings them down?
  5. Sending cut-and-paste chats. You know what you’re looking for, and that’s grand. But sending a Skouter three unsolicited paragraphs about the type of relationship you seek can be overwhelming. Plus, it’s obvious you’ve sent the same diatribe to other users, which leads us to …
  6. Seeming desperate. Telling everyone that you seek a soulmate is an obvious ploy and will not make all the Skouters you chat up feel special. Be open to casual conversations, even if they don’t lead to romance.
  7. Using profanity. You may have a pottymouth in real life and not get flak for it, but it can come across as more aggressive online. Type out your Buzz, and before you tap Share, take a moment to reread what you wrote – can you take out the vulgarity and still make your point? Probably.
  8. Not sending specific wink-bombs. There is more than one way to wink-bomb. Before you send one, tap Select Your Greeting to choose an icebreaker, such as “Read any good books lately?” It’s a great conversation starter, and you never know – you may bond with someone who has similar tastes and make an online friend or even one in real life.
  9. Calling strangers honey, dear, baby, etc. It may work on some people, but not everyone appreciates such an immediate level of intimacy. Look at a person’s profile name and Skout ID – they chose those identifications for a reason, so use them before creating nicknames.
  10. Sending nudity. Skout employs an around-the-clock team to monitor dialogue and photos, and if you send nude photos or post overtly sexual language, not only are you offending users but you will get banned from Skout.

This Halloween, Sexy Is Out and Funny Is In!

Were you one of the more than 1,300 Skouters who took our Halloween costume survey? The results are in! Forget the been-there/done-that naughty nurse or bloody slasher – your answers revealed that people in funny costumes are viewed as friendlier and more approachable than those wearing scary or sexy costumes.

How about a group costume? They’re much more fun than the typical couple costume! Men who responded to Skout’s survey said they’d gather friends to dress up as Star Wars, Breaking Bad or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters, while women said Frozen, Mean Girls and The Flintstones characters are the best inspiration this year for a group of friends dressing up together.

The Skout survey also asked for your ideas for pop culture-themed costumes, and Buzz60 filmed a frightfully fun video detailing the best ideas:

Are you more Justin Bieber’s mugshot:

Justin Bieber's mugshot

Justin Bieber’s mugshot

Or Jared Leto’s “hot Jesus” hair:

Jared Leto's hot-Jesus hair

Jared Leto’s hot-Jesus hair

We here at Skout are looking forward to all your creative Halloween costumes you’ll be posting on Buzz!

Skout Has a Photo Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Skout’s Fall/Autumn Contest winner! We challenged Skouters to post a photo for autumn with the hashtag #SkoutOn. It could be anything: leaves changing colors, Halloween scenery, the end of warm days — whatever people consider showcases the changing of the seasons.

This photo by Skout ID kzykzy is the Buzz Post winner:


And this photo by Skout ID kerang02 is the Social Media Post winner:


Winners of the Fall/Autumn Contest will each get a deposit of 500 Points into their Skout accounts. Points are good in the Gift Store, unlocking Backstage Photos, and seeing who’s checked your Skout profile.

Keep an eye out for Chats by the Official Skouter, who has more contests coming up!

Skout Success: GEB For a Cause

Geo woke up one morning recently and did what he always does first thing: He logged on to Skout to check the local Buzz in Manila. This particular morning, one post caught his eye: Jenny – whose Skout ID is jennyfromtheblock – was calling out for help, as her daughter Ynah had just been diagnosed with leukemia.

“It definitely struck a chord in me, as two of my family members are also suffering from cancer,” Geo says, “and I have lost a number of others due to this disease.”

Fortunately for Ynah and her mother, the Philippines – where they live – has a very active Skout community.

“I have traveled – physically and through Skout Travel – a lot, and I have not seen an active Skout Buzz as much as Manila,” says Geo, whose Skout ID is geoislander. “We all know of each other from our Buzz and comments. The Skout Manila Buzz is alive and kicking 24 hours any day!”

People come together to raise funds for a fellow Skouter in need.

People come together to raise funds for a fellow Skouter in need.

The Manila Skout community – which calls itself the Grand Eyeball, a colloquial term for a group of virtual friends – rallied together quickly to create the event GEB For a Cause (#GEB4CAUSE), held earlier this month, to raise money for Ynah’s cancer treatment.

While the Grand Eyeball members mainly stay in touch on Skout and occasionally meet up in real life, GEB For a Cause was the first of its kind in Manila.

“There were almost 100 participants who came to GEB For a Cause,” Geo says. “It was definitely grand, in the most literal way!”

Geo publicized GEB For a Cause with banners he designed and posted in Buzz.

“As you know, if you Buzz and comment enough, you start to gain some infamy, notoriety, fame and whatnot within the Skout Buzz community in your locality,” says Geo, who messaged those well-known Skouters and asked them to repost the publicity banners on their own Buzz. Geo emphasized that GEB For a Cause would be an event at which people could donate money to Ynah’s treatment as well as meet new people.

“Within one day the idea caught fire, and anyone who is a Skouter and checks the Buzz had heard the idea and wanted to join and help baby Ynah,” Geo says.

Skouters offered to donate items for an auction, and some people even volunteered to auction themselves for a date during GEB For a Cause.

A lucky Skouter meets his date.

A lucky Skouter meets his date.

“The movement took a life of its own, organic, homegrown, grassroots – all from our simple interactions in the Skout Buzz!” says Geo.

Geo hosted GEB For a Cause at the Walking Street Music Lounge on Oct. 4. The event raised money for Ynah’s cancer treatment in a variety of ways: a donation box, a photobooth, an auction for goods and dates with Skouters, as well as Skout trivia, with questions such as, “What is the cheapest Gift in Skout?” and “Name the eight different kinds of relationship status in Skout.”

Could YOU pass the Skout trivia quiz?

Could YOU pass the Skout trivia quiz?

Skouters raised money in droves and kept Walking Street open until 4 a.m. The event itself raised about $2,000 USD. And donations are still being accepted through this site:

Skouters raised more than $2,000, and the donations keep coming!

Skouters raised more than $2,000, and the donations keep coming!

“GEB For a Cause was successful and exceeded our expectations,” says Geo. “We raised a large amount of money for Ynah’s chemotherapy and created some positive and unified vibes within the Manila Skout community. Participants are asking for more!”

Because Manila Skouters decided one night of getting together in real life and raising money for a good cause was not enough, they created #SKOUT4CHANGE. Once a quarter, a group of Skouters will plan and execute an activity during which they help someone in the community or tackle a social issue going on in Manila. Ideas include holding food and blood drives for typhoon victims and volunteering in orphanages.

These are the stories we here at Skout love hearing: Skouters who meet up from time to time online as well as get to know each other in real life, and then they decide to help each other out when needed.

“I ran with the idea and just went for it,” Geo says.

All photos by Norvyn Villanueva, a Skouter who volunteered his services for GEB For a Cause.

Have you met someone on Skout who’s now a friend or soulmate? Do you regularly exchange book suggestions with a Skouter? Have you met a rock-climbing buddy through Skout? Share your Skout Success Story with us, and you could be featured on the blog! Tell your tale to

Skout Goes on An LA Vine Takeover

Skout is a great app for chatting up and meeting new people online, but we also want you to take those relationships offline and do fun things in real life, which is exactly what happened this weekend, when Skout sponsored the LA Vine Takeover.

For two days, Skouters mingled and met their favorite Vine stars. On Friday, fans attended an exclusive meet-and-greet in Los Angeles where they took photos with Vine personalities including Landon Moss, Jessica Vanessa and Yung Poppy.

Vine stars sign posters for fans.

Vine stars sign posters for fans.

Here’s a look at Friday night’s LA Vine Takeover:

The next day, Skouters hit Venice Beach for casual mingling and plenty of selfie opportunities.

Skouters at Venice Beach on Saturday.

Skouters at Venice Beach on Saturday.

This is what happened when two Skouters collided in real life on Saturday at LA Vine Takeover:

Scroll down to see more highlights from LA Vine Takeover:

Skout’s own Tuan and Jade representing!

Skout’s own Tuan and Jade representing!

The future’s so bright, they gotta wear Skout shades!

The future’s so bright, they gotta wear Skout shades!

Stoked Skouters!

Stoked Skouters!

Vine stars and fans – it’s a beautiful thing.

Vine stars and fans – it’s a beautiful thing.

For more photos from the LA Vine Takeover event, please visit Skout on Facebook.

4 Reasons to Give Gifts

If the greatest gift of life is friendship, then giving a Virtual Gift in Skout can be your first step toward meeting fabulous people.

Gifts are great icebreakers for meeting people in Skout. Here are just a few reasons to shop the Gift Store so you can present Virtual Gifts to Skouters.

When chatting, go beyond emojis and click on Give Gift.

When chatting, go beyond emojis and click on Give Gift.

Be nice. A woman posted an inspirational message on Buzz that stated, “I hope you always find a reason to smile.” I wanted to let her know that her positive message did indeed make me smile. So I sent her a Gift – a smiling bear. With all the negativity in the world that sometimes finds its way onto Buzz, it’s a nice idea to reward good behavior and great attitudes.

Root for common interests. Come Sunday, Skouters go nuts posting about their favorite football teams. Get in on the enthusiasm by giving out the football Gift! The Gift Store also has cute animals for the pet owners as well as cocktails and beer for your fellow imbibers. And just in time for Halloween, we stocked up on vampires, jack-o-lanterns and ghosts for fans of the macabre.

Cheer someone up. Is one of your Skout friends feeling blue? Send them a bright sunflower. Did you see a Buzz post lamenting about having a cold? Gift them a bowl of ramen. These small gestures can lead to big appreciation.

Click on any category to see all the Gifts available.

Click on any category to see all the Gifts available.

Flirt. Step up your game by sending a classy Gift to the Skouter who’s caught your eye. The Gift Store has virtual bouquets, kisses, bling and even heart-shaped flowers. Gifts are a great addition to “winking” at a Skouter.

Now that you have a few reasons to give a Gift it’s time to go shopping!

  1. Open the Skout app.
  2. Find a Skouter to whom you’d like to send a gift.
  3. Tap the Chat button.
  4. Tap the “plus” sign (if you’re on the website, click on the Gift icon).
  5. Hit “Give a Gift.”
  6. Then, browse the Gift Store for the perfect gift!

The Gift Store has numerous categories – including Hearts, Halloween, Sports and SuperBling – and each category has all sorts of unique Gifts from which to choose. Below each Gift is the cost in Points, which is Skout’s currency. If you’re running low, select Get Points to buy more or even earn free Points.

Now you’re ready to really grab the attention of all those Skouters by giving Gifts!

10 Iceshakers for Shake-to-Chat

Skout’s Shake-to-Chat feature is a gamble – a safe gamble, because you have nothing to lose, but a gamble nonetheless because how do you begin a conversation with someone you know nothing about?

xemenia and her mom 434

Shake-to-Chat is simple: Open Skout on your phone, select Shake-to-Chat, then shake your phone and see which random person you’re matched up with. Start typing and see what happens!

What to say to a complete stranger? You need an iceshaker! Icebreakers are for conferences, but an iceshaker is that opening line you use when you don’t know who’s on the other side.

Remember: Skout is for much more than dating, so your Chat partner could be seeking friendship, an activity partner or simply someone with which to talk. So think twice about being aggressively flirty, and do try one of these iceshakers during your next Shake-to-Chat:

  • What superpower would you like to have?
  • Dog or cat person?
  • What’s your poison?
  • Would you rather go forward or back in time?
  • Last movie you saw?
  • Your most-despised food?
  • Favorite part of the past weekend?
  • Who would play you in a movie?
  • Worst job you’ve ever had?
  • If you could have an endless supply of food, what would you eat?

Now get shakin’!