Quality Time Trumps The Actual Thanksgiving Meal

Last year, we conducted a survey to learn how Skouters celebrate Thanksgiving and we find most of these results are an accurate representation of how you are celebrating the holiday this year, as well!

The top thing Skouters look forward to is spending time with friends and family above all else. Whether it be watching football or enjoying the dinner itself, 61% of Skouters just want a little rest and relaxation with their loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your holiday with your friends and family and show your appreciation for the friends you’ve met on Skout with a gift or a simple hello message. Happy Thanksgiving!

Give a Free Gift on Buy Nothing Day

Happy Buy Nothing Day! As the holidays creep closer, keep your wallet shut on Friday, Nov. 27 and stay out of the stores by giving the free Controller to your Skout friends. You can find it in the Digital category in the Skout Gift Store. The Controller Gift is free on Friday only.

Find the free Controller in the Digital category in the Skout Gift Store.

Find the free Controller in the Digital category in the Skout Gift Store.

Tap here to learn how to give a Gift in Skout.

What Are You #Thankful For?

Share with other Skouters what you’re thankful for this year. Post on Buzz — include an image, if you have one! — hashtagged #thankful. We’ll choose our favorites and give them 500 Points.

It’s that time of year to reflect on all that you have. For many of us, we’re thankful for family and friends. Other people may be thankful to have a job or a home. And sometimes we’re just thankful for pizza and video games.

Tell us on Buzz, hashtagged #thankful!

Tell us on Buzz, hashtagged #thankful!

If it’s your Skout friends you’re thankful for, why not show them by giving them a Thanksgiving Gift — new in the Gift Store!

Skout Gift Store Serves Up New Thanksgiving Gifts

Show your Skout friends you’re thankful for them with Thanksgiving Gifts — now in the Gift Store!

Skout Turkey

Skout Turkey

The Thanksgiving 2015 category is serving up three different kinds of turkey, including Turkey Dinner, Football Turkey and even Craft Turkey — remember those turkeys you made when you were a kid by tracing your hand? The Gift Store also has a Pilgrim Hat, Pie and a Happy Thanksgiving message.

Giving Gifts in Skout is a great way to show your Skout friends you are thankful for them. It’s also a good way to start a conversation with a new Skouter.

Tap here to learn how to give a Gift in Skout.

Follow Your Favorite Skouters on Buzz!

Are you chatting with someone you would like to find again when you log back into Skout? You should “Favorite” them!

To “Favorite” a Skouter, simply click on the star on their profile page.


When you log into Skout, tap the “Favorites” tab to find their Buzz.


Now, not only will you be able to keep up with the local Buzz, but you can filter the Buzz to keep up with your favorite Skouters! Check out this post on how to show off your personality in the Buzz.

Get Your Buzz On

The Buzz is a great place for you to get to know your fellow Skouters, but also show off your own personality and let people get to know you!

An occasional selfie is fine, but if your Buzz is filled with selfies, people won’t get an idea of who you are as a person. Post fun and engaging content to your Buzz that will make people want to talk to you, such as a fun photo or a question.

For example, we know this Skouter is a fan of dogs because of her Buzz post:

Skout Buzz

Try to stay positive because most people don’t want to be friends with a negative Nancy. And remember to have fun and keep it classy!

Looking for more Buzz tips? Click here.

Skout Tips: How to Use the ‘Push to Talk’ Feature

In Skout, you can use Chat to send several types of messages, including audio! If you’ve never used the ‘Push to Talk’ feature in Chat, try it next time you send a message. It’s a fun way to engage fellow Skouters!

Follow these steps:


  1. Hold down the green microphone.
  2. In the pop-up window, click ‘open settings’.
  3. In your settings, turn on the microphone.
  4. Back in the Chat window, hold down the microphone to record.
  5. Should you want to delete the recording, move your finger up and release.






  1. Hold down the green microphone to record.
  2. Should you want to delete the recording, move your finger up and release.



Happy chatting!

New Origami Gifts — Paper Airplanes, Flowers, Dogs and More!

Attention, all Skout shoppers — there’s a new category in the Gift Store! The brand-new Origami category is stocked with paper-like Gifts: an airplane, a boat, birds, a butterfly, a dog, a flower and a heart. Give the Origami Dog to all your Skout friends for FREE on Thursday, Nov. 19!

Origami Dog

Origami Dog

Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane

Origami Heart

Origami Heart

Giving Gifts in Skout is a great way to start a conversation with a Skouter. It’s also a nice way to show your Skout friends you appreciate them.

Tap here to learn how to give a Gift in Skout.

Skouter Ryan Walks for Light The Night


Last night Skouter, Ryan, and two of his friends walked along San Francisco’s Embarcadero for the Light The Night Walk.

Lighting up the night sky with glowing lanterns, Ryan was one of hundreds walking to support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. He raised a total of $367, which will go toward funding research to find cures for blood cancer.

Thank you for helping support your community Ryan!

Interested in how you can participate? Light The Night Walk may be coming to a city near you. Check out the schedule! If you’re unable to join the walk, there are other ways to participate.

Do you have an inspiring story you’d like to share with us about how you have contributed to a good cause or helped your community? Shoot us an email at successstories@skout.com!

Skout Success: Lucas


When 24-year-old Lucas (SkoutID: flightattendant91) joined Skout a year and a half ago, he was excited to chat with people all over the world and learn about their cultures. Lucas, who is from Brazil and recently moved from Brasilia to Curitiba, was also looking forward to becoming fluent in English and practicing the German he’d studied for years.

Lucas decided to take his interests in other cultures offline, and this past summer he traveled to three different countries, where he met Skouters in person.

Lucas had been saving for this big trip for three years, but he knew it was time to actually plan it when he’d become close with some people he’d met on Skout.

“I talk to them every single day!” Lucas has said about some of his Skout friends.

After all that chatting, planning and saving, this summer Lucas traveled to Holland, Germany and Russia.

He spent a few weeks in Holland before he headed to Germany where he met up with Dmitri. After spending eight days in Germany seeing the sights, he went to St. Petersburg, Russia. In St. Petersburg, he met up with his best friend Irina who showed him her favorite spot in the city, Peterhof Park. Ten days later he went to Moscow. There he met up with Masha and Anastacia who showed him the Red Square and the Kremlin. All in all, a pretty awesome trip!

“Through Skout I’ve met people that have changed part of my life, how I think and see things, and also some people that I will carry forever in my heart.”

Have you met a friend on Skout? Please tell us at successstories@skout.com. If we share your tale on the Skout Blog, we will deposit 500 Points in your Skout account!