Skouters Save the Selfies for Skoutie Dog

Have you met Skoutie? He’s our wooftastic doggie friend. While he’s gosh-darned cute, Skoutie is also obsessed with selfies, as you can see on his profile.

Skout has decided to leave the selfies to Skoutie. We want to see YOU in your natural element. We asked Skouters to post a picture to Buzz that best describes themselves, hashtagged #Me. There was only one rule: No selfies, because those are Skoutie’s thing! So if you submitted a selfie, you were barking up the wrong tree.

These three Skouters each won 1,000 Points. Look, Skouters – no selfies!

Skouter mxgirlkymi’s idea of fun takes her to new heights!

SkoutID: mxgirlkymi

SkoutID: mxgirlkymi

Skouter lilkopy takes “supporting friends” literally!

SkoutID: lilkopy

SkoutID: lilkopy

Skouter therockspecial shows her love for art and pizza.

SkoutID: therockspecial

SkoutID: therockspecial

Stay tuned for more hashtag contests, and please, throw us a bone – keep making Buzz fun with your creative photos, and leave the selfies to Skoutie!

Why You Should Set Up Your SkoutID

I was chatting with a nice Skouter the other day, when I realized that he had a lot in common with another Skout friend of mine. The fellow was game for a little matchmaking, so he gave me his SkoutID to give to my friend. And now they’re chatting.

Without that SkoutID, I would not have been able to connect these two people. Because Skout is a place to meet new people, but it’s dependent on who’s online and nearby. Once you chat with someone, you need to find a way to keep track of them, and SkoutID is one answer!

Your Friends list is how you can keep track of the people with whom you most want to chat. And in order to add people to your Friends list, you must know their SkoutID.

First thing’s first, though – have you set up your SkoutID? It’s like your phone number – it’s yours to guard until you’re ready to share it with someone.

To see if you have a SkoutID, open up your profile and tap “edit.” If you don’t have a SkoutID, it will tell you so in red:

Your SkoutID is like your phone number.

Your SkoutID is like your phone number.

Once you have a SkoutID, it will be displayed beneath your name on your profile.

Next, here’s how you can find Skouters.

On your phone, select Find User by SkoutID:


Type in the name of the SkoutID you’re looking for. (Side note: On this screen you can also tap Share My SkoutID, which lets you send your SkoutID to friends on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and invite them to chat with you on Skout.)


Now you can send a friend request or open up a chat!


Voilà — you have a new Skout friend!

Who can resist Skout's own Skoutie?!

Who can resist Skout’s own Skoutie?!

3 Great Things About Meeting People on Skout

Meeting people in real life can be scary. Some folks have to build up a lot of nerve to approach a person. But on Skout, you have a chance to be yourself, even if you think you don’t fit in to your surrounding environment. You can find a friend on Skout that just gets you.

Here are three advantages about meeting people on Skout:

1. Rather than hide behind the Internet, make yourself shine! On Skout, you have the opportunity to display all the best parts of your personality. If you’re shy, this is your chance to tell people about your encyclopedic knowledge of EDM or show off your collection of antique cameras.

2. Leave your baggage behind. If you had a tough time in school, Skout is your place to reinvent yourself. No one needs to know you were a wallflower or that you were picked on. Skouters don’t know your past, and you can choose to share what you want about yourself.

Check and double-check that Buzz before you post it!

Check and double-check that Buzz before you post it!

3. Think twice and rewrite! First impressions are important. How many times have you introduced yourself to someone new, only to stumble on your words or say the wrong thing? On Skout you have time to really think about what you’re typing. You can reread your profile before you share it – do you sound genuine? Desperate? Approachable? Look at that Buzz before you post it: Will it turn people off? Or will you make Skouters smile and want to be your friend?

Skout helps level the playing field. You may not be the most outgoing person in real life, but you have a great personality, and Skout is place to let it show!

Positivity Gets Better Skout Results

Skouters post on Buzz for a lot of reasons:

  • They’re looking for new friends with whom to kick it.
  • People using Skout Travel want suggestions for bars and restaurants.
  • They’re looking for chat buddies.
  • They seek movie or book recommendations.
  • They want to show you what they’re eating or drinking.
We can't resist a food post!

We can’t resist a food post!

Then there are the Skouters who use Buzz to rant. We’ve all seen them: They’re angry – perhaps they’ve been rejected – and they’re letting the Skout community know.

But here’s the thing: We here at Skout see everything. And what we’ve noticed is positive Skouters get positive results. Even a “Happy Monday!” generates lots of likes and comments. That’s because with all the pressures people experience in real life, no one wants to log on to Skout only to see your negativity.

Look at all those likes and comments!

Look at all those likes and comments!

So please – keep the hateful, misogynistic, negative posts off Skout. It kills our Buzz!

And Skouters, if you’re ever faced with an offensive Buzz post or comment, remember that you have the power to block and/or report that user. We are committed to making Skout a safe, comfortable place for you to meet friends.

Happy Skouting!

#MyFun Photos Earn Skout Points!

SkoutID: adham02

SkoutID: adham02

People log on to Skout to meet new people so that they can do fun stuff. And we LOVE seeing your photos on Buzz detailing your weekend antics. That’s why our Official Skouter asked you to post a picture of the fun you had this weekend to your Buzz, hashtagged #myfun. We here at Skout then chose our favorites to win 500 Skout Points that can go toward buying Gifts for other Skouters as well as unlocking who’s been checking out your profile.

SkoutID: edz051994

SkoutID: edz051994

Congratulations to the winners, and keep an eye out for more Skout contests. Meanwhile, keep having fun and posting all about it!

SkoutID: maritoooo

SkoutID: maritoooo

Boo! Skout Scares Up Halloween Contest Winners

Happy week-after-Halloween! Have you recovered from Halloween antics yet?

Skout Buzz lit up this past week with Skouters’ photos of themselves in their Halloween costumes. We saw it all: superheroes and villains, ghouls and fairies, exquisite Dia de los Muertos makeup, and, of course, sexy kitties.

Skouters who tagged #Monsters on photos of themselves with friends were entered into Skout’s Halloween costume contest. Our very own FrankenSkouter chose the following winners to receive 500 Skout Points!

SkoutID: mitulsa

SkoutID: mitulsa

SkoutID: veenabella89

SkoutID: veenabella89

SkoutID: xavierp22

SkoutID: xavierp22

Congratulations to the winners, and please keep an eye out for future Skout contests!

Fill Out Your Skout Profile! Here’s Why

Etiquette dictates that before you start a chat with another Skouter, you look at their profile first. There you will see if the person is single or in a relationship, looking for friends or serious dating. You can see the Skouter’s interests and if they match yours. After all, if you’re sober, maybe you don’t want to hang out with a person who frequents bars, or if you’re allergic to dogs and cats, perhaps you don’t want to bother talking to someone with pets.

Skout is a melting pot of different types of people all over the world. There are hundreds of thousands of Skouters to chat with, so make yourself stand out with a full profile.


The Skout profile page lets you fill in your basic interests, your relationship status and what you want to get out of Skout. You can also write, in your own words, a bit about yourself. Tell people about your pickup soccer league or your affection for a well-mixed cocktail. Mention that theater you frequent for classic movies or whether you’re looking for dog-park companions.

Finally, add a few photos of yourself – and go beyond the standard selfie. Include photos of your recent hike or a night out with your friends. Make yourself stand out among a sea of selfies!

Here’s another reason to fill out your profile: Skout’s website just introduced an exclusive feature, Interested, that isn’t on the mobile app. It matches you with people who have the same interests, and those interests come directly from your profile. So if your profile isn’t completely filled in, you could be missing out on compatible people!

Omar couldn’t be bothered to upload a photo of himself or fill out his profile. Does anyone want to chat with Omar now?


On the other hand, Chad has a quirky photo and wants you to know he likes playing sports, going to the movies and shopping. He’s open for anything from chatting to a serious relationship.


Based on those two profiles, who are you more interested in getting to know? Whom are you more likely to respond to if either of these people chat you up?

Now get going on filling out your profile!

Have You Tried Skout’s Website?

The Skout app puts the power of meeting new people – locally or all over the world – in your own hands. Most people use their phones to scroll through Buzz and find folks with whom to chat on Meet People, but did you know Skout has a website, too?

Navigation is different on Skout’s website and includes the exclusive Interested feature.

Navigation is different on Skout’s website and includes the exclusive Interested feature.

Here are just three reasons to explore Skout on a computer:

  • If you have fat fingers, your computer keyboard will make it easier to write Buzz posts and buy Points than on your phone.
  • Got a desk job? Log in to Skout’s website, click on Meet People and chat with new friends to break up your day. Shhhh … we won’t tell your boss.
  • Please check out the new Interested feature – a Skout-website exclusive we’re trying out. It matches you with people who have the same interests as you. Those interests come directly from your profile, so make sure to fill that out! If you click the check mark, the Skouter is added to your Favorites. If you click “X,” that Skouter is blocked from your feed.

Stay tuned for more features on the Skout website!

Tell Us Your Skout Success Story!

Got a Skout Success Story to share? Tell us your tale, and we’ll give you 500 Skout Points!

Have you met activity partners on Skout? Tell us!

Have you met activity partners on Skout? Tell us!

Skout is looking for people who’ve met on the app. Perhaps you found your new best friend on Skout. Or maybe you exchange book suggestions with a Skouter. Did you follow in the footsteps of Manila Skouters and organize a fundraiser? Or maybe you tracked down snowboarding buddies or soccer players for your team.

And maybe – just maybe – you met someone whom you went on to marry.

We want to hear all your Skout Success Stories, because Skout is here to help you meet friends! Please email us at If we select your story to appear on the Skout Blog, we’ll reward you with 500 Skout Points!

Skout Success: Amber and Daniel

You never know who you’re going to find with Skout’s Meet People feature. Some people meet chat buddies, some find activity partners, and others even meet their future spouses.

When Daniel first saw Amber on Meet People almost a year and a half ago, he was struck by her eyes, a profile that was compatible with his, and proximity – Skout’s geo-location feature lets you find people in your area.

“I felt like she was someone I had to get to know better,” says Daniel.

Daniel and Amber

Daniel and Amber

Amber, though, had just ended another relationship when a friend downloaded Skout onto her phone.

“I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular on Skout,” Amber says.

Though torn about considering a new relationship so quickly, she chatted with Daniel for a month before agreeing to meet in real life.

“Every conversation we had for that month before we met in person was honest and real,” says Daniel, who then proceeded to get lost and took two hours to meet up with Amber.

“It was worth it when I finally met the girl I had been talking to,” Daniel says. “Amber is a gorgeous and kind person. She always tries the things that I enjoy, and we have a lot of shared interests.”

Amber herself was smitten at first sight. Initially hesitant about meeting someone new, “once I met him and saw who he really was outside of a social media outlet, all my doubts and fears were gone,” she says.

For the next year and a half, Amber and Daniel got to know each other. Daniel learned all about Amber’s random 2 a.m. food cravings – as well as her dedication to her job as a daycare teacher.

“She is amazing with kids, and that’s one of the things I love most,” Daniel says.

Meanwhile, “my family calls him the cheese to my cracker,” says Amber.

On Amber’s birthday, Daniel proposed.

“We’ve started planning our spring wedding, and it’s all thanks to Skout!” Amber says.

Have you met someone on Skout who’s now a friend or soulmate? Have you met a jogging pal through Skout? Do you regularly exchange recipe ideas with a Skouter? Share your Skout Success Story with us, and if you’re chosen to be featured on the blog, we’ll reward you with 500 Skout Points! Tell your tale to

He liked her then he put a ring on her.

He liked her then he put a ring on her.