Skouters Sport Swag to Win Swag

We asked Skouters to post a picture to Buzz doing something fun with #swag for the chance to win exclusive Skout swag. These are our favorites!

SkoutID: queenomadness
Skout_swag_contest_winners_ queenomadness

SkoutID: angeltrhix015
Skout_swag_contest_winners_ angeltrhix015

SkoutID: camasaburt
Skout_swag_contest_winners_ camasaburt

SkoutID: calcalifer69
Skout_swag_contest_winners_ calcalifer69

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Friendship Badges Get a Gold Star

Have you been chatting with a Skouter regularly? Have you become so close that you’ve – gaspexchanged SkoutIDs? Show those Online Friends (OFs) how much their conversation means to you by giving them friendship badges, now available in the Gift Store!

OFs are there when other friends may be unavailable to you – when you have insomnia at 3 a.m., when you’re bored at work, or when you just need some affirmation RIGHT NOW.

So show your OFs that they’ve earned a gold star in your book or that they’re No. 1. Learn how to give a Skouter a Gift, and then shop for all the new friendship badges in the Gift Store today!

skout_badge_gold_star copy

skout_badge_best_online_friend_green copy

skout_badge_skoutie_dog_online_friend_badge copy

skout_badge_best_online_friend_purple copy

Please tell about the OFs you’ve met on Skout at, and we may share your tale on the Skout Blog!

Skout Success: Maria and Joe

“Thank you, Skout, because you’re the one that gave my fiancé, my future husband, and I a way to meet each other.” – Maria

Now THAT’S the kind of thing we love hearing here at Skout.

Joe and Maria

Joe and Maria

Maria (SkoutID: kerupin) and Joe (SkoutID: joeweng) live in different countries – she’s from the Philippines, and he lives in England – yet they were connected by chance through Shake-to-Chat on Skout.

“After chatting more and more,” Maria told us, “we realized there was a chemistry between us, with us both having very similar personalities.”

A few months of chatting on Skout led Joe to visit Maria in the Philippines – and their relationship flourished. The two continued to chat every day on Skout as well as visit each other and travel to places such as Vietnam and Thailand.

Now Maria is in Joe’s country, and they’re counting the days til their March wedding.

“I hope much more people will find their friends and partner-to-be on Skout!” Maria says.

Do you have an OF you met on Skout, whether you’ve met in person or not? Please tell us at, and we may share your tale on the Skout Blog!

Skouters Score With Team Jerseys

Nothing gets the Buzz comments flowing like posting about your favorite team. Skouters are passionate about sports!

So when we asked you to post a photo to Buzz wearing your favorite team’s jersey – hashtagged #myTeam – we loved seeing all the different sports represented, from football to fútbol and everything in between.

These Skouters scored 1,000 Points for posting the winning photos on Buzz:

Mike (SkoutID mikeagustinus) loves soccer so much that he played on Valentine’s Day.

This Skouter (SkoutID mysunset) follows the Raiders saying: Just win, baby!

Sofia (SkoutID sofiatanvir) sports the Chelsea blues.

Want to win Skout Points? Keep an eye out on your Skout Alerts for future hashtag contests!

Skout Success: Mahri and Bryan

“I was always a bit leery when it came to chatting online,” Mahri (SkoutID shayRose) told us.

When she first joined Skout, Mahri chatted with people but was content to keep things at the Online Friend (OF) level. But that all changed the day Bryan saw Mahri on Meet People and messaged her, complimenting her on her profile picture as well as her daughter.

Bryan and Mahri

Bryan and Mahri

“The more we talked, the more I found we had in common,” Mahri says, “including kids, interests, and wants, needs and expectations in a relationship.”

Mahri and Bryan chatted on Skout for a while and then decided to meet in person.

“It’s been amazing ever since,” Mahri says. “And I owe it all to Skout! Regardless that we live less than five miles from each other, I don’t think we would have ever met had it not been for Skout.”

Do you have an OF you met on Skout, whether you’ve met in person or not? Please tell us at, and we may share your tale on the Skout Blog!

Carnival Gifts Now in the Gift Store!

Even if you can’t make it to Rio for Carnival, you can celebrate virtually – give Carnival Gifts!

Skout just stocked the Gift Store with festive Gifts in honor of Carnival and Mardi Gras. Check your Points balance and start shopping for your favorite Skouters!

Our very own Skoutie Dog is visiting his friend Paolo in Brazil for Carnival. And he’s bringing Paolo ALL THE GIFTS.

Paolo, Skoutie Dog’s friend in Brazil.

Paolo, Skoutie Dog’s friend in Brazil.

Which Carnival Gifts will you give today?









Skout Success: ‘Chatmates’

Skouters have been telling us their Success Stories in recent weeks, and one thing we’ve noticed: A lot of you have made Online Friends (OFs) – people with whom you chat on a regular basis, but you live in different cities or even different countries.

Have you made a chatmate on Skout? Please tell us about it!

Have you made a chatmate on Skout? Please tell us about it!

Here’s the Success Story a Skouter told us about her and her OF:

“I was a late bloomer when it comes to online chatting. When I first signed up for Skout in September, I was hoping for just someone to talk to when I’m bored, just to kill time when I don’t have anything to do.

“I was browsing the Meet People section, when I saw one guy that caught my attention. I winked at him, not keeping my hopes up and not wondering if he would reply or not. Then the following day, he answered! So we chatted and chatted whenever we both had time.

“We don’t talk about taking our conversation to the next level. We are happy with what we are doing right now. We never met in person, but we have plans of having a vacation here, hopefully, within this year and meet!

“He has helped me in so many ways that he doesn’t know; he made an impact with what I am doing now with myself.

“Hopefully, this friendship that we have now will last longer than any other online chatmates I have. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he could come here and meet me!”

Do you have an OF you met on Skout, whether you’ve met in person or not? Please tell us at, and we may share your tale on the Skout Blog!

What’s Up With Skout Notifications?

Skout notifications: What are they good for?

Skout notifications do exactly what they say: They notify you of opportunities to utilize Skout to meet new people. Here are just a few notifications you may see pop up in Skout:


Shake to Chat Alert: You’ve been connected with a member who’d love to chat right now – take a chance on meeting someone new! Try one of these iceshakers to start the conversation.


Someone Sent You a Message: A Skouter sent you a message. Find it in your Chat and continue the conversation.


New Member Alert: Skout has a new community member — welcome him or her and show them the ropes!

Someone Checked You Out: Another Skouter looked at your profile. You can unlock who looked at your profile for 150 Points.

Happy Skouting!

How to Meet People While Traveling Solo

The New York Times just discovered what Skouters know already:

“The app Skout enables travelers to meet locals or one another wherever they are, be it a concert in London or a soccer game in Barcelona.”

Read the entire New York Times article: “A Solo Traveler’s Guide to Meeting People.”

The Skout Travel feature lets you virtually visit destinations all over the world. Planning a trip to the Philippines? Use Skout Travel to ask the locals for food recommendations and to meet up at a bar. Scouting for colleges? Log on to Skout Travel ahead of time to ask students about neighborhoods and other tips.

Watch how Emily used Skout to make her trip to San Francisco more fun:

To start traveling today, download the Skout app for free at and scroll down to Skout Travel!

Find the Skout Travel feature under "Unlock More Fun"!

Find the Skout Travel feature under “Unlock More Fun”!

Have you used Skout Travel? Please tell us about your experience at

The Joy of Online Friendship

Online Friends (OFs) rock, and that’s why we celebrate them on International Online Friendship Day – and every day!

With Skout you can meet people all over the world without spending money on a plane ticket.

Have a look at all the different kinds of OF possibilities:

Did you meet your OF on Skout? Please tell us at

Happy International Online Friendship Day!