The Perils of ‘HMU – Bored’

If you’re on Skout to meet new people, our advice to you is this: Think before you Buzz.

We see it every day: Skouters post, “Bored – HMU.”

Bored? More like BORING – why would we want to chat with you?

Entice Skouters with fun photos.

Entice Skouters with fun photos.

Please, Skouters: Do the work by starting the conversation. Ask a question in your Buzz or post a fun photo, like Skouter Mona did, with her Taco Tuesday fixings.

Get a conversation going with Skouters by asking a question.

Get a conversation going with Skouters by asking a question.

Tap here for more Buzz tips.

5 Ways to Meet More People on Skout

Are you in a Skout rut? There’s more than one way to meet Online Friends (OFs) on Skout. Try any of these features:

Utilizing the Feature Me and Meet People features are great ways to make new friends on Skout!

Utilizing the Feature Me and Meet People features are great ways to make new friends on Skout!

Meet People. Tap on Meet People in Skout, and you’ll see all the Skouters who meet your search criteria. See that globe below the Feature Me bar? That’s where you can edit your settings to whether you want to meet men, women or both as well as an age range and proximity to your location. Once your settings are updated, scroll through the profiles for interesting people and start chatting!

Buzz. This is one of the first places Skouters visit. And while positive Buzz posts with photos get the most comments, try commenting on other Skouters’ posts too. The more you engage, the more Skouters will see your personality, and then they may approach you to chat!

Shake-to-Chat. Do you feel lucky? Well, do you? Try Shake-to-Chat to meet a random Skouter – someone you may not have thought to approach before. Test out one of our iceshakers to start the conversation!

Chat with people all over the world with Skout Travel!

Chat with people all over the world with Skout Travel!

Travel. Are you fascinated with Southerners? Fancy a friend from London? Then take a virtual vacation using Skout Travel. When you use Travel in Skout, you can see all the Buzz posts from your chosen city and chat with the locals. It’s a great way to make OFs – people you may meet in person later or keep as virtual friends!

Feature Me. Another way to make OFs around the world is to try Feature Me. Your profile will be spotlighted on Buzz as well as appear at the top of the Meet Me screen. Skouters who use Feature Me receive lots of chats!

Once you’ve made an OF on Skout, please tell us at, and we may share your tale on the Skout Blog as well as deposit 500 Points in your Skout account.

Happy Skouting!

Skout Success: Krystal and Blake

Krystal and Blake

Krystal and Blake

Sometimes the people with whom you have the best connections don’t necessarily live nearby. That’s where Skout comes in.

Krystal and Blake met on Skout in September 2013.

“We had an instant connection!” Krystal told us.

They lived in different states – Krystal in New York and Blake in Montana. After chatting on Skout for five months and growing closer and closer, Blake flew to New York to meet Krystal in person – they’ve been a couple ever since.

When Krystal began attending Harvard University, Blake moved, too.

“He decided that he wanted to close the distance and would move to where I would be for college,” Krystal says, and now both of them are in Boston for the majority of the year.

”I just wanted to say thank you, because I would never have met Blake if it wasn’t for Skout!” Krystal says.

Krystal and Blake live in Boston for the majority of the year.

Krystal and Blake live in Boston for the majority of the year.

Have you made a friend on Skout? Please tell us at, and we may share your tale on the Skout Blog AND award you 500 Points!

How About a Bacon and Brie Grilled Cheese by George Duran and Skout?

Not going out for National Grilled Cheese Day? Impress a friend by making a spin on the traditional grilled cheese. Chef George Duran (SkoutID: ChefGeorgeDuran), host of TLC’s “Ultimate Cake Off,” created an exclusive recipe just for Skout that is absolutely decadent. Bacon and brie and dark chocolate – oh my!

Dark Chocolate and Maple-Glazed Bacon Grilled Brie Sandwich recipe created exclusively for Skout by George Duran.

Dark Chocolate and Maple-Glazed Bacon Grilled Brie Sandwich recipe by George Duran created exclusively for Skout.

Dark Chocolate and Maple-Glazed Bacon Grilled Brie Sandwich

By George Duran

Prep Time: 60 minutes
Cook Time: 35 minutes
Yield: 2 sandwiches

8 oz. wedge of brie cheese
6 slices of thick-cut bacon
¼ C. maple syrup
¼ C. brown sugar
1 tsp. Dijon mustard
1 C. semi-sweet chocolate chips
4 thick slices of Italian bread
Butter, room temperature

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F.

Place brie in freezer for about 20-30 minutes until firm, then cut into ½ inch slices. Set aside.

Line a rimmed cookie sheet with parchment paper. Whisk maple syrup, brown sugar and mustard in a small bowl. Dunk each slice of bacon in the maple mixture and place each strip on the cookie sheet. Place in the preheated oven and cook for about 30 minutes, turning once halfway through. Cook more or less until the bacon looks crispy, but not burnt. Remove from cookie sheet and allow to crisp on a cooling rack.

Place chocolate chips in a small bowl and microwave 2-3 minutes on high, mixing every minute, until the chocolate is fully melted.

Pre-heat a non-stick griddle or pan on low heat and spread a generous amount of butter on one side of each slice of bread. Evenly spread melted chocolate on the inner side of each bread and assemble each sandwich with 3-4 slices of brie and 3 slices of the maple bacon. Grill on each side until golden brown and brie begins to melt.

Serve immediately.

George Duran

George Duran

Tap here for more information about National Grilled Cheese Day.

Skouters Serve Up Their Favorite Dishes

Skouters are foodies, too! We asked what dish you can’t live without – and did you deliver! Skouters posted photos to Buzz tagged #fave, and we chose the three most mouth-watering ones to award 500 Points.

We want everything from the Bedok Market in Singapore that Francis Koh (SkoutID: franciskoh) posted.

Ly Ann (SkoutID: iamyhan26) prefers her food from the sea.

This teddy-blanket fried rice that k0oL (SkoutID: mookmcfly) posted is almost too cute to eat – almost.

Welcome to Skout! Now What?

So you want to make new friends, and you created a Skout account. Terrific – we’re happy to see you!

Now before you dive into Meet People and Buzz, please be sure you’ve completed a few things.

Set up your SkoutID so Skouters can find you.

Set up your SkoutID so Skouters can find you.

Fill out your profile. When you start a chat with Skouters, the first thing most of them will do – before they respond to you – is check out your profile. If they like what they see, they’re more likely to respond. But if you haven’t filled out your profile with a photo and a little bit about yourself, why would they bother to chat?

Create a SkoutID. Think of your SkoutID like your phone number – you give it to people with whom you want to keep in touch, but not just anyone. It’s how Skouters can “friend” each other.

Get Points. Giving Gifts is a great icebreaker when you want to chat with a Skouter. They don’t cost much, and you can buy Points as well as earn them on the app.

Post positive Buzz. We here at Skout groan whenever we see people post “Bored – HMU.” Skouters are much more likely to respond to your positive Buzz that includes a non-selfie photo.

Get featured. Try out Feature Me to be shown to even more Skouters. Feature Me is a great way to meet people all over the world, so you can chat with new and interesting Skouters.

Chat wisely. Stand out among the rest of the Skouters by being considerate and friendly in your opening lines. Don’t call Skouters you’ve never met “dear” or “sweetheart.”

Keep track of your favorite Skouters. Enjoying your chat? Find someone on Meet People you want to chat with later? Make them a “favorite”! Then you can find them again.

Skout Celebrates National Grilled Cheese Day!

National Grilled Cheese Day is nacho ordinary holiday. On Sunday, April 12, we are actually ENCOURAGED to slice into delicious grilled cheese sandwiches! Skout asked its community members what they thought about National Grilled Cheese Day, and the results may surprise you:

  • While a grilled cheese sandwich may seem like a safe, all-American meal, 88 percent of grilled cheese fans say they are “fairly” or “very” adventurous.
  • Sixty percent of adults surveyed say they prefer a grilled cheese sandwich that mixes two types of cheeses. Only 40 percent are grilled cheese purists.
  • Eighty-one percent of people who love grilled cheese sandwiches say they have donated their time, money or food to those in need.


  • Eighty-four percent of grilled cheese sandwich fans love to travel, compared with 78 percent of people who dislike the sandwich.
  • The most popular cheese is American (41 percent), followed by Cheddar (33 percent), Mozzarella (10 percent), Swiss (8 percent), Provolone (6 percent) and Brie (2 percent).
  • White bread is by far the most popular choice (51 percent), followed by wheat (29 percent), sourdough (13 percent), rye (4 percent) and a baguette (3 percent).
  • Forty-seven percent say they add extras to their grilled cheese sandwich, like pesto and tomato, whereas 53 percent say, “Just cheese, please!”
  • Twenty-eight percent of people who say they usually pass on a grilled cheese sandwich say that if they were to order it, they’d remove the crust. Only 10 percent of people who love grilled cheese sandwiches would remove the crust.

Tap here for Chef George Duran’s exclusive grilled cheese recipe for Skout: Dark Chocolate and Maple-Glazed Bacon Grilled Brie Sandwich!

Watch how Skout HQ serves up grilled cheese:


Skout is all about connections, whether it’s connecting people with new friends or connecting with our community. To celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day – April 12! – Skout is partnering with our local SF-Marin Food Bank to show how we can donate – both time and money – to benefit our community.


Did you know that 1 in 4 kids in San Francisco and Marin counties is at risk of hunger? Everyday the Food Bank provides healthy snacks to 10,000 growing kids via its Morning Snack Program.

On National Grilled Cheese Day, Skout will donate to the Food Bank every time you give a Grilled Cheese Gift to another Skouter, until we have reached our goal of providing healthy snacks for 10,000 growing kids. So please – serve up Grilled Cheese Gifts for FREE to all your Skout friends on Sunday, April 12!

Share a grilled cheese with a friend, then tap here to learn how to win an exclusive National Grilled Cheese T-shirt from Skout!

Giving away free Grilled Cheese Gifts is just one easy way for you to donate and give back to the community.

“But I don’t have a lot of money.” If you donate just $1, the Food Bank can distribute $6 worth of food to the community — enough for three meals.

“You don’t understand – I don’t have ANY money.” You can still help! Volunteer at the Food Bank or organize a food drive.

“The Food Bank seems cool, but I don’t live in the San Francisco Bay Area.” Tap here to find a local food bank at which to volunteer and/or donate.

In fact, in just three hours of volunteering, Skout HQ packed 3,200 pounds of food that were delivered by the SF-Marin Food Bank to members of the community.

Skout HQ volunteers at the SF-Marin Food Bank.

Skout HQ volunteers at the SF-Marin Food Bank.

Here’s how you can help, too!

Skout Success: Shelley and Paul

We found out about Shelley and Paul’s Success Story when Shelley replied to a writer on Twitter who was researching apps for meeting people.

“What about Skout?? It’s how I met my husband and a whole bunch of other weirdos!!” Shelley tweeted.

Naturally, we could not resist asking more about that story, and we’re so glad we did!

Shelley and Paul

Shelley and Paul

Shelley joined Skout in January 2012 with the goal of meeting new people with shared interests.

Meanwhile, Paul, who joined a month after Shelley did, lived overseas at the time and would chat with people in different time zones when he couldn’t sleep.

Shelley recalls the exact day she and Paul “met” on Skout:

“On the 19th of April 2012, I was standing in for my regional manager and so was updating my status more than usual due to my changes in location and the interesting people I was meeting,” Shelley told us. “By a weird twist of fate I appeared on Paul’s Meet People as available to talk to, and he sent me a message.”

That night Paul and Shelley chatted for hours and discovered they shared the same interests in films, music and senses of humor.

As they said our goodnights, Paul told Shelley it was his birthday the next day and that she had “been a great early birthday present.” Awwww …

Paul and Shelley continued to chat at any available opportunity on Skout, and after a month they spoke on the phone.

“It was great to find our humor and conversations flowed as easily for real as they did in Skout,” Shelley says.

They continued to use Skout to chat during the day and called each other at night until they met on June 2 for their first in-person date. And barring one two-week separation for vacation, they’ve been inseparable since. Shelley and Paul married in May 2014.

“I can’t believe that after a random meeting on an app we are about to celebrate our third year together and our first wedding anniversary!” Shelley says. “Thanks, Skout, for helping me find my soulmate.”

Have you met someone on Skout? Please tell us at, and we may share your tale on the Skout Blog!

Photo Credit: Mark Barnes Photography

Skout Sports Fans Score Major Points!

Was your team just knocked out of the playoffs? Is your bracket busted already? There’s still a place for you to rally around all things sports!

Skout Sports (SkoutID: skoutsports) is a place for fans to share their love of all different sports with new friends. And to kick things off, we asked Skouters to post their favorite teams on Buzz. The competition was tough, as people rallied around their top teams, but these three Skouters proved to be the biggest fans – and for that they each earn 500 Points!


Alejandro roots for Club Atlético Boca Juniors.
SkoutID: mn26 claims Manchester United.
Miss M cheers on the Oklahoma Thunder.

Make Skout Sports (SkoutID: skoutsports) one of your Favorites so that you can participate in Skout’s sporty community.

10 Ways to Start a Skout Chat

Friendly and considerate opening lines get more responses.

Friendly and considerate opening lines get more responses.

Just the other day the Skout Blog listed the top 10 ways NOT to start a Skout Chat. We included the boring – “Hey you there” – to the presumptuous – “Hi sweetheart.”

We here at Skout WANT you to succeed – we want you to make new friends. So if you’ve ever wondered why you’re not getting responses when you attempt to chat up a Skouter, maybe it’s because you’re not using one of these 10 opening lines:

  1. I saw on your profile you’re a Giants [or Arsenal or Packers or Thunder] fan, like me. How do you think they’ll do this season?
  2. I’m burned out on my usual places. What are your favorite clubs [or bars or restaurants]?
  3. What’s the last movie you saw?
  4. I like that photo of you. Where was it taken?
  5. What’s your favorite drink?
  6. Read any good books lately?
  7. Your profile lists you like shopping [or movies or bars]. Where do you like to go?
  8. [If you’re using the Skout Travel feature] I’ve always been interested in your country [or city]. What’s your favorite dish from there?
  9. Any plans tonight?

Notice a similarity? They all ask a question. Show the Skouter that you’ve looked at his or her profile and something caught your eye.

Greeting a Skouter with just “Hey baby,” and leaving it at that puts the burden of the Chat on the other Skouter, and if they don’t know anything about you, they may not bother responding. Click here for more ways to kill the conversation.